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  1. cervix manually checked vs. ultrasound?
  2. baby asp?
  3. CeCe-August
  4. questions about keeping cervix long
  5. beta hcg #s prior to m/c
  6. uterus size - smaller than my weeks
  7. how long does it take to miscarry after falling betas.
  8. Ephraim Scott is born...
  9. Is this true?
  10. Ectopic or a continuing M/C - new member
  11. having a tough week
  12. Guess no D&C needed, but now what??
  13. Guess What????
  14. New Here
  15. question about d & c
  16. Am I having a m/c? Help!!
  17. Possible to m/c without any signs
  18. I am going for a D&C tomorrow
  19. switch from Lovenox to Heparin?
  20. Lovenox/Coumadin post delivery????
  21. Question re Lovenox dose
  22. Excitement and Turmoil all in the one day
  23. antibotics
  24. Third try - incredibly anxious
  25. Got any advice about incompetent cervic?
  26. pregnant after a miscarriage and worried!
  27. scared possible pg
  28. what does a Hcg level of 14 mean? at 16 DPO
  29. Anyone have success (h/beat detected) after a blighted ovum ?
  30. OK it's not possible to miscarry based on this right?
  31. New here and worried...
  32. Normal measurements for cervix length
  33. A New Board--Home and Garden
  34. Coming up on 1 year after m/c
  35. **Monica** This is my 3rd visit here today!!!
  36. BFP I should be excited but I'm so scared! help! looking for advice
  37. high drama HB story! (same as March BB)
  38. after 4 miscarriages, pregnant again...
  39. Anyone here after multiple losses?
  40. normal "wait" time?
  41. Miscarrying again?! this is so hard!
  42. really bad day
  43. Kellyjmac and Esdish--Are you guys okay?
  44. Hey everyone, I'm new!!!
  45. Need advice about dealing with an old friend.
  46. New here and miscarrying
  47. Blighted Ovum Question
  48. Looking for a chart that shows the rate of miscarriage vs. what wk you are.
  49. I am crying as I write this
  50. Posted on loss/infant also..Loss ment- Vanishing twin?
  51. stressed now that we are telling people
  52. A few loving words to those who experienced loss!
  53. new here introduction
  54. AF or Implantation 9 DPO?
  55. Almost done
  56. Too scared to enjoy it.
  57. Back from Surgery
  58. just m/c...need some hope
  59. Just found out that baby's heart stopped beating....i will m/c or dnc..very sad now
  60. I am actually the one people are jealous of!
  61. never thought i would post here...
  62. acupunture for m/c prevention?
  63. how about an update thread?
  64. Remembrance thread for October 15
  65. pcos
  66. need help for DIL
  67. So depressed...bitter
  68. anyone else able to scared yourself !!
  69. Does this mean a m/c is coming??
  70. How Long?
  71. Hello. Questions about Injections.
  72. Your New BC
  73. Pregnant after 2 consecutive losses...
  74. Doctors
  75. Pregnancy After Ectopic
  76. I'm so worried
  77. Tis The Season ...
  78. Made a decision
  79. Anyone else have similar experience?
  80. PG with low beta levels....
  81. Beta's didnt double (mc mentioned)
  82. Officially posting here now . . .
  83. 3rd u/s scheduled jan 9th
  84. jan 3rd
  85. Ok this is the proper spot!
  86. Wish I can start holidays All over again
  87. Stupid things people say
  88. Cassie . . .
  89. Doing well to this point . . .
  90. Cassie
  91. Scared to death (bleeding ment.)
  92. Is Pregnancy Test True after d&c?
  93. Early stage of m/c
  94. Bad day at doc, we're ok (vent)
  95. personal question
  96. Need Encouragement - waiting 2nd u/s
  97. ttc after dnc
  98. Results of 2nd u/s
  99. another bad dream (prev mc ment) long
  100. Please Help
  101. confused
  102. **shelli**
  103. Need some reassurance!!
  104. Prayers please, light spotting at 10w
  105. guidance on miscarriage
  106. Can't stop worrying
  107. Has anyone ever have this happen
  108. miscarriage questions
  109. Question ?????
  110. beta rising after miscarriage?
  111. pregnancy before m/c
  112. Possible Early Miscarriage
  114. 2nd beta tomorrow and worried...
  115. Question is it normal to have lots of pain during your frist period after a d&c?
  116. is it possible.....
  117. had m/c now on baby aspirin, why???
  118. What would you do?
  119. Worried after 1st u/s
  120. Worried about next u/s
  121. bittersweet---prev m/c and current preg ment.
  122. When did you start trying?
  123. Need prayers....
  124. a question including pregnancy, pcos, and infertilty
  125. Devastated
  127. How long is a cycle?
  128. Trying After Ectopic??
  129. u/s revealed loss of twin
  130. pregnant after miscarriage
  131. how long for hcg to hit zero?
