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    Hi Everyone

    Of course I always have to worry about something, so I am just curious as to where everyone is at with their babies milestones? Brodie seems to be slow in some areas which always makes me worry. Here is a list I can think of and where Brodie is at. Would love to know where all the other babies are....Brodie is 4 months 2.5 weeks and his corrected age is 3 months 3.5 weeks...

    Smiling/laughing: Brodie has been doing this for quite some time now. He is a really happy baby.

    Talking/cooing: again has been doing this for quite awhile and is really quite vocal.

    Holding his head: Brodie was a bit slow on this one. He is still a bit wobbly but overall pretty good with his head. He does tend to slump over a bit in his bumbo still. He can do his exersaucer as long as we stuff a blanket in the seat with him

    Tummy time/rolling over: Brodie HATES being on his tummy. He doesn't hold his head up very well on his tummy either. He seems to like to lick the mat or blanket that he is lying on instead lol! He has yet to roll over, but is really close at going from tummy to back.

    Sleeping: Brodie has been consistently sleeping through the night for at least 10 hours for over a month now (in his crib). We are still working on consistent day time naps lol...

    Teeth: I am pretty sure he is starting to get the bottom right tooth. He drools a lot and hands are always in his mouth.

    Eating: Brodie is still strictly on BM. He takes one bottle of EBM from my dh, sister or niece each day. He really does not like it but we force him to take it so that I will eventually be able to leave him. He will NOT take the bottle from me. He eats around 7 or 8 times a day....I am starting to think about adding cereal in the next month as he seems really interested in us when we eat.

    Weight/Height: Brodie is on the light side, weighing in at 13lbs 5 oz at his 4month appt which is the 20th percentile. He is long at 27 inches though, at the 90th percentile.

    I think that is about it. Feel free to add any other milestones you can think of

    Here are some new pics: Charmian Munch's Photos - December 2009 | Facebook
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    Mads is very similar.

    Smiling/laughing: Madi started social smiling a 4 weeks, belly laughing at 13 weeks and continues to both.

    Talking/cooing: Mads is also a motor mouth. She is starting two consistent sounds - nuh nuh for nursing (we call it num nums), and ma ma (for me!).

    Holding his head: good head control, but likely due to reflux

    Tummy time/rolling over: Madi hates tummy time too. She has rolled from her tummy to back only twice. She rolled from her back to her tummy today for the first time.

    Sitting: She can tripod unassisted.

    Sleeping: what's sleep?????????? Her naps are consistent in the day, but she still eats every 3-4 hours at night. We are co-sleeping though so it isn't too bad.

    Teeth: I think the front bottom two will be here soon. She is a drool queen.

    Eating: we are still BFing.

    Weight/Height: We don't have a check up until 6 mos, but at last check two weeks ago she was 14lb exactly.

    She also stated bringing toys to her mouth this week.
    Jillian 33 DH 39
    DD Emily 3/19/99 PDD, Epilepsy
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    Smiling/laughing-She started smiling a little before she reached 2 months. Now she is laughing up a storm. She gets so loud at times. Sometimes her laughs sound like cries.

    Talking/cooing-Too vocal at times

    Holding head up- She holds her head up very good

    Tummy time- She hates it. I have seen her roll over a few times. Most of the time she gets stuck on her left hand. She doesn't realize that she has to actually move the hand to roll over.

    Sitting- She sits in her high chair and her baby seat very well. She sits up sometimes without help but it doesn't last for long.

    Sleeping- She sleeps from 8:30-6:30. She does not like sleeping anywhere but home. She gets up sometimes when her pacifier falls out her mouth then I have to get up and put it back in and then she is out again.

    Teeth- definitely teething. She drools so much.

    Eating- She drinks 6 bottles a day. I have been giving her rice cereal. I am going to try her with the oatmeal soon. I started giving her homemade pumpkin, sweet potato and bananas last week and she loves them.

    Weight/Height- She had her 4 months check up and she is 13 1/2 lbs and 25 inches.

    She tries to put EVERYTHING in her mouth. She grabs at everything also especially my necklace.

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    You guys are all a month or two ahead of us but I am loving reading where your LO's are developmentally. Keep 'em coming!
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