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    I just wanted to tell you the friend of mine who was pregnant with triplets had them at 30 weeks. All were healthy, weighing between 2 and 3 lbs. 2 girls and one boy.
    Just wanted to give you some good news about triplets. I know you must be worrying in light of Elena's news.

    Take care!

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    Oh you are sooo kind! Thank you yes I soooo needed to hear that. I read about Elena after going to another triplet website and seeing two other mothers having serious complications. One is only 12 weeks and lost one, the other is 16 and is losing one. I am 15 weeks tomorrow so they hit way to close to home. I have been terrified all day. I have a peri appt tomorrow, thank god, other wise I would be a LOT worse right now. I just pray to see my three babies healthy and growing like they are supposed to be. I am going to beg beg beg for the cerclage (even though Im not a fan of pain) so that I will have that little bit of insurance.
    Thank you so much for thinking of me and knowing that I would be freaking out. Your story really made me feel better, I needed to hear good news.
    Thank you!

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    Here's another...our close friend's sister had triplets too. I'm not sure when she delivered them but I do remember that they weren't in the hospital that long.

    They are three years old now and all happy and healthy. Our friend is amazed by his nephews because he explained that two of them are "mirror twins" which means that if they're all standing together and the one on the left has his right hand on his hip...the one on the right side has his left hand on his hip. It sounds so wild!

    No worries - and let us know how tomorrow goes!!!
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    My friend had triplets 10 years ago and gave birth to them at 29 weeks. Although they were small at birth they are all very bright beautiful and healthy today.

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    Oh thats great to hear! Thanks for sharing that!

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