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Baby's feeding schedules?

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    Baby's feeding schedules?

    I am so confused about this whole feeding thing. I think this has been the hardest thing since birth about having a baby.

    Last time at the Dr I was told I could feed her rice cereal and fruit and veg and cut cut about 2 oz of milk when I feed her.

    We started with giving her food at dinner time. And she gets a bottle in the morning, late morning, early afternoon and in the evening. I recently noticed she started acting hungry when she finished her morning bottle so for the past 2 days I gave her cereal in the morning folowed by a bottle. I wonder how many times a day she should get food?

    Does the food replace a bottle feeding of should she get both? I go to the Dr on Wed and I have documenting her feedings over the last month, maybe she can help.

    Could you gals give ma a sample feeding schedule thay you are doing with your babies? Thanks!
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    I'm sure everyone's is going to look a bit different. I know each of my kids followed their own schedule.
    Mine may look a bit different too because Gabe always nurses before a nap.

    Wakes up (7-8)- nurses
    9ish (fruit with a little rice mixed in...just started this feeding)
    9:30-10ish - nurses before nap
    About 3 hours later nurses again.
    Around 2ish will nurse before his nap.
    Around 5ish nurses before his short last nap
    6ish - veggies usually with a little rice mixed in and fruit if he still seems hungry (which he usually does lately)
    7:30 - nurses on both sides (which I estimate is about 8 oz.) before bed
    Then about 50% of the time he will wake up to eat around 4-5 a.m.

    I'm sure that doesn't help a lot since I can't give you a lot of info about how many oz. he takes.

    I do remember feeling stumped with my first baby because she would seem full after her solids and I wanted to make sure she was still nursing. It took us a bit to get it all worked out but I remember that by 6 months she was taking solids 3x a day (none of my others were though).
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    First, this is JUST MY OPINION...I'm not a doc and I don't play one on TV either.... However....

    Well.... right now I SUCK at getting CC enough "solid" food.

    With Connor I NEVER cut back his bottle. NEVER with solids. I would feed him his cereal with fruit/veggie AND offer his full bottle. Many times he would finish it. I remember stalemating at 8oz for a LONG time, but I never cut it back when introducing solids, as I knew a majority of his nutrients are via the formula. I did not do any MAJOR changes with his bottles until 11months when we started cows milk and a LOT more "people" food.

    For Calista, right now here is her example (that is until this week while she's sick which is another story that sucks)...

    8am - 7oz formula

    12pm - 7oz formula -- around 1pm I offer some cereal/fruit/veggie

    4pm - 7oz formula -- RECENTLY started giving her a "snack" of fruit in the mesh feeder thingy and some finger foods (puffs). I'm trying to get her the hang of "eating" food. Really trying to work on the hand to mouth concept. I'll be trying her on sippy cups here next month - just for practice. But she loves to snack on bananas in teh mesh feeder - even though that is a MESS!

    6:30 - cereal and veg and /or fruit -- like MAYBE 1/2 jar unless she wants more

    8pm - 7oz formula

    So, throughout the day she has 28oz formula and is 15lbs. I would not be cutting back a bottle at all. Infact, when she begins to consistently finshe all of her bottles, I'll probably go up to 8oz on a bottle or 2.

    I remember with Connor, if he ate REALLY, REALLY good at lunchtime, I'd cut his 8oz bottle to 5oz- but that was after 8mo when he was eating a LOT of table food (chicken/carrots). Until they really start getting a LOT of calories from their food, I would not be cutting the bottle back. And I'd rather offer the bottle and if he stopped after 6oz of an 8oz bottle, so be it. I just wanted to make sure it was there incase he was still hungry, and many times he would drain it, much to my surprise!

    Jill, it's all a crazy delicate balance. I just kind of let Connor lead the way. He was a GREAT solid food eater!!!! But, Calista... ugh, she is really not enjoying it much, but I think it's my fault -- I just get so wrapped up in Connor that it's just so easy to just give her a bottle and go, instead of giving her lots of cereal and such to try.

    Hope that helps a little..
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    Patrick has a healthy appetite, and he loves his food! lol At first when he was just having a little bit of food, he would have a bottle right after his food. But then as we have added more in, we tend to give him a bottle in between his solid food feedings. This is a fairly typical schedule:

    6 oz of formula when he wakes up (usually 6:30ish)

    jar of cereal w/ fruit mixed in around 8:30ish to 9am.

    bottle of 6 oz of formula mid morning.

    container of veggies around lunch time.

    6 oz bottle of formula mid afternoon.

    stage 2 dinner meal (meat w/veggie) and a container of fruit around dinner time.

    6 oz bottle of formula before bed.

    Some nights he also has a bottle in the middle of the night.

    I think there is really no right or wrong way of doing it. You have to do what works best for you and your LO.


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    The information that we are given in Canada is that when you start introducing solids at around 6 months for the first couple of months you are NOT to cut out any bottles or nursing. The formula or bm is still the babies main source of nutrition. We are also taught to always give a bottle or breast before offering a meal.

    Here is what Brodie's schedule looks like right now:

    7am(ish) - nurse both sides

    8:30(ish) - about 3 tablespoons of cereal and some fruit

    10:00(ish) - nurse - this feeding time varies as it all depends when he wakes up from his morning nap

    12:30(ish) - nurse before aft nap - sometimes if he seems hungry I may offer him some fruit or veg and if we are eating soup he loves that lol

    3:00(ish) - nurse

    6:00(ish) - nurse and then veg and fruit with cereal. I have just recently started buzzing up our food to offer him if we are having something that is easy to do. For eg we had beef stew the other night and I took out veggies and the broth and mashed them up - he LOVED it.

    8:00(ish) - nurse and then down for the night...he occasionally wakes at around 4am and will eat again but only once every couple of weeks...

    I say take the queues from your baby. Personally I would not cut back on the formula when your LO is not eating a lot of solids...jmo...

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    still no feeding "schedule"

    Madi is still nursing on demand. Usually every 2-3 hours. At 5 months we started 1-2 tablespoons of fresh bananas or avocado, then added Gerber Organic stage 1.

    At 6 months we added some at lunch and upped dinner to about 1/2 jar of the stage 1.

    At 7 months (last week), we added some for breakfast and moved to stage 2, but still only 1/2 jar.

    Mind you, she still nurses first, which is why she doesn't eat much baby food. We are doing some of the Gerber snacks now.
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    I make the boys' food..cheaper that way! A TON of work..but when you spend about $10 a day on baby food, making it makes more sense!

    Anyway..here is our schedule:
    6:30/7AM 8oz bottle (all three eat the same amount here)
    Nap and play
    10/1030 probably about 6 to 7 oz of fruit so about a stage three jar at this point! Followed by 6 to 5oz bottle (depends on the kid)
    Nap and play
    130/2 again about 6/7 oz veggies and fruit combo (usually)
    play and a cat nap about 20-30 minutes
    560/6 again, 6/7 oz veggie or veggie fruit combo and about 5 to 8 oz bottle, depends on the kid but on average about 5/6 oz bottle.
    Then it's bedtime routine and in bed around 7.
    I'm starting to work in some "puffs" for two of them as they have teeth now and are starting to "chew". Once all three are "chewing" I seriously will likely go through a container of "Puffs" a day. No joke. I SO cannot wait until they are on "table" foods! My first DS dropped nursing and babyfood by 10 months!

    I did nurse my oldest until 10 months, and I'd say he was on the same schedule as my boys are now..just I never knew how much he was drinking..and I always nursed him first and then gave food..but he still ate just as much!

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