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  1. Prayers for everyone....would that be ok??
  2. New to this and needs advice
  3. Normal HSG, RE wants Salpingectomy
  4. Can't handle this by myself.
  5. Double the pain
  6. Less of a woman
  7. ovarian failure
  8. Nci7
  9. annoying 'gift' (long)
  10. Hi im new here
  11. Does Anyone Else Feel Like This???
  12. Seeing others preg
  13. I HATE MINIVANS and large SUVs!!!!!
  14. New Kid on the Block
  15. Newbie
  16. Who do you lie to?
  17. I hope someone will listen/read
  18. why am I even here...
  19. Trying to Lose weight? Join us!
  20. Clomid and Fainting?
  21. So upset about today.....
  22. Letter to God
  23. Wedding=More Baby Talk
  24. Family Doesn't Get It
  25. 2nd Round of Clomid
  26. Baby Asprin and Robittusin?
  27. I'm new!!! Please read.....
  28. A New Board--Home and Garden
  29. New Show on NBC
  30. Thinking of you, Littlefluff
  31. injections and no HCG
  32. I'm Brand New to the Boards!
  33. New Here
  34. Clomid pain?
  35. On Clomid
  36. Confused
  37. Does cervix position change throughout the day?
  38. Results are in!! I have more questions!!
  39. New voice!
  40. Hair Color
  41. New Here
  42. Can I join you?
  43. Husbands/partners and TTC
  44. New and have questions
  45. Relationship trouble
  46. I'm not sure where to post this
  47. Just want to know stuff I thought I knew...
  48. AF has just stopped in to wish me a Merry Christmas
  49. New Here
  50. Hi Everyone
  51. First visit to RE - what to expect?
  52. success rates!
  53. New here...just saying hi
  54. Newbie
  55. Hello--new here
  56. Biopsy Today
  57. Just venting
  58. Hello! New here.
  59. HSG -- No big deal!
  60. Hi! New here
  61. Completely irritated.....grrrrr
  62. Lupron question
  63. Totally in Despair
  64. OT--but might be fun
  65. Don't know anyone here, need to bare my soul
  66. introducing me
  67. New Here! Looking for Support!!
  68. how do you deal with it?
  69. Anyone in Cleveland Ohio
  70. You think I'd be excited to get some!?!?
  71. Am I crazy for hating my neighbors?
  72. IF Seminar in NRH, Texas - April 1, 2006
  73. BFN but no AF
  74. Sabotaging our chances
  75. IUI vs IVF
  76. Primary IF... need to vent
  77. E-tegrity Test for Beta-3 Integrin
  78. Am I being unreasonable?
  79. Live in or around Monroe, LA? please read
  80. Need help from NYC Girls
  81. I think I must be the only one....
  82. moving on to injections.....
  83. Alcohol and IF don't mix...
  84. Aren't families supposed to be supportive?
  85. I feel so guilty
  86. Parties and gatherings
  87. Here we go again...
  88. who hates toys - r - us? I DO!
  89. How Does One Not Slip Into A State of Depression?
  90. Feeling blah
  91. I'm gonna make a t-shirt
  92. Look at This
  93. 1 in 6 couples has IF? I think it's more.
  94. Im new here
  95. need hugs,feeling pathetic...friend is pg
  96. New here too...sort of!
  97. Resolve of MI - 6TH Annual Spring Event - May 19, 2006
  98. Totally OT--Moose picture
  99. Your input please...poll #1
  100. Hope it's ok to post this
  101. Lets create change!!!!
  102. Really need a shoulder
  103. Anyone else in TN?
  104. Christian RE?
  105. Am I overly sensitive? (Friend's child/pg mentioned, but only as background info)
  106. Pity Party--table for one (other people's pg mentioned)
  107. What do you do when your surrounded?
  108. Let's talk graduation...
  109. Anyone have advice?... Can't take this anymore!
  110. Yippee Skippy! FSH results in!
  111. when is it going to be my turn? and what if it never is?
