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  1. (((TracyF))))
  2. prayers please
  3. Anyone know where our moderators are?
  4. Turbo Tax question
  5. Everyone doing okay who got hit with snow?
  6. Feeling a little sad...
  7. Over sensitive?
  8. Hi everyone~
  9. O/T Great Home party
  10. What's Some New Mommy Advice We Can Give Shasta?!?
  11. My baby is a year and....
  13. Jaimie
  14. My little man turned "2" yesterday!!!
  15. Help please (agency ?)
  16. update on that pbm situation
  17. happy birthday everybody!!!!!!!
  18. Jaime
  19. How to know if 2 kids are enough? Feeling sad (Same as Gen Parenting)
  20. Hello from NYC
  21. question
  22. need some happy, healthy, healing thoughts & prayers please
  23. ~*~*bigdipper~*~*
  24. It's been a rough 2 weeks, Update and small vent
  25. Some pictures of Hallie
  26. Come on Baby K!! (shasta)
  27. Shasta, Shasta, where is Shasta?!?!?!
  28. Your thoughts, please?
  29. Cora's 2 special days
  30. Pictures of the Girls!
  31. Sharing a doughnut
  32. a parenting question
  33. aaron might be going to a new school next year
  34. In Honor of Valentine's Day-What is One Thing that you love your spouse/SO for?
  35. New Small Business-Take a Look Please! :)
  36. KelliAnn...
  37. Chicago
  38. Thank You
  39. Shasta - thinking of you for tommorow!
  40. FT gathering proposal has been emailed.
  41. 11 years ago today!!
  42. Anyone have an idea on what to call our group?
  43. Anette/bigdipper
  44. Do Kid's Clothes (PreK and above) Actually Sell on EBAY?
  45. It took me 2 1/2 hrs and a trip to McDonalds...but here it is!!
  46. Can I show you something special?
  47. What are your favorite things to do while on vacation?
  48. new, intro and question
  49. Finalization is one week awaY!
  50. Anyone here write/speak Spanish?
  51. Can't Get my Rear In Gear
  52. thank you
  53. Who babysits your kids?
  54. Tami!
  55. Potty training???
  56. Need suggestions
  57. TA DA!!! "the table" is d~o~n~e, well almost...
  58. Stressed and Don't want to move
  59. China adoption agency recommendations
  60. No more phone time for baby
  61. Question re: disclosure.
  62. About the donation for the Tsunami Victims, pls read
  63. A couple funny pictures
  64. The Pacifier is GONE, YEAHHHHHHH!!!
  65. Is anyone interested in buying 2 cans of Enfamil Lipil (a few coupons come w/it)?
  66. Do you feel this way? (looong)
  67. Need help with taxes
  68. need ideas please
  69. Fun Poll-What were your "back up"/alternate names for your kids?
  70. My baby is 3 today...
  71. It's happened aagin and this time with a vengance
  72. Need advise ASAP
  73. I need help
  74. my baby is sick
  75. Can't seem to make other "mommy" friends outside of adoption circle...
  76. too sensitive?
  77. ~~Tami~~
  78. CHicago proposal sent out....
  79. please read
  80. potty training? when did you start & how long did it take?
  81. The time has come cast your vote
  82. Sorry I've been gone!
  83. Kind of feel like a stranger here...
  84. regarding the chicago proposal...one more thing
  85. Had to share this, very sweet
  86. HuntersMom0129
  87. Does the adventure ever end????
  88. Cyndi S-I PMed you about you know what!! hehehe :)
  89. Thank you sooo much....and an update on Sir Will (long again!)
  90. Fun picture thread! Please add to it!
  91. carbro
  92. I Finally Got My Rear in Gear!!
  93. Someone stole my child!
  94. (suggestion) Regarding the ft get together,if anyone wants to do one in Chicago....
  95. Info for Cinci FT gathering Please look here!!!
  96. Lets show our babies NOW - spinoff from baby post.
  97. Haven't been here in awhile
  98. I need advice please!
  99. Spent the day at the Hospital
  100. Omg!
  101. SO Happy to be a part of...
  102. Picture of my girls
  103. Question about age and telling kids
  104. Sharing some pictures
  105. hair question
  106. Looking for IM info for all going to Cinci
  107. Do you have a song?
  108. May I join?
  109. Here are some birthday pictures
  110. Loonng...Willie Boy's not so good update
  111. jbemple...isn't your wedding this weekend?!?
