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I don't get it

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    I don't get it

    Ok here is the question. I can't seem to figure out how far along I am - don't laugh, everyone seems to be counting differently!

    My LMP was 10-28-04. I received a EDD of 8-4 from my RE and then a EDD of 8-5 from OB. I think the difference may have been that RE calculated from actual ovulation date? or maybe the IUI?

    Anyway, 8-5 is a Friday so if I count backwards then my weeks change on Fridays so today (Sun) I would be 18w2d.

    The computer and my Lilipipie ticker tell me I am 18w3d today.

    My OB's 'wheel' says that I am 18w1d - which I don't get although I saw the dates on the 'wheel'

    So now I am thoroughly confused - maybe there is a simple explanation I am missing? Anybody else having this problem?

    Susan 33 Todd 32
    Sarah Ann May 19,2003
    Madison Elizabeth & Emily Grace July 18,2005 - both 5lbs 10 oz at 37w3d

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    Hi there! I'm not from this board, but enjoy checking in on you all. I'm actually due in Nov, but there isn't anyone over there yet.

    Anyway, I was wondering the same thing! There are a few different websites I go to and some say I just turned 6 weeks today, and some say I'm 5w 4d, I see so many different things. According to the RE today I'm 5w 5d. They say they count the weeks by when I received my hcg.

    Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one confused!

    Good luck!
    Kelly 31 DH 34
    Marley Mae
    November 15, 2005
    Aidan Paul 5lbs 5oz
    Addison Marie 5lbs 1oz
    October 21, 2008 at 34w5d

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    This must be a common problem because my due date has changed many times (along with how far I am). I still go into the Peri and see different dates each time! Each time has been within 3 days of each other and the office tells me it really doesnt matter... What I went ahead and did is just pick a date that I liked (August 7th) and then from that day I count back to see how far along I am.

    When someone asks me what my due date is, I just say "sometime in July". I always get a funny look back. Since we are expecting twins, it will be a miracle if we make it to August ayways and its probably a safe bet that we will give birth before 39 weeks.
    / twins, born 7/12/05

    Proud to be a "used" AHM!

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    I have no idea! All signs point to 8/14 for me with weeks changing every Sunday. I had IUI on 11/20 and my LMP was 11/7...I don't know if that helps?
    My RE and websites say 8/14. My OB confirmed it with u/s's. When you get your 20 week u/s they'll be able to tell you for sure since they'll see how the baby is developing. For now, just pick one!

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    No matter what they do, figuring out the exact date of delivery is nearly impossible, especially this far in advance. From what I understand, my due date was based on adding 40 weeks to the LMP I had. I know that they sometimes make adjustments at the 20 week u/s, as they did with my ds previously, but they only move it a couple of days. For example...my ds's original due date was 8/12/2000 then after the 20 week u/s it was 8/10/2000. My son came on 8/6/2000, so I was earlier than the revised date anyway. You never really know when that baby is going to come when you get to about a couple of weeks before you due date (that is unless you are having a scheduled c-section.) It's just a guessing and waiting game.
    Lacee -Me 32 Him 36- (3/25/1995)
    **ttc#2 for nearly 4 years**
    * Nolan Clifford- 8/6/2000 (5 1/2 years old)
    * Rebecca Christine b. 8/4/2005
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    I say pick 8/4 so we can be true due date buddies. Or you and I could both switch to 8/5 and be buddies with Flea! I know that the chances are that we won't have our babies on either of those days!

    I bet the difference is that the RE is figuring on when you had your IUI and the OB is just going off the standard 40 weeks from your LMP. The wheel has me puzzled, too.
    Jen 36, DH 36
    TTC #1 5 years. IVF #1BFN, FET #1 BFP!

    Harper, born 7/9/05!

    So lucky to be an AHM!

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