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  2. The honeymoon is over...
  3. Ugg...big problems at school already...any advice GREATLY appriciated...
  4. Nancy-Lee
  5. New to this BB...Intro
  6. Do they sell common sense?
  7. Mini update
  8. Does your school have an enrichment program?
  9. $38 for a Middle School Year Book!
  10. *Sigh*...more schtuff to deal with....
  11. Vent, am I over reacting?
  12. Papers, papers everywhere!
  13. Does anyone else have this problem?
  14. I am excited!
  15. lara is going to run for SGA school historian...need some help
  16. 9 yr olds- Too old for Santa?
  17. Gifted/Talented/Magnet school ?
  18. Need a special gift idea for my 11 year old nephew who is also my Godchild
  19. Christmas (Winter) Break?
  20. Those with pre-teens and teens, what are
  21. What did your children get for Christmas?
  22. Happy New Year!!!
  23. 9yo with a cell phone...what would you do??
  24. New Parenting Boards at FT.....
  25. Report Cards
  26. Burtneysmom
  27. How is the school year going for your kids? Check in here!
  28. Dd is an official teenager today
  29. High Schools what to look for?
  30. Need your help/opinion desperately :)
  31. Do you reward your children for good grades?
  32. Update on 9yo with cell phone...
  33. Have to post about kids & Cell phones
  34. ?? About Valentines
  35. Long..need input for teacher conference...
  36. Question about behavior...
  37. Need opinion from moms who are active volunteers at kids' school.
  38. Hi! Question from a lurker
  39. how to deal with your child not being invited to a party
  40. Dumb question - soccer vs tee ball cleats (same as LA board)
  41. When is school out for your kids?
  42. need some help with book ideas
  43. Time to move over here I think!
  44. lara is going to work with grandma tm'wt
  45. Would you concider holding him back??
  46. BC Becky - another book suggestion
  47. lara needs help from you
  48. What kind of activities do you sign the kids up for in the summer?
  49. I just can't believe...
  50. Will be gone for a week....
  51. swim team question...........i don't know how to handle this siutation
  52. I just realized that I should be on this BB!
  53. 2nd grade books to read? Any Caldecott medal winners?
  54. Books to read to kids? Recommendations?
  55. Dictionaries??? Anyone?
  56. just got lara's school supply list for school
  57. When does your school start???
  58. $330 for school uniforms for the year!
  59. Do you have any special back to school rituals?
  60. When do kids start having spelling tests?
  61. The sex question!
  62. 24 days till school starts
  63. NEW ROLLCALL!!! 2006/2007 School Year...sign in here!!!
  64. so on top of school what activities will your kids do?
  65. Do your children attend the same school?
  66. We have BEFORE school conferences!!!
  67. New School Superintendent Making Changes
  68. Question about starting 1st grade please ...
  69. Start time changed
  70. Went to the "used" uniform sale!!!
  71. i have one depressed kid on my hands (school)
  72. Ds has the mean PE teacher
  73. fist day school jitters
  74. Hoping today goes well
  75. agghhh...she's bored already!!!
  76. What a WASTE of TIME!!!!
  77. Ds's school didn't meet the growth for No Child Left Behind
  78. Book and Activity Fees...
  79. Healthy snacks
  80. Has anyone had experience in organizing a PTO/PTA group?
  81. and the homework..........it keeps on coming
  82. had lara's 5th grade back to school night last night
  83. Just venting
  84. Homework....
  85. lara had her first 5th grade quiz.............and
  86. Have you ever heard of a room father?
  87. Shelli
  88. Back to school night
  89. Looking for some school advice
  90. What's the theme in your younger children's classes?
  91. what would you do in my situation? chairing a PTA committee
  92. 1st Grade Reading Tests - WWYD (LONG) (same as GP)
  93. Parachute Jump...Don't do this all day!
  94. Kindergarten Conferenence tomrrow
  95. Update on Kindergarten Conference!!
  96. Have you ever felt a teacher just.....
  97. Am I wrong? (x-post w/ PAL board)
  98. Parent Teacher Conferences
  99. Re-Introducing myself
  100. Things are a bit slow... where is everyone?
  101. With 3 Kindergartens of 20 each.... WWYD?
  102. Is there a full moon?
  103. I think my baby is loosing his first tooth!
  104. Can you READ THIS?
  105. How is the year shaping up?
  106. BC - Mav hand writting
  107. Valentines... what age do they do this till?
  108. Do you believe this?
  109. Friendship worries
  110. My 1st Post here...hope I belong!
  111. Bad news on report card!
  112. New here, brief intro
  113. How long would you wait?
  114. one nervous momma on board
  115. Anyone familiar with Dibels testing?
  116. School Answering Machine (borrowed from another post)
  117. Notice!!! Ft Moving Day!!! CHANGED TO FRIDAY!
  118. lara's report card
  119. rolling with class??