  112. Greedy Bast@#ds!
  113. Switching from "when" to "if"
  114. How do you get out of bed?
  115. Let's create a coping roadmap
  116. Vitamins
  117. OT - Can anyone suggest some good summer reading?
  118. Poll #2: graduation...
  119. I'm nobody's mom
  120. Funny Story
  121. Have I misunderstood? Christine, this might be one for you.
  122. The spirit of FT - Warning might make you cry
  123. Food manufacterers discriminate!
  124. Even hobbies can make me cry
  125. I am truly the meanest person EVER!!
  126. OT: Movie Recommendations?
  127. What song fits your life? (m/c mentioned)
  128. ~~Goldie!~~
  129. I'm Sad
  130. Should we BMS one more time?
  131. My new neighbor (other ppl's kids men'd)
  132. Positive experience yesterday
  133. DH finally expressed an IF-related feeling!
  134. LeslieK, just curious...
  135. Seriously losing hope
  136. Has anyone said to you...
  137. Why does DH have to get sick when I'm ovulating ?
  138. Fathers Day
  139. Does it really just take one?
  140. You do NOT know how I feel...
  141. Leslie, I'm a week behind you
  142. Taking a break...
  143. Uterus transplants?!
  144. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  145. Super Sad Day
  146. Here We go Again...Rant
  147. I really hate this...
  148. Now is that stupid AF?
  149. Kelcey, are you dead?
  150. Christine, you are throwing me off!
  151. DH SA was good
  152. in a low
  153. got mad at a stranger today
  154. can it get any worse today!!! I cant take it anymore!!!
  155. Is this nuts or what?
  156. My furry baby
  157. Forgive my lack of involvement lately
  158. Do you think it's even worth it for me...? (long vent!)
  159. I have to brag...
  160. sil wants me to babysit
  161. Kinda selfish, but...
  162. need to vent
  163. Words of comfort...
  164. anyone else work with children
  165. found out why
  166. Nobody seems to understand
  167. Allergies / Allergy Meds?
  168. New to Fertile Thoughts
  169. Mind-body connection
  170. I have a new obsession
  171. New to the site
  172. I flipped a little today
  173. Calling it quits
  174. Day 3 Workup Today!
  175. IUI tomorrow!!!
  176. baby name books
  177. This is new
  178. Gaining Weight
  179. need a little prayer
  180. I think I'm getting AF early
  181. nursery
  182. UPDATE--child mentioned
  183. Diary of a mad IF woman
  184. so mad at my family
  185. Oh No He Didn't!
  186. Starting to panic
  187. Anyone told too many people and wish they didn't?
  188. Do you daydream about....
  189. Little Fluff, where are you?
  190. Calling all veterans!
  191. We need a diversion
  192. DH is giving me a hard time
  193. Hey, Kelcey
  194. IVF put on long hold.
  195. Have not been around.......
  196. New with baby blues
  197. I hate waiting for AF
  198. memories of P. E. class
  199. Hi hope everyones doing good
  200. need to vent
  201. feel like i don't have the right to be sad
  202. I know he means well...
  203. Waiting Patiently
  204. anyone???
  205. Not feeling good
  206. my sorry body
  207. Haven't posted in a yr or so....anyone living in the Memphis, TN area?
  208. "do y'all have any kids?"
  209. Arghhhhh...really???
  210. Husband's support system
  211. It is so hard dealing with IF
  212. I'm All A Flutter - AGAIN!
  213. New To Fertile Thoughts-Anyone have any advice?
  214. question on OPK
  215. Anyone else have Luteal Phase Defect?
  216. relatives just don't understand
  217. Help! Advise! Therapy!!
  218. I don't know if I can take much more
  219. School reunions
  220. Holidays? what holidays?
  221. Dreams?
  222. Need a friend
  223. anyone else?
  224. Halloween- Parade of kids
  225. THank you
  226. Lets All Do This
  227. Holidays: How do you plan to deal with all of the questions?
  228. I hate this time of year!
  229. EEK, I cracked
  230. People dealing with IF that already have kids
  231. Fingers Crossed-IUI tomorrow-anyone else?
  232. No Success yet! going for IVF#4 in Jan.07'
  233. Bad day - need to vent
  234. done
  235. Brand New.. First Post
  236. Pretending
  237. IF - the cruel joke
  238. Christmas cards---aaargh!
  239. The whole world knows I'm infertile!
  240. Question for everyone
  241. I'm so sad.....(pg loss, kids mentioned
  242. It's a little late, but still good!
  243. How is everyone?
  244. New Year's
  245. What did everyone get for Christmas ?
  246. RE Appointment
  247. Some interesting e-books to check out
  248. Smoking and Accupuncture
  249. Decisions, decisions, decisons
  250. Any New Years resolutions ?