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  1. ~Breastfeeding Success Stories~(idea for pinned post)
  2. I need help with how to discontinue pumping/bf
  3. When do they start pooping less?
  4. breast feeding after augmentation
  5. Going in for surgery on Wed need advice for BF
  6. New to this board, adoptive breastfeeding
  7. Quick ? regarding heated ebm
  8. Refridgerated BM
  9. Help!!! Low Supply!!
  10. Close to a nervous breakdown... need help on getting DD to drink more at daycare
  11. QQ about fridge to freezer storing
  12. Is there such thing as too much weight gain??
  13. Had surgery...issues with BF
  14. I'm so MAD! (NIP issue)
  15. Need a little moral support
  16. sore left nipple
  17. Spitting up
  18. *Sarah*
  19. hates the bottle
  20. milk storage question
  21. clogged duct
  22. Is anyone looking for domperidone?
  23. Guy Smiley!
  24. NIP update - LOL
  25. What kind of BC do you use?
  26. Dont you love bf and places who welcome us
  27. OH's new BFing law takes effect today.
  28. Ouch! Can anyone help?
  29. Updates!
  30. Speaking of interesting experiences...
  31. Help pls, what foods to stay away from?
  32. Questions--how much milk does 8 mo old need?
  33. 3 more days left!
  34. Weaning/Transition question
  35. Fenugreek
  36. Defrosted BM
  37. No milk for me
  38. not gaining weight
  39. Looking for a little TLC regarding biting - OUCH!
  40. See my sling?
  41. Question about poop - sorry
  42. I am SO frustrated
  43. new here with a ?
  44. Zyrtec and B/Fing
  45. Help with supply
  46. Help! Re: alavert
  47. If she is starving will she take a bottle?
  48. Anyone ever pregnant with lumpy breasts?
  49. I'm such a proud cow!!
  50. Mastitis!!!
  51. Pumpin' for a Party! Q on when?
  52. period after breastfeeding?
  53. Question about your baby's weight at one year old
  54. pregnant and nursing
  55. An update on my 19 month old and sleep/nursing all night issue
  56. Anyone prefer ebm vs. nursing???
  57. Yikes, Help with Biting Please!!
  58. Stinging nipple
  59. Help! Need Domperidone quickly.
  60. I sure hope . . . . .
  61. You Know You're a Breastfeeding Mom When ...
  62. Lack of interest with low supply
  63. Storage question, I think I goofed big time!
  64. How Much Milk is in Your Freezer?
  65. Free Pump Part
  66. how much does baby drink???
  67. Pumping volume question
  68. LMAO -- had to share
  69. Curse the paediatrician!
  70. Weaning from pumping at work but still want to breastfeed in morning and night...
  71. Green Poo???????????
  72. Time to say goodbye.....
  73. Traveling advice for a newbie
  74. BF abroad
  75. Need help with clicking nurser
  76. Need help - freezer door left open.
  77. breastfeeding question....colostrum
  78. EBM fore/hind milk question
  79. Sibling question...
  80. Brestfeeding 18month old while pregnant?
  81. LOL -- How things change re: eating habits
  82. Sebastian is now weened
  83. Insult added to injury!!!
  84. What do you call bf?
  85. pumping question
  86. I have a question (after reading the colostrum post below)
  87. Free Avent and Lansinoh storage bags
  88. can I have a drink?
  89. Booby Shirt
  90. twin troubles
  91. What is it about beer
  92. So upset--MIL threw out some EBM!!!
  93. Travelling and breastfeeding????
  94. boob-boy won't take a bottle! Help please
  95. Thrush! and pumping question
  96. Sort of need to vent - not even sure if this is the right board for it
  97. Have a question, possibly a dumb one :)
  98. I did it! I did it! I did it! Oh, and today Sophie is ONE!! (warning: bragging)
  99. re-introducing breastfeeding
  100. Blood in breast milk??? Can someone help??
  101. It doesn't hurt??
  102. Does pumping hurt more than sucking?
  103. Blocked Ducts Again (vent)
  104. Ped/Ob appts and needing to bf
  105. BF'ing twins...tandem or sepearte?
  106. pumping tube question
  107. Cluster feeding
  108. Having trouble the second time around...very upset today.
  109. HELP PLEASE!! Red Streaking!
  110. BF/ Colds
  111. Link to my bf question on the gp board-- re: yellow milk and mastitis
  112. Tiddler anger during baby feeding
  113. Need Help...first timer
  114. Infant prefers one boob
  115. Question about starting cereal...
  116. Small nipples, low supply and exhausted
  117. milk supply question
  118. Foods BF babies don't like?
  119. Comfort sucking--very annoying!
  120. Trying to wean 19 month old need advice
  121. Thrush gone! but now other sickness
  122. Thawed EBM
  123. JJsMom
  124. yikes...electic outage...will it affect frozen EBM?