  112. Vote for Cinci trip name
  113. Divorce after open adoption
  114. Today's The Big Day, DD's Birthday Party
  115. Adoption of Black Children - ABCNEWS.com Article
  116. Thank you.....here's more info
  117. New picture
  118. Update on DH
  119. Thought I was over these feelings (pg mt. not mine)
  120. How is Rena??
  121. Happy Birthday Someday mom 2003!!!
  122. Adoption Day!!!
  123. Update - Ain't gonna happen
  124. Happy Birthday Peggy!! (somedayMom2003)
  125. Dh in the hospital...
  126. How are Rena, Will & Cora doing?
  127. HuntersMom & Other Dieting Mommies
  128. Special books we read our children~
  129. We have decided not to adopt again
  130. Portable DVD players
  131. Have I said lately.....
  132. Does this sound normal? (re:formula feeding ?)
  133. What can your kids do or say that bring you to tears? (happy ones!)
  134. We need to wish Jes a Happy Birthday as well!!
  135. do you mind.... a mommy brag
  136. Easter pictures
  137. GAFE(Guatemalan Adoptive Families) July 29-31
  138. A wierd experience
  139. How often do you visit with bparents?
  140. I think my 18 YO cousin is PG - Again!
  141. The smile that greets me after work!
  142. (O/T) Come join the Sewing Challenge
  143. ~~People's DUMB comments~~
  144. depression after adoption???
  145. Just need to vent - theft mentioned - off topic! - same as gen parenting board!
  146. We are home and thank you!
  147. May I brag? (beauty pageant stuff)
  148. ****dieting Mommies' Updates*****
  149. Tips for Toddler "fights"
  150. Jamie D!!!
  151. ? for all of those going to Cinci
  152. Owen did the sweetest thing today
  153. Ear infections & tubes in ears
  154. birthday gift ideas?
  155. Considering Foster/adopt....what to consider?
  156. Spin off: Hiw often would you LIKE to see birthfamily
  157. o.k....maybe it's PMS!
  158. Fisher-Price Peek A Blocks
  159. ((((HuntersMom))))))
  160. The verdict is..............
  161. Same Gender Support Board Available in Community Boards
  162. older child seperation anxiety
  163. Hey Wheres Las?
  164. Post surgery update
  165. gift ideas for mom adopting with short notice
  166. *~* Cyndi_S *~*
  167. So frusterated
  168. Been a busy week with us!
  169. Does your child see a Pediatrician or GP?
  170. Another sick baby
  171. Help me explain color to my dd. Please Help!
  172. We had quite a scare yesterday
  173. Kids at Cincy gathering...
  174. Will is having his surgery on Thurs....
  175. Been MIA but lurking...
  176. Hi, sorry it has been awhile
  177. First place in the science fair. At least there was some good news this week
  178. update on dd's bm
  179. feeling overwhelmed
  180. Sweet Will's Update...
  181. What Great advice!
  182. Happy Easter!!
  183. My baby
  184. My Big Boy
  185. My baby turned 4 today
  186. potty training question
  187. happy undate on ds's adoption
  188. What do your kids do all day?
  189. Michael is a big brother! (birth ment.)
  190. O/T ~ Cell Phone Carriers
  191. Sharing a picture....
  192. Question about sending pictures to Birthparents
  193. I have been MIA...but you know that!
  194. Jes...
  195. How do you pronounce/say...(fun game!)
  196. what do you think about this
  197. Question, thoughts for those raising a child outside their race
  198. Look how tired my peanut was tonight!
  199. Registration forms sent out for Cinci.
  200. What would you do....long
  201. :-)spring is here!! Pic (this ones for you JoyfulMama)
  202. Wanna hear another adoption DUH comments?
  203. Happy Spring -- Happy Feet!
  204. Adoption poem??
  205. Hunter playing with his food
  206. Further on the "race/color" issue
  207. 4th ER visit in two years, this time 2000 mile from home
  208. We Are Being Shown!!!!
  209. A comment that has to make you Laugh
  210. How is your child(ren) different from you?
  211. Lisainvenice - here's an ER story for you - LOL
  212. Pictures of my girls
  213. My 9yr old just really "realized" she is adopted..............
  214. BM had her u/s last Wed.
  215. Taxes and Social Security Card (big vent)
  216. Does anyone deal with seasonal allergies?
  217. No more Diapers!!!!!!!
  218. Birthmother's Day Poll
  219. Celebrating our 3rd Family Day!
  220. Happy Birthday Katwoman!!!
  221. Here is my little climber! (also on Gen Parenting)
  222. Way o/t....Check out my new car!!!
  223. Follow up ...
  224. Does anyone's daughter collect Cherished Teddies?
  225. ---Jes---
  226. re: my father
  227. Ideas for Bmom's birthday?
  228. Update on Taxes & ? about daycare
  229. update from me...yes, I'm still around
  230. Newbie. Sad,confused, depressed, also ana doptive mom...
  231. update on my brother
  232. Storybook advice?
  233. need to vent a wee bit!
  234. TMBG....Here come the ABC'S
  235. Hello.... Does anyone remember me..?
  236. Pics of Savi Girl - tsunami, flowergirl and some taken yesterday
  237. Please read...five years ago today my life changed...
  238. Off Topic...You will NOT believe this...
  239. ? for ladies with Montessori experience....
  240. Please recommend a good book (same as gen parenting board)
  241. Cincy trip?
  242. doddlebops?
  243. Reintroducing myself!!
  244. My Turn-Pity Party
  245. Prayers needed, today it the day
  246. Owen's Day out with Thomas (and trying this new pic format)
  247. O/T Totally nutty weather!!
  248. Hunter fixing his lawnmower
  249. Little girl potty tips needed...
  250. Sharing some more pics....this is fun!