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  1. Angel List
  2. Books, websites, articles, etc....
  3. Update
  4. My babies arrived early
  5. Help - just found out quintuplets!
  6. lost posts
  7. Introduction to board... Please read before posting!!!!
  8. some general questions for those that have been there
  9. So????
  10. I'm stepping down as moderator... Please read...
  11. NYC Doctor
  12. Two years and still having difficulty coping
  13. LisaWA..remember me?
  14. SR scheduled
  15. Anyone who has done SR, please help....
  16. Question for msquaredb
  17. How did you feel physically after SR?
  18. Birth outcomes
  19. msquaredb -- please read
  20. **bags** OT need some help
  21. Considering SR - need help!!
  22. Reality is sinking in. Need advice.
  23. The earliest/safest time to do SR?
  24. I don't know how to enjoy my pregnancy anymore. (crude, un-PC ments)
  25. Anyone around??? Sad about my babies.....
  26. How do you name a lost child without a gender?
  27. Problems following selective reduction
  28. sad (long vent)
  29. Three years ago I was pg with quads........
  30. Anniversary
  31. s/r ment....Severe OHSS, blood clots and pregnancy
  32. 5 year anniversary
  33. Just found out we're having triplets.. need advice!
  34. Please help. I will be having a reduction. Have some questions.
  35. How much time off work after having an SR?
  36. Just starting to greive
  37. 3 year anniversary
  38. Well we're at the 12 week point and ready to SR, and the doctor says we can't do it.
  39. What should I expect???(selective reduction ment)
  40. Just the Facts, Please...(SR Experiences Only)
  41. An update on me.
  42. Jalene
  43. Visiting Loss
  44. have to abort due to genetic problem
  45. Really sad (SR mentioned), I need help
  46. Very scared...need help
  47. Reduction scheduled for Thursday - very scared!!
  48. Monozygotic twins and a singleton
  49. Today was the day
  50. Know I need to ... But don't want to...
  51. NT and reduction question
  52. loss/living child and pg mentioned
  53. met with doc today
  54. My world came tumbling down...triplets
  55. how did/do you deal with the world??
  56. A recommended experienced S/R specialist in Florida ?
  57. For Tina-B
  58. Questions-Long sorry
  59. Sick and CVS ???
  60. April - your CVS
  61. had reduction today...feeling oddly relieved...
  62. first u/s post reduction today....
  63. will need to reduce...4 to 2
  64. saw my baby and finally felt a little connected
  65. Already a year has passed...
  66. Had my CVS,now awaiting results....
  67. has this happened to anyone before???
  68. s/r today - anyone have experience on symtoms?
  69. when do they disappear?
  70. Recommended Reduction
  71. Did you hide your pregnancy while waiting?
  72. CVS or No CVS?
  73. not sure why I do this sometimes...
  74. What are the CVS/reduction procedures like physically?
  75. Twins 10 weeks -bad NT results for 1 -Questions about CVS
  76. What happens to amniotic fluid after reduction?
  77. Will be doing reduction
  78. Pregnant with QUADS
  79. my baby was born
  80. 1st u/s results (SR ment) same as Jan bb
  81. cystic hygroma
  82. Pregnant with Triplets
  83. Finally got my SR date
  84. 1st appt w/peri tomorrow, advice?
  85. All went well...
  86. Another quad pregnancy
  87. vraz
  88. Sort of late posting this....
  89. A Difficult Question
  90. 5 weeks since my reduction - still so sad
  91. Need advise ...Pls help
  92. Spotting Before Reduction
  93. Advice wanted on how to support a friend considering S/R
  94. AFP or no AFP?
  95. Can anyone relate to our situation
  96. 333lightstreet
  97. Help
  98. Years later....
  99. Help with reduction
  100. Had SR one month ago - trying to move on
  101. Conceived Triplets considering SR
  102. Scared2255
  103. help! Cancelled termination...mosaic cvs?
  104. trisomy 21 mosaic cvs
  105. sad after reduction
  106. Pregnancy Loss Mentioned
  107. so confused!
  108. appointment scheduled have some questions.
  109. not sure!!!!
  110. Quads conceived heartbreaking decsion
  111. Quads and abnormal NT scan...scared to reduce!
  112. Update on baby Ryan (everything mentioned)
  113. ~~prayers for melissamatt~~ (loss ment'd)