  125. So...who's actually here? Seems slow! Reveal yourselves!!!
  126. How long does it take for meds that you take get into your milk?
  127. how do you wean?
  128. Question for all the loss moms here
  129. Getin' to know each other!
  130. Pumping Question, new here
  131. ABC's of Breastfeeding
  132. 6-9 Witching hours?
  133. Can I show you my nurslings?
  134. Flu Shot
  135. crying question
  136. Needing Bf experts. 10m wont take anything else help
  137. When you first used exersaucer?
  138. Why all the sudden
  139. Refridgerated breast milk?
  140. New at BF... couple of questions
  141. Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch
  142. Easing into NIP (nursing in public) some suggestions
  143. Alcohol question...
  144. How to increase milk supply?
  145. Breastfeeding twins and supply issue now that one twin is sleeping thru night
  146. What Foods and natural hebs to avoid
  147. Birth Control
  148. Would you buy this?
  149. Recomm - nursing twins
  150. bf and ttc wacky cycles help
  151. Found a huge bag full of milk frozen
  152. Weaning for FET advice needed
  153. How long do you nurse at a time?
  154. Something Cool Happened Today
  155. Can anyone top this ?? (very few AF's)
  156. Going insane with poop
  157. When you got af back how were your cycles Lp? ????/
  158. So who do I see for help with my pain?!
  159. Nursing Strike Woes
  160. Pump questions
  161. Question on (@)(@) fullness
  162. Just for fun: Can you express by hand?
  163. Question for my friend... (same as Preemie board)
  164. Is ibuprofen (aspirin) safe for bf'g?
  165. Looking for Links!
  166. Breatpump Question
  167. Marieke
  168. How much ebm to give baby?
  169. Oversupply issues and pumping question.
  170. Dip in supply at 15 months -- are we done now?
  171. Health Benefits of Nursing Past 6 Mths?
  172. Pumping Question?
  173. Question
  174. Green Poop Solved -- Suggestion for anyone facing chronic diarrhea in their baby
  175. 3rd time a charm?? looking or hints!
  176. Pumping Moms Please help!
  177. I'm back with more questions!
  178. Found this helpful
  179. You cannot imagine a more icky sight
  180. 2nd baby soon, have questions
  181. newborn "sliding off" / latch ?
  182. How do you guys get through the growth spurts?
  183. Baby is nursing ALL the time!!!! Very frustrated...
  184. What do you freeze breast milk in?
  185. When did nursing become second nature?
  186. Wanted.... Good Nursing Bra
  187. Holiday Photos
  188. Low Iron
  189. Nursing Bra Top, anyone tried this?
  190. I don't think I'm producing enough milk.
  191. Could pumping be depleating my supply?
  192. Breastfeeding twins, help!!
  193. yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeOUCH!! (xpost with P1yr)
  194. Less than a week shy of a year old . .
  195. We've made it past 1 year! Question about occasional bf'ing.
  196. Dublin...
  197. Pump supplies?
  198. Just what CAN I still eat?
  199. Happy Thanksgiving!
  200. Ouch! Latch hurting left nipple!
  201. Nightly cluster feeding?
  202. Weaning Woes: Advice Please
  203. Picture of me and my babies!
  204. Is he getting enough?
  205. Please help me increase my supply.
  206. Induction/c-sec and milk supply
  207. sucking question
  208. ?? re: Low supply when pumping
  209. Cow's milk or forumla
  210. Could this be AF?
  211. **ktj**
  212. Are they eating too much?
  213. 2 blisters
  214. lump
  215. burping
  216. Etiquette help please
  217. Almost gave up ...
  218. Late Afternoon supply issues?
  219. I'm SO glad I'm nursing through cold/flu season!!!
  220. Making it thru the night question
  221. Neat things about breastmilk I've learned
  222. Orange Juice
  223. Anyone who know, pls reply, Surgery MESS!
  224. Favorite breast pads?
  225. We made it!!
  226. Pumping exclusively
  227. My whiny update
  228. nursing once a day~I have a question...
  229. Buying a used Pump
  230. Confused about pumping please help
  231. What are the symptoms of thrush?
  232. Happy Birthday BC-deniseg
  233. **Dublin**
  234. Help... Gassy boy
  235. Percocet
  236. Why do I feel so guilty...
  237. night weaning/family bed
  238. Do you say anything to other b/f moms?
  239. Getting lazy...
  240. Need encouragement
  241. Is it possible to have a clogged duct while still pregnant?? (pg ment)
  242. Ktj
  243. Pumping Questions for SAHMs
  244. Formula???
  245. wanting to nurse every 2 hrs....ugh
  246. How to stay awake????
  247. Spit-up and timing
  248. Replacement Parts?
  249. Baby falling asleep...
  250. I hate coming here just to ask questions..