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  1. Looking for a doppler on Ebay
  2. How early could you hear a hearbeat with your doppler?
  3. Curious... Has anyone asked their OB about their opinion on at home doppler use?
  4. What's the earliest week you have heard...
  5. Doppler Rentals
  6. Anyone Buy a Doppler online?
  7. Was this the baby??? (xpost from May)
  8. Should i be worried?!
  9. Any suggestions?
  10. Locating Heartbeat
  11. When did you hear your LO's hb?
  12. What doppler are you using?
  13. What is the best home doppler?
  14. Different numbers ???
  15. What is the earliest anyone is heard the heartbeat at home?
  16. To buy or not to buy a Doppler on bed rest?
  17. Where can u get doppler w/o prescription?
  18. Reviews of Fetal Dopplers??