  120. Don't you just hate when things are not done fairly at school?
  121. So when does your school year end??? and updates!
  122. Does your child have a desk or special place for studying?
  123. Summer reading... what's on your child's list?
  124. More about our new school superintendent (not good news)
  125. rethinking the whole looping thing
  126. Found the SUMMER reading list!!!
  127. Not So Great Customer Reviews on a FEW Summer Reading Books!!!
  128. DS has read almost all the Caldecott Medal books...
  129. Any fun math stuff to do with DS over the rest of the summer?
  130. What activities are your kids doing this SUMMER?
  131. Report Cards, Very Proud of M
  132. What's 1st grade gonna be like?
  133. Must Haves for Your School Age Child....
  134. DS starts school in 1 month and I can find out WHO his teacher is!!!
  135. Checking in...school starts in 2 weeks!
  136. Should I do the lunch plan for DS?
  137. What do you think? I hear DS teacher will not let kids be pulled out of school to....
  138. They got the teachers I wanted!
  139. 3 weeks till school starts
  140. Any tips to prepare for K?
  141. Open House tomorrow...school starts Wed.
  142. Rollcall!!! 2007/2008 All Sign In Here!!!
  143. Anyone Start School Yet?
  144. Anyone know their school calender with holidays?
  145. My garage sale desk and antique chair are AWFUL!!!
  146. Parents of 1st graders.... do they have homework?
  147. last day of summer vacation!
  148. my baby boy is in first grade
  149. After school playtime rules...X post from GP board
  150. Parenting Teens....NEW BOARD!!!
  151. put my littles on the bus for the 1st time today :(
  152. 1st day of school for my two kids
  153. 1st Day of School for us
  154. *** Larasmom ****
  155. spelling help please
  156. what is up with teachers, short weeks and loads of homework?!?!?!
  157. Crazy Traffic At School ....Parent Arrested
  158. Spelling words and tests do not start till 2nd grade!!!
  159. 5th grade level books... to read to my 1st grader...
  160. 2nd Grade HW, Day 4
  161. 6 years ago today
  162. Tell me about your PTA/PTO (also on GP BB)
  163. carpooling?
  164. How old are girls when they learn about santa claus/menstruation/sex?
  165. Homework for 1st graders EVERYDAY!
  166. Teen Hop
  167. ideas for mother/daughter event?? same as gen. parenting board
  168. Need advice regarding 5th grader.
  169. Where do you get a Kindergarten/1st grade spelling list?
  170. Chores for tweens
  171. Those of you with 7-8 year olds... ( kinda of long)
  172. Went to Parents Night... NOW I get it about no homework and no spelling tests!!!
  173. T has been lunching alone :(
  174. one month in and we have a dilemma
  175. i cannot believe this
  176. 1st grade HW, 2nd month of school
  177. Trying to get ahead of HW....teacher's response!
  178. what do I do re: son's behavior at school?? (x-post)
  179. Revenge against the mean girl!
  180. what would you do?/ds wants to quit soccer
  181. Allowance for 11 yr old?
  182. Kudos to my hubby...
  183. (x post) Need advice/help/support from moms who have gone though this?
  184. thank you all for your replies/an update
  185. halloween costumes
  186. my son is so sweet
  187. how cool would this be?
  188. just great
  189. SCHOOL 1957 vs 2007
  190. Anyone w/ experience in hypoglycemia in kids?
  191. ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disability!
  192. Need some ideas for writing...
  193. When do your kids start your holiday vacation/break?
  194. come on teacher give me a break
  195. need some input please
  196. Merry Christmas!!!
  197. Do you have any goals/resolutions for the new year?
  198. Back to school
  199. School Trip
  200. where did the 2nd grading period go?
  201. M's nice teacher
  202. Let's get the board moving!
  203. Does your school do science fair projects?
  204. No Spring Break Next Year
  205. still looking for a job
  206. When does school end for you?
  207. What kind of programs will your child be involved in for the summer, if any?
  208. how to prep for new school?
  209. Do your children get an allowance?
  210. Summer reading program
  211. Crazy Teacher??
  212. Rollcall for 2008/2009 school year!
  213. Need Schedule Help for New Kindergartners!
  214. I found a great idea this year for homework
  215. for those who have started school already...
  216. So tell me about 2nd grade?
  217. Holy Heavy Backpack!!!
  218. 3rd week of 2nd grade & still no info from teacher
  219. how is everyone doing so far???
  220. How's everyone doing?
  221. What are the kids getting for Christmas this year?
  222. train holiday in Europe- ideas ?
  223. DD just started 2nd grade!
  224. working part time or quitting