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  1. Welcome to the Special Needs Parenting board!
  2. Speech Therapist in NJ?
  3. An intro for my DD
  4. Am I just being paranoid?
  5. Question about speech
  6. Sharing Atley's new wheels...
  7. Wonderful news for us (for a change!!)
  8. Anyone use Pediasure?
  9. Having IEP soon dd starting pre-school
  10. when did you find out your childs diagnosis
  11. Youth diapers (Kimmie and others)
  12. The Upside of ADHD
  13. looking for spec needs support in san francisco
  14. update...loss ment
  15. I need some non food party favor ideas
  16. Pics of my baby girl!
  17. a question for Terry
  18. Well, he's not mentally retarded but...
  19. has anyone had a child on methylin?
  20. Heart Defect
  21. RE follow-up
  22. Ideas to make our bb more active?
  23. Where could I find the Holland poem?
  24. Karen.....are you around here?
  25. Anyone done "The Listening Program?"
  26. auskarenj-I love your new avatar!!!
  27. Wednesday Whines....
  28. not new to FT but new to this bb. have a few questions..
  29. ~~~^~~{@@Thankful Thursday@@}~~^~~~
  30. Friday Questions of the Day
  31. desperately need school advice
  32. Need to brag for a second!
  33. Good news!
  34. I'm thinking of homeschooling ds....am I nutz??
  35. I survived the skating bday party!!!
  36. ****Terrific Memory Tuesday****
  37. Tomorrow's the day
  38. Whiny Wednesday...
  39. me again, some more help please
  40. Weekend Thankfuls!
  41. Manic Monday
  42. Please can I have a bit of a proud Mummy brag
  43. Terrific Memory Tuesday - 11/8
  44. Opinions on poor weight gain
  45. Rylina's IEP
  46. 3 Good Things About You! :)
  47. Warning: Caution: Extreme bragging, Proceed at your own Risk
  48. Let's all welcome Karen's new baby Edward!
  49. Update on Rylina's IEP
  50. Why is he so hungry all of a sudden?
  51. ~*~*~*~*~ Wednesday Whines, Spill it here~*~*~*~*~
  52. Thursday Thankfuls....A Day Late....
  53. How long
  54. Kimmie~~~How is Maddy feeling?
  55. Manic Monday
  56. A-man just got a new primary diagnosis
  57. Happy Birthday to Kimmie's Maddy!
  58. Wednesday Whines....
  59. Thursday Thankfuls...a day late!
  60. Maddy photos (x-post)
  61. Would a birth defect (cleft lip and palate) be considered special needs? (pg ment)
  62. Tomorrow I have to sign a permission slip...
  63. Whoops...late as usual ;) Manic Monday thread
  64. ****dina****
  65. Terrific Memory Tuesday
  66. Thanks ladies!
  67. Wednesday whines...
  68. Thankful Thursday
  69. Help with Mickey button
  70. Hey y'all!
  71. *!*!*! Terrific Memory Tuesday*!*!*!*
  72. Rylina's IEP!!!!
  73. Wednesday whines, anyone?
  74. Thankful Thursday
  75. Manic Monday
  76. WWYD - regarding Christmas gifts for therapists
  77. Thankful Thursday
  78. Terrific Memory Tuesday - 12/20
  79. My latest update (pg ment)
  80. Let's get this board moving!! Question time!!
  81. Sarah-Just wondering
  82. Wednesday whines...
  83. I think a certain little lady is having a BIRTHDAY today!
  84. Anyone going to see The Ringer?
  85. Please pray for my little boy (hospital ment)
  86. Anyone heard of SNAP therapy for tortocollis?
  87. Happy New Year
  88. Updates please :) Amy? Kimmie? others?
  89. Our PPT yesterday
  90. new...
  91. Has anyone heard from Kimmie at all?
  92. Where is everyone....let's update!!
  93. Greetings from the hospital....AGAIN!
  94. Had Griff's annual heart exam yesterday
  95. Pictures of my boys are in my blog!
  96. immune deficiency
  97. port cath
  98. Gracie's 6 monthly Pedi check-up
  99. National Burn Prevention Week Feb 5-11
  100. Wednesday whines, anyone?
  101. Adapted Candyland
  102. Happy Valentine's Day!
  103. Looking for advice for a friend
  104. Wednesday Whines - 2/15
  105. Just an update from me!
  106. At last! Someone understands! (a bit long!)
  107. A "why me" day
  108. Only you gals understand....
  109. New here, bad day (long)
  110. Potty training advise badly needed!!!
  111. My baby boy
  112. Kailey has her clinic apt on Thursday!
  113. Jneidha! How did Kailey's appt go?
  114. Please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow
  115. Release date for DVD set of "Life Goes On"
  116. To You, My Sisters
  117. Prayers needed (death mentioned)
  118. Need suggestions please....
  119. Kailey's first surgery is set!
  120. Diana30!!!!
  121. Joyous!!!!!
  122. It's just another Manic Monday...
  123. Joey's 6th birthday checkup
  124. Great new Down Syndrome video series....
  125. New Here....
  126. Read this poem tonight...wanted to share
  127. Am I the Only One Who Feels This Way?
  128. Not sure what to think...(long, sorry)
  129. Teasing from other children at school - Any advice?
  130. Happy Easter!!
  131. Everyone has been so quiet...how is everyone doing?
  132. Anybody have any plans for your kiddos for the spring/summer?
  133. Another IEP rant...
  134. MomNC.....thought this might make you smile
  135. jill-bill-- how is emily?