  114. Update on MelissaMatt 11/5/08 (loss mentioned)
  115. Update for MelissaMatt 11/6/08
  116. Our little angel Ryan
  117. update on Bracelet
  118. complicated news
  119. pg with 3; 2 are identicle....help
  120. Pregnant with Triplets, 2 identical, having consult for SR on 1/27
  121. Xpost of my update
  122. Positive Triple Screen
  123. A memorial.....Help
  124. Selective Reduction
  125. Interested in Sharing your story
  126. Looking for support and information
  127. Quads- CVS? SR?
  128. Happy (and sad) that I'm here
  129. Selective reduction - help needed
  130. 8mm NT measurement
  131. Crazy Twists Of Fate! Feeling Deathly Alone, Need Support 2 To 1..HELP!!!
  132. Reduction-possible Downs or Trisomy
  133. Anyone Change Their Minds? Can't Go Through With It!
  134. Dr. Stuart Weiner?
  135. Need help in finding a doctor...
  136. Termination of pregnancy at 12 weeks after prenatal testing
  137. SR from Quads to Twins - Looking for support
  138. SR from twins to singleton
  139. Is SR only done due to genetic abnormalities?
  140. SR from 2 to 1 - Desparately Need Support!!
  141. 7 weeks pregnant with triplets...thinking I may face a reduction in a few weeks
  142. Having Triplets (Monoamniotic Twins and a Singleton) - Selective Reduction
  143. From MOMO twins to MODI twins but Yet Selective Reduction??
  144. today is the 9th anniversary and no support from dh
  145. Pregnant with Spontaneous Triplets -- Complicated Medical History
  146. I'm facing reduction from four to one
  147. Bleeding After Selective Reduction
  148. Reducing from triplets...
  149. best doctors for reducation
  150. Need support....
  151. Second Trimester SR?
  152. Just had it confirmed today - triplets. Will be doing SR.
  153. Moving on
  154. New to board - reduction scheduled for Friday
  155. Bad dreams
  156. FYI - Something my dr. said that others might find interesting
  157. Introducing myself-- SR 4 to 1
  158. 1 Embryo = identical triplets = 1 placenta High Risk to SR Please HELP advice needed
  159. CVS yesterday- SR tomorrow
  160. new to board- reducing from quads
  161. Considering SR
  162. UK newbie pregnant with 3 scared of reduction
  163. quads and petrified
  164. Contractions after Reduction
  165. Reducing from triplets to a singleton
  166. Not sure what Dr. to call and feeling very stupid
  167. Tomoorrow's CVS and Tuesday reduction
  168. I have lost all 4 of my little angels
  169. Pregnant with tripliets
  170. Quads and lots of questions
  171. Really scared
  172. Lots of Procedure Questions?
  173. Octuplets - SR on January 14th
  174. Considering SR from twins to singleton
  175. Quads to twins, what is your experience ?
  176. pregnant with quads
  177. What time frame would one miscarry after reduction ??
  178. Update on my 4 to 1 SR and TMI question.
  179. Metallic Taste after SR?
  180. Help: reduce triplets to twins or to a singleton?
  181. When did you connect to your pregnancy?
  182. after the SR how much did your belly grow?
  183. after SR, ultrasounds and belly marks
  184. Guardian Newspaper in UK request
  185. Where to go - 2 options? Sedation for SR?
  186. 1 week before SR
  187. Bearing the wait before SR
  188. Able to go forward, except for the Pictures
  189. after SR - when does it hit you emotionally?
  190. Elevated levels of alpha fetoprotein after reduction
  191. CVS, 2-to-1 reduction scheduled
  192. Some thoughts one month after reduction
  193. 10 yr anniversary
  194. Recovery time after SR?
  195. Off topic-Need Stroller Advice
  196. Insurance coverage on Selective Reduction
  197. Wait a few more weeks or start scheduling consults, CVS and SR?
  198. Thoughts on husband who wants me to reduce from twins to singleton....
  199. Who did you tell about SR?
  200. Anyone unable to do CVS in one of the fetuses due to position in the uterus?
  201. Symptoms after SR
  202. New to this...Quintuplets and faced with SR. Advice, and support needed..
  203. SR and Due Date
  204. Do NT in addition to CVS?
  205. Anyone else go from 2-1? In Need of Emotional Support.
  206. Did Your Hyperemesis/Morning Sickness Improve After Reduction?
  207. What Week Was/Is Your SR Scheduled For?
  208. IVF patients... did you ask about staying on progesterone to avoid SR miscarriage?
  209. Insurance Appeal?
  210. Anyone Have Brown Discharge About A Week after Selective Reduction?
  211. SR 2-to-1: Abnormal CVS result, still heartbreaking
  212. Preeclampsia
  213. Very bad cold right after SR - still OK
  214. i'm a wreak!
  215. Need Help!!!
  216. Amnio after reducing a chromosomally abnormal twin?
  217. Seattle Selective Reduction Doctor Recommendations?
  218. Questions about CVS and then SR with 3 to 2
  219. Triplet pregnancy at 11 wks with IC in previous pregnancy
  220. 1 week post reduction and having pink/red spotting
  221. Termination of twins due to tay-sachs
  222. 5 to 3 or 2
  223. considering SR after +NT with cystic hygroma
  224. Side effects of SR?
  225. SR MD recommendations in NYC
  226. Fluid leakage after SR - how much is normal?
  227. Cervix Measurements to Avoid Premature Delivery
  228. NY Times Article on 2-1 SR
  229. aftermath - termination of Down baby
  230. Can't believe I'm here AGAIN! 4 to 1 SR last spring, now TFMR.
  231. S/R 3-1 Dr Evans NYC
  232. feeling sad sometimes....
  233. Has anyone's SR or CVS been delayed or cancelled due to a Hematoma?
  234. What did you tell people who knew you were carrying multiples?
  235. 2 weeks after reduction
  236. Faced to reduce from quints...
  237. Post SR -- nervous
  238. 2 wks post reduction/cvs
  239. Question :baby bump post CVS
  240. Do you think how tall you are matters?
  241. Looking for support - possible S/R of monoamniotic twins in triplet pregnancy
  242. What week were you in when you had SR?
  243. Facing SR and feeling pressure from doctors
  244. Selective Reduction Process and CVS
  245. Did insurance cover SR?
  246. total pregnancy loss after SR risk?
  247. Reduction of 1 identical twin
  248. Moving Forward
  249. Selective Reduction 3 to 1 on Friday
  250. Scheduling Conflict