  132. Methotrexate Shot Questions
  133. worried about worrying (pg ment)
  134. new to here
  135. Special Video: "I Spoke With My Child" ... beautiful!
  136. Cautiously joining
  137. I Spoke With My Child -- Have u seen this?
  138. missing my angel
  139. first try after miscarriage
  140. New here...
  141. Pregnant and SCARED to death
  142. Is it okay to try to conceive again?
  143. Someone Please Hold My Hand
  144. Positive
  145. Beta one week after m/c
  146. Co-worker's PG is killing me
  147. CD 15....crampy
  148. BD'ing and CM question
  149. What did they do for you when you miscarried?
  150. People are TRYING to upset me I swear..
  151. Nyquil...
  152. how long to bleed after m/c?
  153. m/c question--a bit graphic
  154. Freaking out just a little
  155. when can i start trying again
  156. Help
  157. Beige discharge (tmi)
  158. Pregnant Again!!
  159. 5 weeks and trying to cope
  160. A cry for help!!!! (pg ment w/ poss mc)
  161. Am I having a m/c ?? (5wk pg)
  162. Nervous!!!
  163. could i be pregnant
  164. How soon after M/C did you get pregnant?
  165. How long until AF shows up after M/C
  166. What is it like???
  167. The other shoe has dropped...have question, please
  168. I think I'm in the process of m/c-help please!!
  169. just a quick question
  170. HCG low still-told to stop meds...so sad
  171. First time poster here
  172. Have questions..light bleeding possible MC?
  173. When will Period/Miscarriage start??
  174. mthfr questions
  175. How soon?
  176. Losing my mind
  177. 8 m/c- is there hope?
  178. Hope restored?!?!
  179. blood test questions
  180. help needed
  181. I am back with great news...
  182. Am I m/c again? Please help.
  183. When will I miscarry - is a d & c preferred?
  184. When will I miscarry?
  185. Bad news - ultrasound today - blighted ovum!
  186. Why My Lips Are Chapped On Mother's Day ROFL
  187. How soon will my pregnancy symptoms dissapate after my d & c??
  188. Still have pregnancy symptoms after d & c - follow up with OB yesterday
  189. trying but afraid
  190. Anyone have normal pregnancy after an IVF ectopic?
  191. How to get through the first couple of weeks??
  192. Help! How soon can u have pregnancy symptoms?
  193. Negative HPT - how soon is it to test?
  194. When is a follow up after a D&C
  195. Not again!!! (possible mc centioned)
  196. Question re: Possible chemical preganacy
  197. Look for a good doctor around White Plains, NY
  198. question about hpt - possible miscarriage
  199. irregular cycles after miscarriage?!
  200. Progesterone and/or Heparin my prevent a 6th m/c?
  201. new here and trying again
  202. Miscarriage?
  203. new at this
  204. follow up visit
  205. Multiple Miscarriage Question
  206. karyotype question
  207. 1st beta since triplet loss in May 2007
  208. When to do FET??
  209. missed abortion?
  210. Is it my AF or am I pregnant?
  211. Pg after 7 losses
  212. HELP! Beta didn't double at 6 weeks, am I miscarrying??
  213. U/S Update
  214. M/c Again
  215. chromosome abnormalities help??
  216. My first pg. Ends up in a Miscarriage
  217. d and c recovery
  218. Aubie
  219. Happy and Nervous all at once!
  220. x/post regarding u/s update
  221. hello ladies..my intro..my loss
  222. BFP after 4 m/c & spotting..
  223. pregnant and scared (pg & mc ment)
  224. We are ready... TTC - Questions? loss and DD mentioned
  225. Back Again. My Intro. (pg ment) LONG
  226. does ivf with pgd reduce the risks of miscarriages?
  227. PCOS and m/c
  228. TTC After D&C
  229. New - Intro & multiple mc ??? (long)
  230. New - question about miscarriage - kind of long
  231. BFP after miscarriage now chills...terrified:(
  232. Gonadotrophin Injections after recurrent M/C; over 40.
  233. pregnancy after 2 miscarriages?!?!?!
  234. I'm terrified...twins measuring behind pg ment.
  235. multiple miscarriages docotor prescribed IVIG and insurance wont cover it
  236. My Poem for lost Baby A (m/c mentioned)
  237. when will Af come after cytotec???
  238. looking for support....
  239. Freaking Out!
  240. I need some advice please.....m/c mentioned
  241. m/ced last night - what to expect now?
  242. 41 --Do I try again?
  243. Update after doc visit (m/c ment.)
  244. Am I miscarrying again???
  245. lovenox/heparin success stories?
  246. Worried
  247. Painful Period After DNC?
  248. 2 m/c's in a row, no kids, pregnant after IVF...
  249. 4g/4g PAI, anyone else?
  250. support/advice needed