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  1. Overview of Adhesions, Scarring and Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  2. Conflicting Info on Blocked Tubes
  3. Lap to remove 2 Polyps & clear Hydrosalpinx- diagnose possible Endo & Adhesions
  4. Lap in May discovered 1 Hydro and Adhesions, and still in pain??
  5. Adenomysis and Chronic Endometritis
  6. Ovaries
  7. Operative Hysteroscopy w/ or w/o ballon catheter
  8. Newly Diagnosed Bilateral Hydrosalpinx...Advice please :(
  9. Salpingectomy/Adhesiolysis-laproscopic surgery - Swelling/Weight Gain
  10. HSG with SELECTIVE SALPINGOGRAPHY for blocked tubes in Toronto
  11. Hydrosalpinx
  12. Blocked tubes and Adhesions
  13. pregnancy after hysteroscopy surgery to remove intra uterine adhesions
  14. Hydrosalpinx
  15. pg or giving birth scar the uterus?
  16. Success? Hope?
  17. Successful IUI with blocked tube?
  18. Scare Adhensions
  19. laparoscopy
  20. Tubal infertility
  21. Free ebook: Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  22. Question?
  23. has anyone out there had BFP with hydro in one tube?
  24. Beaded Tubes!
  25. Severe Adhesion and failed IVF
  26. Dilated Fallopian Tubes...???
  27. Help! Hydrosalpinx
  28. scar tissue
  29. recovery time for laparoscopic salpingectomy for Hydrosalphinx?
  30. Doctor Referral in Denver
  31. HSG and Saline Ultrasound, Please help!
  32. Bilateral Bocked tubes
  33. One tube possibly blocked?
  34. Removal of Tubes
  35. Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome
  36. Anyone have Ectopic P after IVF and both tubes removed? The success?
  37. Wurn technique???
  38. Just found out I probably have intrauterine adhesions
  39. Adhesion around right ovary and IUI
  40. Hysteroscopy - value, risks, alternatives?
  41. Scarring of Fimbrae
  42. In severe pain, please advise!!!
  43. After tubal reversal
  44. I'm lookin for some IVF coverage.
  45. Surgery v. IVF
  46. Surgery to repair uterine septum?
  47. what causes uterine scarring?
  48. Hello, advice please
  49. L / Ovary Behind Bowel ---Advice Plz
  50. BFP with blocked tubes. Is it possible?
  51. Pregnant after salpingostomy??? Anyone?
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  53. 40 with a blocked tube
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  55. uterine adhesions..very worried!!
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  57. Blocked Tubes now with Ovarian Cyst
  58. Dare to Hope?
  59. Anyone who's had a Lap
  60. 2 HSGs- LAP or Tubal Catheterization?
  61. So just how in the heck did my tubes get scar tissue??
  62. new to the site: hydrophinx and ivf
  63. lap and dye procedure..this is what happens
  64. Help Please
  65. Adenomyosis? Help
  66. Any luck after septum removal?
  67. Ulcerative Colitis- and Jpouch Surgery
  68. If an HSG was clear, any point in repeating?
  69. IVF Success After Removing Tubes
  70. Anxiety
  71. blocked tube... please help!
  72. Lap/hyster
  73. HSG was wrong!
  74. Hsg
  75. update post lap/hyster
  76. Success with blocked tubes or removed
  77. Painful Period post bilateral Salpingectomy?
  78. BCPs for Lap/Hyster??
  79. What do I do now??? Another failure!!!
  80. Polyp removal any info welcome
  81. HSG Pics - do tubes look normal to you?
  82. Responses Needed ASAP re Scheduling Hysto
  83. Anyone Get PG w/Adhesions?
  84. Testing on Uterus
  85. Post-Op Protocol following salpingectomy
  86. Anyone that's been told they have blocked tubes please READ this!
  87. Hsg
  88. Specific hysteroscopy questions
  89. Hydrosalpinx but unblocked tubes?
  90. HAs anyone had tubal reversal
  91. Period Late After Hysto Anyone?
  92. hysteroscopy for tissue?
  93. How did they discover the adhesions/scarring?
  94. Asherman's?
  95. HSG Today - Both Tubes Blocked
  96. tubes are open, possible scar tissue?
  97. Blocked Fallopian tubes and IVF
  98. Uterine septum partially removed. Need some encouragement
  99. Hystrocoscopy. Advice Needed.
  100. High risk for uterine rupture (PREGNANCY & LOSS MENTIONED)
  101. VIDEO: Opening Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally
  102. Scar Tissue found on uterus- confused because I have never had a d/c (loss mentioned)
  103. Has anyone tried herbs or physical therapy
  104. Saline Ultrasound and Adhesions
  105. Ruptured Appendix leads to Ectopics leads to IVF
  106. HSG spasm?
  107. swelled fallopian tube/uterine septum....need laparscopy/hysterosopy. Advice?
