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  1. mhoelzer (Michele)-Mommy to John Peter III
  2. Caroline/Cazoz, mommy to Benjamin Philip
  3. Happy Birthday Darcy
  4. ERS, mommy to Samuel
  5. Kristi - thinking of you this month
  6. Birthday wishes for Zinnia (hoping4baby)!
  7. Dawn (cayncoltsmom), mommy to Caylee
  8. Danielle, mommy to Bailey
  9. Dorinda (djkfer), mommy to Jack
  10. Birthday wishes for Steph (St Louis Steph)!
  11. Nette, mommy to Janaya b/d 9/5/01
  12. Birthday wishes for Melissa (BC-RyansHope)! (pg ment)
  13. Shanna (SKR), mommy to twins Reece Anthony and Jessica Rhea
  14. CherylOH, mommy to Bryce
  15. Lisa (koala2005), mommy to Gabrielle Nicole (lc ment)
  16. Jessie, mommy to Eve
  17. Heather (heat), mommy to Ciaran (lc ment)
  18. Twins_Squared, mommy to twin angels Jane & Ross
  19. Birthday wishes for Jill (dr j)!
  20. Remebering those lost on 9/11
  21. *Holly, mom to Ariel*
  22. Josie, mommy to Gregory
  23. Caroline, mommy to William and Ashley
  24. Jackie, mommy to Gabriel
  25. Happy birthday MaryK
  26. Happy Birthday Rebecca (momtocole)
  27. Kristen, mommy to Christian
  28. Heather (HeatherJayne), mommy tp Tommy
  29. Stacy (Stacyf), mommy to triplets Mallory, Owen and Bradley
  30. Stella (luvbats), mommy to Sam
  31. Margaret Anne-mommmy to twin girls 9/19 b/d over twenty years ago
  32. Christy(poohlvsbooboo)-mommy to Amber b/d 9/19
  33. ReneeT, mom to Sara Katherine
  34. Remembering Marcus, son of Gina
  35. Nadine, mommy to twins Anna Marie and Angela Marie - b/d 22nd Sept 2001
  36. tcarril (Trish), mommy to Miguel Angel, Juan Alberto and Isabella Maria b/d 22 Septem
