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    Does anyone know the answers to these questions?

    1. How long can refridgerated BMilk sit out at room temp once taken out of fridge?

    2. Can you re-refridgerate Bmilk if it isn't finished at a feeding? Sometimes she is hungry again in 20 min if she had a sleepy feeding, or should I let it sit out

    3. Sometimes I don't get enough for one feeding, can I mix 2 different refridgerated batches? Example: 2 oz of one pumping and 2 oz of another pumping?

    4. Can I add formula to Bmilk if not enough Bmilk for a feeding?

    5. How do you thaw frozen Bmilk if in storage bags?

    6. When is the best time to pump. Right after feeding, 1 hour after?

    7. Or should I call a lactation consultant?

    7. Does it sound like my 4 1/2 week old is eating too often? She eats every
    2-2 1/2 hours?
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    Thaw in warm water- usually thaws very fast
    I have added formula before if needed.
    I get more if I pump even 30 minutes after feeding, but 1 hour later cuts back on how much I have for next feeding.
    I re-refrigerate but don't keep it if it's touched her mouth more than 1 hour ago.
    I have mixed 2 refrigerated batches from the same day.
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    I'll work on this and get back to you tomorrow.

    She is not eating too often. Just right
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    Try going only kellymom.com it is a great site...
    Breast milk can stay out at room temp for 8hrs, in the fridge for 3 days and in the freezer for 3 months...just careful if you are mixing breast milk that you don't go longer then 3 days in the fridge...

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    I was told 6/6/6 on the life- 6 hours for room temperature milk, 6 days in the fridge, and 6 months in the freezer. Our lactation consultant in my weekly BF moms group told us this one.

    I pump 1 hour after a feeding is done, which is also about 1-2 hours before the next feeding, so that the supply replenishes by the next session. OR if you're lucky enough to have your LO feed on one side only for a session, then you can pump the other side right away.

    I keep the most recent batch (4-5 oz) in a bag in the fridge for 1 day, or until I have another bag filled, then move the first bag to the freezer and keep the most recent bag in the fridge. The little bags are accumulating in my freezer now, we're gearing up for daycare already!

    I don't know how to thaw it or how long to thaw it yet, we haven't dipped into the frozen supply yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charmian View Post
    Try going only kellymom.com it is a great site...
    Charmian, that really is a great site. Thanks for the suggestion, I had never heard of it.
    DD (8)
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