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  1. Breaking the Ice
  2. Why didn't my RE test my follicles prior to IUI?
  3. Sperm Analysis Help
  4. Looking for a NEW RE or want to change REs??
  5. SART question
  6. A nifty quick reference guide on Semen Analysis
  7. introduction
  8. Does ovulating two healthy eggs in an IUI mean a good chance of twins?
  9. When to break up with Clomid
  10. Looking for RE feedback
  11. Finding an OB
  12. IVF in Mexico
  13. bleeding when pregnant
  14. New to IVF/DE
  15. After Hysteroscopy/Polyp removal
  16. Late Period, Second IUI with Chlomid Cycle, Spotting
  17. medicines for Sperm related issues
  18. PCOS and Costs of Treatment
  19. Infertile due to missing fallopian tubes
  20. Embryo Quality and Genetic Testing
  21. i have mthfr, pcos, and endometriosis. need some advice.
  22. Donor with Major depressive disorder
  23. Low Progesterone while TTC?
  24. Once again, New Girl Here
  25. Estrace better than the birth control pill?
  26. 18 And Going Through Menopause..
  27. Going on 40 and Failed IVF...best places to go?
  28. Looking for a good doctor in the NY area
  29. Thinking and looking for information
  30. Physician (MD/DO) or nurse (NP/PA) for help conceiving naturally
  31. Our upcoming consultation
  32. advice on Southern California Fertility Physicians
  33. hMG injection prep question
  34. IUI 60 hours after hCG trigger?
  35. Tracking Basal temp after FET
  36. False Low AMH Level??
  37. Exploratory Laproscopy
  38. New and Confused Please Help
  39. Advice for expat moving to US
  40. Can the patient care coordinator for the Southeast contact me?
  41. 18 with 104 FSH :(
  42. Looking for Good Obgyn in Sacramento area
  43. Duke Fertility (DR.MAUSHER)
  44. 8 Weeks and Miscarrying
  45. financing options... Without A1 credit
  46. REs in the Southeast willing to work with immune issues
  47. Mexicali mexico
  48. Sharing my story in case it can help (UU, Autoimmune, Scarring, DonorIVF)
  49. PCOS, IUI and Cancelled Cycles
  50. Texas Holdem Poker: The Basics
  51. Same Sex other Carrying
  52. Good Clinic (ICSI/IVF) around Providence, RI to Worcester, MA?
  53. IVF and Anxiety
  54. IVF guidance :)
  55. Psychological testing of IVF/donor egg RECIPIENTS?
  56. first trimester pains ?
  57. Post depo conception..if I'm correct it hasn't taken long
  58. Pregnancy Test
  59. Periods and failed ivf
  60. Experience with endometrial receptivity array(implantation window) test
  61. Fetal pole yolk sac no heartbeat?
  62. Moderate bleeding while on Endometrin
  63. Husband's Bloodwork Claim denied by Insurance!
  64. Washington DC area fertility clinics/doctors and endocrinologist
  65. Compassionate Care program?
  66. Best ivf clinic
  67. Initial Consult Advice (RMA NY)
  68. Inexpensive infertility
  69. Help!!!
  70. Please...someone help!?
  71. New...Confused, Overwhlemed, Questions?
  72. Twins with ivf
  73. Questions about clomid
  74. New member with abnormal circumstances and question during our first IVF
  75. Need opinions please - cycle changes and hormones
  76. OHSS and time between IVF and FET
  77. Freezing embryos during IVF
  78. IUI pains
  79. 18 w/ POF/menopause
  80. Pregnant after HSG?
  81. IVF Docs in Connecticut?
  82. Am I making the right choice? Viable options?
  83. POF HRT Question
  84. Good RE in Los Angeles(North-West) needed!Please help!
  85. Low HcG with 1st blood work, told chemical pregnancy.
  86. IUI with Injectables Success or about to start Treatments?
  87. Struggling, any advice appreciated.
  88. Good RE in Maryland? Over 40 RE anywhere? Recommendations needed
  89. Are all IVFs cycles the same?
  90. IUI first time
  91. Does Acupuncture really help during IVF?
  92. Need someone to give my my shots
  93. Infertility - What do your hormones look like? FSH/LH/Estrogen/Progestrogen
  94. What vitamins should I take before my IVF?
  95. FSH cuttoffs
  96. estrogen at 172 and progesterone at 1.3 but still starting cycle ....