  37. Happy Birthday Marie (Ivory)
  38. Shelie, mommy to Camden Pierce
  39. Mary K, mommy to Ronan
  40. Yolanda-mommy to D'Lon Grace d 9/26/08
  41. Happy Birthday Deirde(JadeNY) 9/26
  42. Belated birthday wishes for Charmian!!
  43. ms_sea, mom to Claire Ann
  44. Happy Birthday Helen in oz
  45. Happy Birthday Beth (BC-Beth2x3)
  46. Happy Birthday Sheila (She67)
  47. Jen (mommyatlast1999), mommy to twin angels Bret and Tess
  48. Kim (foxangels), mommy to Edward, Olivia and Liliana
  49. Birthday wishes for Shana
  50. Birthday wishes for Stacy-AZ
  51. Wen, mommy to twin angel Abigail
  52. Rosemary, mommy to Caitlin Rose
  53. Sharon (shaz), mommy to triplets Claire, Isabelle and Colette
  54. Jasmine (jassystar), mommy to Rosalie
  55. RobinL & Grizzly, parents to Chloe Rose - 10/03/00-10/06/00 and surviving twin Duncan
  56. BC-babyvalentine, mommy to Meaghan Olivia
  57. Jackie (jmc), mommy to Alex
  58. Missy (sweetpea103), mommy to Zachary Thomas
  59. Birthday wishes for Kathryn (kathrynlee)!
  60. robine, mom to Marco
  61. Linda (justmelinda), mommy to Paul Michael
  62. MandyTX, mommy to Camryn
  63. Cindy, mommy to triplets Zachary, Angela and Andrea
  64. For Robin and Grizzly, on Chloe's anniversary
  65. Jackie (jmc), mommy to Alex
  66. CarolCA, mommy to Sweet Ariana
  67. Happy Birthday Cheryl(Tx)
  68. Deb (deb0202)
  69. Julie, mommy to Dana Jenelle
  70. Annie12350 - on 6 months mark
  71. Happy Birthday, Lee (LSB)!!!
  72. Sharon (sharona), mommy to Alexander and Nicholas
  73. Weiss, mommy to Sarah
  74. Rembering Jenni Gee and Katie Taryn
  75. Jessica, mommy to Hadley
  76. Sharon (shaz), mommy to triplets Claire, Isabelle and Colette
  77. Sarah/SarahMN, mommy to Jacob
  78. Jaws, mommy to Rose Jennifer
  79. Valerie (valeriemc), mommy to Kelly
  80. Jackie (jmc), mommy to twins Olivia Rose & Brooke Ann
  81. Happy Birthday Amy (cjaj)
  82. Jacki, mommy to Gabriel
  83. Tracey (Tam), mommy to John Francis
  84. Birthday wishes for Kerri (Athena)!
  85. aprilks, mommy to Megan Regene
  86. Karenh, mommy to an angel, Destiny
  87. KJ/Karen, mommy to Halle Jamison
  88. Lisa68, mommy to Ryan
  89. Kathy (kathydev), mommy to twin angel Garret Morse
  90. Happy Birthday, Jo!
  91. *Wendy (winnie817), mom to Danny and Katie*
  92. Jenn, mommy to Rayna Grace (lc ment)
  93. Heather, mommy to Noah Bryce
  94. Beth, mommy to twin angel James (lc ment)
  95. Birthday wishes for Joey!
  96. Gina, mommy to David, Daniel and Thomas
  97. April (momto3angels), mom to triplets Hannah, Ryan and Abby
  98. Happy Birthday, Becky (BC-monarchbutterfly)!
  99. tarasue, mommy to Matthew Abraham
  100. Angieba, mommy to Ashton
  101. Birthday wishes for Myra!
  102. Jenn (Jennstwins), mommy to Gabriella Nicole (lc ment)
  103. Victoria, mommy to Samuel Christopher
  104. Angela (AngelicaU), mommy to Sydney
  105. Kendra, mom to Kody
  106. Stacy (Stacyf), mom to triplets Malloy, Owen and Bradley
  107. Birthday wishes for Jenn (Jennstwins)!
  108. Birthday wishes for AnnMarie (NOTAOK)!
  109. Kim (Kim in oz), mummy to triplets Jessica, Molly & Joshua
  110. Jade, mommy to twins Gabriel James b/d 11/5/01
  111. Melissa (BC-RyansHope), mommy to Ryan Jeffrey
  112. Doreen, mom to Kristen
  113. Tina (Missmyangels), mommy to Brooke Sierra
  114. Nala (nala301), mommy to Matthew David
  115. Birthday wishes for Natasha (hedgehog)!
  116. Maggie, Mommy to Annabelle
  117. Birthday wishes for Michele (mdvmd)
  118. Deirdre (Jade), mommy to twins Gabriel and Evan
  119. TanyaK, mommy to twin angel Peter
  120. Eulann, mommy to twin angel Noa Kealii Wood
  121. Amy (alynn), mommy to Joshua and Hannah
  122. Tobye, mom to triplets Nathan, Eva and Nickolas
  123. Lizabeth, mommy to triplets Alex, Ben and Charlie
  124. Remembering Annabelle (Maggie)
  125. Remembering William (Kristen-Krisfrag)
  126. Gina(Louise), mommy to Timothy
  127. Piggy, mommy to "Angel"
  128. Birthday wishes for Hilary!
  129. Birthday wishes for ChrisNY
  130. Eve (Susan), mommy to twins Gabriel and Maggie
  131. Birthday wishes for tarasue!
  132. Birthday wishes for Boosya (baby ment)!
  133. AF wife, mommy to Dustin
  134. Helen, mummy to Andrew Gary
  135. KW/Kerry, mommy to triplet angel Keegan
  136. Deirdre (Jade), mommy to twins Gabriel and Evan
  137. Birthday wishes for Josie!
  138. Birthday wishes for BC-MiracleTwins!
  139. Val (Princess Purr), mommy to Veronica Rosina
  140. Alexandra (Jadeeye), mommy to Jada & Jaelyn
  141. Birthday wishes for Natalie (natkat81)!
  142. DB (deeb19), mommy to Matthew
  143. Lisa R, mommy to Emily
