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Do you ever fell like baby gets bored?

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    Do you ever fell like baby gets bored?

    Sometimes I feel like I don't know how to entertain Allie. She does not sit on her own yet. I feel like she gets bored. Our typical activities are...
    -Sitting in Bumbo with toys
    -laying on play mat on back or belly
    -sitting on my lap with a toy
    -playing in her jumparoo
    -her bouncy seat (I think it reclines too far back for her)

    That's about it. I am hoping once she can sit she will be able to play with her toys in front of her.

    I feel like 10min here, 10 min there, back and forth.

    Anyone have a johnny jumper? We got a used one. but a friend of mine said she heard they were bad for their legs and spine . But I still think I will use it. Just in moderation. She loves to jump in the jumparoo.
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    Regarding the jumper... depending what you read.. You can find that the exer-saucer and jumper are both "bad" for the developing muscles for standing, as it's not the same motion or using all teh exact same muscles. Now, I have yet to read how long these kids were in said jumper, etc.... HOWEVER...I agree that MODERATION is key. Also, I do not expect a jumper or exersaucer to "teach" my child to stand/walk/jump. They are simply for entertainment AND for me to get dinner done

    CC gets about 1/2 hour in exersaucer in the Am, then later in a afternoon she bounces for a bit... then we play on the mat and watch some cartoons- she really likes the colors on the TV. No I don't let her sit there and watch it like a little zombie child. But, she LOVES music and sound (like Connor). So I DVR Jack's big Music Show and the 3 of us watch it after work. We just act silly and play.

    I'm not sure the little ones get bored. When I think she is, I notice she is watching something... Something in the room, or focusing on close up toys in her hands. I figure I try to give her things to explore and unless she's crying we are good. I really don't ever see her just staring into space, she seems to always be observing something. Recently she's noticed our dogs and cats, so they are VERY entertaining to her

    I'm not sure if this helps... just my 2 cents....
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    I do think Jonah does get a little bored. I figure his little mind is curious and he wants to explore the world and learn...but his little body just isn't up to the task...so he wants Mommy to do it for him. LOL

    We too have an exercauser, but he isn't in it for long, he just doesn't really like it. It is good once in a while..and I noticed that dh uses it more than 'i do' (like when I am taking a shower). I hadn't heard anything about the legs or spinal issues though...hmmm.

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