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  1. Information on the COBRA subsidy
  2. Find links to unemployment offices in your state here
  3. Glad to see this here!
  4. Glad to see this
  5. How do you keep the "terror" in check?
  6. How has the economic downturn affected your life as a whole?
  7. Budget stretching tips:
  8. Sales & savings:
  9. Helpful Info.
  10. Thoughts for this board
  11. Those receiving unemployment
  12. Discovered Aldi's
  13. I guess I will try to add to this thread with how I got here.
  14. Wedding gift suggestions? (as in cheap!)
  15. Any creative things you've done to save $?
  16. DH's former employer no longer offering COBRA
  17. Pfizer to help with cost of meds for unemployed
  18. How is everyone? Any updates?
  19. Why I'm here
  20. So, now I join you guys
  21. My dh was fired today.
  22. The good and the bad so far.
  23. Unemployed in Michigan? 20% discount at k-marts
  24. Transmission of liability and related aspects
  25. Any ideas/suggestions???
  26. Anyone know of any work from home jobs (not scams), reputable?
  27. Stay at home job opportunity!