  144. Boosya, mommy to Antony (baby ment)
  145. Eulann, mommy to twin angel Noa Kealii Wood
  146. Helen, mummy to Andrew Gary
  147. Danielle, stepmom to Joshua
  148. Libby, mommy to twins Sam and James
  149. justdc5, mommy to Noelle Elise and Angela Mary
  150. MyraVA, mommy to Trevor James and Shane Thomas
  151. *Peanut's Mom (Nicki)*
  152. *CJD (Patty), mommy to Russ*
  153. Sweetbaby, mommy to twins
  154. Jaws, mommy to twin angel Rose Jennifer
  155. Birthday wishes for LisaWI!
  156. Birthday wishes for Lisa68!
  157. Birthday wishes for Sherry090202!
  158. Libby, mommy to twins Sam and James
  159. Gina (Louise), mommy to Timothinia
  160. Tricia_oz, mummy to triplets Declan, Imogen and Madeline
  161. MarciaAZ, mommy to Lydia Jean
  162. Michele (Auburngrad), mommy to Ethan and Noah
  163. Birthday wishes for Karen Crist!
  164. Birthday wishes for Ellieee!
  165. StaceyTX, mommy to Lily Faith (lc ment)
  166. *Alan and Teri, parents of triplet boys*
  167. Vickie, mommy to Abigail Frances
  168. *AnnMarie, mommy to Rocco Joseph*
  169. Sonjia, mommy to Derrick Cole
  170. Birthday wishes for Linda (lindan)!
  171. Birthday wishes for Joyce (JOYCE13)!
  172. Birthday wishes for Shanna (SKR)!
  173. Birthday wishes for StaceyTX!
  174. Birthday wishes for Tina (Missmyangels)!
  175. JenC, mommy to Sarah and Zachary
  176. Happy Birthday Twins_Squared
  177. Happy birthday Virga
  178. AnnMarie (NOTAOK), mommy to Joseph Robert
  179. AnnMarie, on the day you said goodbye
  180. justdc5, on the day you said goodbye
  181. *Joshsmom, mommy to Joshua William*
  182. Birthday wishes for Michele (Auburngrad)!
  183. Clair, mommy to Riley Simone Baca
  184. Birthday wishes for Kaelie (Keile)
  185. Curly, mommy to Owen, b/d 12/17/05
  186. Smily, mommy to angel twin Lukas b 12/17/2002
  187. Jade/Joanne, mommy to Jaden Anneli Lillian
  188. Gail & Tim (TGWHITE), mommy and daddy to Gregory, Olivia and Michael
  189. Jackie, mommy to twins Grace and James
  190. Karin, mom to Michael Raymond
  191. *Faith, mom to Angelo*
  192. Laurie (Murphy's Law), mom to Marshall
  193. JoUK, mummy to Daniel b/d 24 December 1997
  194. Karen Crist, mommy to Mary Margaret, b/d 12/24/02 PPROM @18wks
  195. Tiffany80, mommy to Grace Hope
  196. Hilary (hmp), mommy to Olivia
  197. babyvalentine, mommy to Meaghan Olivia
  198. LynnMO, mom to Gavin Michael
  199. Thinking of you, Trixie
  200. *Julz, mum to Gzim*
  201. Allyson, mom to twin b/g angels
  202. Amy (alynn), mommy to Vanessa
  203. Crystal, mommy to Hannah Elizabeth
  204. Birthday wishes for Karin!
  205. Birthday wishes for Jenn!
  206. Kelly, mommy to Lily Grace and Noah Spencer
  207. Sarch, mommy to Daphne
  208. Alynn (Amy) Mommy to Vanessa
  209. ChristineM - thinking of you
  210. Jacki, mommy to 2 angels - thinking of you
  211. Jordyn07, mommy to Cody
  212. Veronica (vkruchten), mommy to Collin and Connor
  213. Joshsmom, mommy to Joshua William
  214. Laurie (Murphy'sLaw), mommy to Aiden
  215. Stacey (Kachow), mummy to Lillie Faith
  216. Birthday wishes for Linda (justmelinda)!
  217. wendypooh, mommy to Theron
  218. hurting mom, mommy to Mikayla Kate
  219. Happy Birthday, Jami (liviangel)!
  220. Happy Birthday, Brandi (bmwbrandi2005)!
  221. Sarah & Gordon Brown, parents to Jennifer Jane - b. 28 December 2001 d. 7 January 200
  222. Birthday wishes for Danielle!
  223. LisaWI, Mommy to Charles Anthony
  224. St. Louis Steph, Mommy to Brayan
  225. AnnMarie, mommy to Christopher Joseph
  226. MandyNH, mommy to Ryan Marcus (lc ment)
  227. Tina (Missmyangels), mommy to Brenna Noelle
  228. McKenna, mommy to Gabby
  229. HopefulSpirits, mommy to Jordan
  230. Vraz, mommy to Andrew (Baby B triplet)
  231. Happy Birthday, Heather (heat)!
  232. dallasbaby (Jayne), mommy to twin boys
  233. CindySi, mommy to Christian
  234. Alexandra2003, mommy to George Anthony b/d 14 January 2003
  235. Veronica (vkruchten), mommy to twin boys Connor James
  236. Michele-Mommy to John Peter III
  237. Birthday wishes for MandyNH
  238. Jennifer (jennifuz), mommy to Jackson Bransford
  239. Moy, mommy to triplet boys
  240. Karen (kp30236), mommy to Hope
  241. Birthday wishes for Zara!
  242. Joey, mommy to Callie
  243. Dixie27/Gina, mommy to McKenna Graece
  244. Alison, mummy to Abigail b/d January 21st 2001
  245. mdvmd (Michele), mommy to Isabella Marie (Ella) and Alexandra (Allie) Elaine
  246. Princess123456 (Kris), mommy to Sarah and Christopher, b/d 21 January 2006
  247. Happy Birthday RobinL
  248. Armywfe06 (Angie), Mommy to Donald Matthew
  249. Thinking of you, JoUK
  250. *Jordyn07*