  97. Empty follicles
  98. What is a good beta?
  99. Acupuncture yes/no?
  100. Sad after having a negative HPT 10pt5dt (2nd FET, 1st one failed)
  101. Non responder to Clomid
  102. Is there a transfer day difference for a day 5 blast vs. day 6 blast?
  103. Donor cycle question
  104. Suggestions for questions to ask after failed IVF
  105. Genetic testing for egg donor
  106. California Bay Area REs - Need advice
  107. Looking for an explanation from anyone? Make factor infertility.
  108. Question??
  109. Post FET MEDICATIONS while pregnant (Estrace, estradiol)
  110. Keep trying or use donor eggs **child ment**
  111. Which bcp is best to regulate cycle fet
  112. Stress and anxitey during ivf
  113. Polycystic ovaries
  114. Need some advice?
  115. Due to start bcp tomorrow for cycle
  116. Need help... Dont know where to begin
  117. Luteal Stimulation Protocol & Nupogen
  118. Should I do IUI tomorrow morning?
  119. Best egg donor bank
  120. IVF Timeline question
  121. 3 failed IVF's --> what to consider next
  122. HCG number increased but did not double
  123. Recovery after egg retrieval
  124. Beginning Infertility Testing
  125. New to Infertility
  126. New to surrogacy
  127. SIRM NY v. Neway Fertility
  128. Diagnosed with high FSH, 1 egg frozen, now I need help to cope with waiting.
  129. Future mom looking for information about egg donation (remaining hopeful)
  130. Estradiol
  131. Full Thyroid and Estrogen/Progesterone Support Anyone?
  132. Help with Date Calculations for FET Cycles
  133. Questions about pain?
  134. Low mobility and low eggs count
  135. E2 levels before transfer
  136. Multiple hemorrhagic cysts and bleeding after egg collection / retreival
  137. Happy, tired, but at a loss
  138. Good IVF Clinic in Chicago area
  139. Gained weight after failed ivf cycle?
  140. ANY insurance carriers in Texas that will cover ANY part of IVF (beyond diagnosis)??
  141. Has anyone been helped by Dr Ilan tur-Kaspa or dr Schoolcraft and ended in successful
  142. Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA Denied FET based on age (44)
  143. Any Ideas?
  144. Insurance HELP
  145. endometriosis
  146. First time IVF help
  147. Insurance
  148. Dominion Fertility, Virginia Center of Reproductive Medicine and Dr.Garcia at Johns H
  149. Mini IVF clinics near Baltimore
  150. Natural FET or Druged FET?? Thoughts
  151. Lyme Disease to surrogacy
  152. Can AMH levels be too high? What does it mean?
  153. Clomid side effects 1 year later?
  154. Period on IVF cycle
  155. Progesterone Testing-Help/confused
  156. 6 weeks 4 days...slow heartbeat and yolk sac big..any positive stories out there?
  157. Pgs testing v's 3 day transfer
  158. Pregnancy at 45
  159. Just need support...7 weeks most likely miscarriage
  160. So they forgot to include the needles...
  161. Stay with fertility clinic or leave?
  162. Fet
  163. Looking for new clinic anywhere in US
  164. Zika virus precautions
  165. Ivf in England or France ?
  166. Can you recommend egg banks to purchase the frozen eggs? Thanks
  167. Single 4 cell day 3 embryo hope??
  168. Nurse got dosage wrong in IVF#1, don't know what to do
  169. Never ending AF?
  170. Time for a second opinion?
  171. Kaiser Permanent in Los Angeles
  172. Failed PGS
  173. Failed fertilization
  174. Anthem Blue Cross CA - coverage inquiry
  175. Flucatuations in E2 for FET
  176. Human growth hormone
  177. Infertility and Interviewing
  178. Symptoms after FET
  179. What to do after 3 failed implantations?
  180. Mid-Cycle Spotting after IUI
  181. IVF at Stanford vs Nova mountain view???
  182. How many embryos to transfer.
  183. guarantee program with past frozen donor egg failure
  184. Back pain after egg transfer.
  185. New to IVF and very confused!
  186. Progesterone questions
  187. Low level hcg
  188. 25 w/ POF :( FSH > 100 / any hope?
  189. FET question
  190. How do I find an RE who will respect that I'm not comfortable with IUI or IVF?(xpost)
  191. Beta level rising but didn't double
  192. Septum Removal
  193. Information about sex gender selection
  194. CCRM vs RMA NJ
  195. Need assistance!!