  108. Will Laproscopy make infertility worse???
  109. 2nd IVF... To Do or Not To Do
  110. blocked tubes
  111. Blocked Tubes - Clip or Remove Them?
  112. IUI and 1 Fallopian Tube
  113. anyone have success after choosing to NOT have mild scarring removed from uterus?
  114. Feeling Hopeless, and I hate it.
  115. IVF after Endometrial TB
  116. Questions about Tubal Ligation
  117. Saline U/S vs. hysteroscopy--what is for what?
  118. what was your plan of action
  119. Mild adhesion, doctor told me to ttc...
  120. Asherman's Syndrome?
  121. Finding a new doctor
  122. Pelvic pain, scar tissue, and new treatments
  123. Ruptured appendix- need advice
  124. Infertility petition!!!!
  125. Need advice and opinions about scar tissue
  126. 43+ Neg tests and No AF; never missed a period in my life
  127. just a little lost
  128. Has anyone tried the 'Fuyan Pill' for endometriosis, blocked tubes, adhesions etc?
  129. 1st IVF Success...8 years later going for 2nd IVF Both tubes need to be removed
  130. Would a laparoscopy show blocked fallopian tubes or does an HSG only show this?
  131. hyerstocopy now that I have had 2 misscarriages.
  132. Hydrosalpinx Removed April 11, now I'm on Day 6 of Stims
  133. New to this Found out i have blocke tube~~need more info about ivf
  134. hystroscopy and now ivf
  135. pressure/pain after hysteroscopy
  136. HSG test showed blocked tubes
  137. pain on my right pelvia area and constant feeling of urinate
  138. Stop!PLease respond! I need help!
  139. Will i ever get pregnant?
  140. Scaring discovered during laparoscopy
  141. Salpingostomy,Tubal surgery,Please HELP ME, I NEED ANSWERS
  142. Lap and Dye???
  143. New here...possible severe endo and DOR....please respond!
  144. NEWBIE HERE! Grasping for optomisim :)
  145. New here and need some insight.
  146. Laporscopy, weak left ovary, need advice!!!
  147. any pregnancies after asherman's diagnosis?
  148. sonohystogram and cervix causing problem
  149. Looking for a BC for Adhesions Scarring and Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  150. HSG - severe pain afterwards??
  151. TTC Naturally in April after Hydro repair
  152. selective catherization or wire recanalization for blocked tubes
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  156. NY Dr recommendation for myomectomy
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  158. Hair dye and keratin straightening question?
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  160. Fallopian Tube Blockage Causes And Treatment
  161. Hsg no pain but blocked tubes.
  162. Adenomyosis causing scarring
  163. Asherman's Syndrome
  164. Hello!! I'm New!
  165. Day one at fertility clinic
  166. Freaking out over HSG
  167. Raising money for ivf
  168. Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy Results - Possible Old Ectopic?
  169. having left tube removed
  170. Success stories of ivf with essure please
  171. Just found out my right tube is blocked...advice?
  172. Surgery to unblock tubes, what's next?
  173. Salpinectomy/Salpinotomy Study
  174. Blocked right tube.. Lap or clomid
  175. success after Asherman's surgery?
  176. Advice on hydrosalpinx and various forms of treatment to try before removal?
  177. Septate uterus ( loss mentioned)
  178. Hysteroscopy vs laparoscopy
  179. Alternative treatments for adhesions
  180. Hydrosalpinx (Left tube) removed and Scarring Tissue On right
  181. Tubal Reversal to restore fertility after tubal ligatation
  182. Unbalanced translocation
  183. Fluid in uterus
  184. Natural treatments for blocked tubes...
  185. Late/no period after fibroid removal?
  186. Scar Adhesions found by Hysteroscopy in Uterus....
  187. Suspect Tubes and Lab scheduled
  188. Wanting another baby
  189. How to begin
  190. Hsg test
  191. Could my tubes really be blocked?
  192. hydrosalpinx unblocked 2 year ago now ivf
  193. Castor oil to help with blocked tubes
  194. Fertility massage to help unblock tubes
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  196. I'm going for it....solo!
  197. Damaged tubes
  198. Blocked tubes, IVF, second opinion??
  199. Multiple small cystic spaces within the endometrium
  200. Hydro means no good tubes...
  201. Had18mm and 17.5mm egg follicle anyone got pregnant with these two sizes?
  202. Failed HSG and septum removal
  203. Is there any herbal medicine for blocked fallopian tubes?
  204. Overwhelmed
  205. Phleboliths -anyone with experience?