  136. Add your good thoughts/prayers for Jneidha's Kailey here!
  137. Joey's visit to ENT and audiologist and new IEP set
  138. How do you all find respite care??
  139. We're home!!
  140. New from Texas!
  141. Happy Mother's Day!
  142. Diaper/Pull-up question
  143. Have you seen this film?
  144. Needing a shoulder to cry on
  145. **momnc**
  146. Feeling lost
  147. Wishing I didnt belong here
  148. Looking for hugs I guess
  149. Any info on Hep B?
  150. Sorry if wrong board...infant DS failed 2nd hearing test.
  151. Just a pic of Kailey to show off!!
  152. ****** DIANA!!
  153. Happy Birthday Auskarenj!!
  154. I think I'm pretty much done (O/T)
  155. I need your input/advice
  156. Update on Ava - First EI Appt
  157. More surgery...:(
  158. Very bad day yesterday, Parker's new psych update...
  159. Julieinkc.....question for you.
  160. Attachment Disorder....any experience...need help
  161. I'm away for a few days ~
  162. I guess I'm just a glutton.....
  163. Hayden cant pass his hearing test
  164. My 1st grader may have dyslexia
  165. Cleft Palate
  166. Help! What is the right way to ask for an IEP?
  167. I need some help!
  168. A week an a half....
  169. Did anyone see Dr. Phil Tuesday? and job hunting news!
  170. stealing/lying
  171. Joyous!!!
  172. ds's walking--long
  173. I got the job!!!!
  174. Toy guide links for special needs
  175. Jes and anyone else - How do I do the 504 plan? Need Help!
  176. Do comments like this bother you?
  177. PDD-NOS? (Same as ASD Parenting)
  178. Happy 10th birthday, Maddy!
  179. Oxygen Supply Co. in NJ (X-post)
  180. Confused
  181. Kailey's next surgery
  182. Need gift ideas for A-man
  183. not sure if this is the place for me
  184. Introducing myself
  185. Here's what I wrote-
  186. Auskaren
  187. Education Question
  188. Nandu!!!!
  189. How do you handle their increasing awareness?
  190. Looking for advice re: public school evaluation process
  191. Need advice about Auditory Processing issues
  192. I haven't been around in forever, but I have an issue
  193. Updates Updates Updates!
  194. Not sure where I belong?!
  195. Hi there, hoping you can offer some insight...
  196. Anyone dealing with eye patching?
  197. Yay! Joey got an award at school!!!
  198. Prader Willie Syndrome?
  199. anyone else out there living with a child and Tourette's
  200. Profound Mental Retardation
  201. Loans for parents of disabled children...
  202. help - 2 year old with strange movements
  203. Need advice - how do you help the siblings of SN kids??...
  204. educate me on CP and siezures
  205. Am I obsessed with my child's birth defect?
  206. K-T Syndrome?
  207. Need help navigating the SPED dept. of our school system...advice pls..
  208. It's Joey's 7th birthday today!!!
  209. Jaysen was accepted to IK!!!!
  210. Heads up ~ FT will be down this weekend (4/20)
  211. Sorta good news...sorta bad news....
  212. Sort of a funny...
  213. Jaysen lost his 1st tooth, finally.
  214. MomNC.....
  215. jill-bill.......
  216. New ruling from supreme court...
  217. Sensory Integration Dysfunction
  218. Can I share what's going on with us??
  219. Amniotic band club foot
  220. Stepping down as BC
  221. introducing ourselves....
  222. Pictures of my Boys
  223. Great news! (BFP mentioned)
  224. Attn Families that had kids AFTER their SN child (pg ment)
  225. Not so good news...(possible m/c ment.) Update
  226. Need some b-day tips
  227. Beating my head against a wall...
  228. Hey how's everyone doing?
  229. Hi There!
  230. Prayers needed for our FT friend...(loss ment.)
  231. Thank you for your love and support (x-post)
  232. pardon the barge
  233. Full siblings or avoiding autism/epilepsy - what's more important?
  234. Just a quick note to update...
  235. NEW: Parenting Teens Board
  236. Can I brag on A-man...and of course Z-girl?
  237. Does your child have a 1:1 aide?
  238. Have you thought about this?
  239. LeslieK
  240. National Down Syndrome Awareness Month
  241. looking for advice, please....
  242. A-man keeps falling
  243. need information about club feet please
  244. Feeling overwhelmed... (2 children w/ special needs)
  245. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Diana30!!! (same as GP)
  246. ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disability!!
  247. Oh my goodness how adorable and sweet!`
  248. S/O Old timers from gp board...
  249. EI Results: failed the hearing component...
  250. questions about audiologist report...