View Full Version : Egg Freezing Events, Promotions, and Discounts

  1. Egg Freezing information session Tuesday, July 29th
  2. having a Webinar with an female Dr. who specializes in EggFreezing
  3. EggBanxx Egg Freezing Event in NYC August 12, 2014
  4. FREE Admission to the EggBanxx event in NYC August 12th- Meet me in person!
  5. EggBanxx NYC: Second Egg Freezing Information Event! September 17th
  6. Free Egg Freezing Event in New York City on 10/14 at The Harvard Club!
  7. Join us at the NoMad Hotel January 20th for egg freezing FAQ!
  8. Phoenix AZ Frozen egg cycle $1,000 New Direction Fertility Clinic
  9. Egg Freezing Event in Houston Texas
  10. Upcoming Egg Freezing Webinars 4/11 @ 12:00pm and 4/22 at 6:00pm EST
  11. Egg Freezing Informational Event in NYC!
  12. Sweepstakes for Egg Freezing : $5,000 towards a cycle