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  1. Newby to Infertility & Klienfelters syndrome
  2. Need Referral for OB/MFM/Hospital in Massachusetts
  3. new to this forum and looking for over 40 thread
  4. 4th IUI with a cyst, anyone gotten pregnant with a cyst before?
  5. Wanted: Success stories after more than 6 or more failed ivf cycles
  6. To many follicles and some not big enough, what do I do regarding this last IUI?
  7. Please help me on my Semen Analysis
  8. HIGH FSH means???????????
  9. Advice to the IVF newbie please.
  10. IVF Slow responder, endometriosis- advice please
  11. In need of your thoughts and help!
  12. anyone from pakistan??????
  13. I need to know if I am doing the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Unexplained Infertility! Ladies, let me here your stories!!
  15. RE error during transfer?
  16. Appointment times at ARTUS.
  17. Can forgetting to take estradiol cause a miscarriage/
  18. Anyone had a successful FET with PGD'd embies???
  19. Azoospermia / Scared to death
  20. Embryo transfer
  21. The new site for Tracking your fertiltiy that is awesome!
  22. Clomid success after Letrozole failed?
  23. Dr. Toth Experience?
  24. Getting emotionally ready for IVF after IUI
  25. Suggestions For Grow to be Magic Abercrombie Purchaser
  26. can azospermial patient be cured without sugery?
  27. 17 DPIUI - no period - BFN today!
  28. Starting 1st IUI cycle. Any advice?
  29. Failed IVF#3
  30. Thinking about stopping trying untill my husband shows hes more invested
  31. can DHEA cause abnormal menses?
  32. Got pregnant at last..miracle
  33. Newbie:27, POF, high FSH
  34. Day 3 of Clomid - just a couple questions
  35. Cyst delaying another cycle
  36. Natural Cycle IVF
  37. Search nike mercurial 2013 online sale
  38. Newbie here first IVF round
  39. Frozen Egg Transfer
  40. Feeling depressed :/
  41. First ivf embryo stuck in cath ? Sign of stickyness?? Help xxx
  42. PLEASE HELP! Advice needed!
  43. My IVF mix of goodies
  44. Surrogate mom needs help with question
  45. First IVF/ICSI (male factor/pcos) low beta and worried
  46. PGD/PGS What were your results?
  47. Research: Psychological Effects of infertility
  48. Any success with Femara/Follistim/HCG trigger combo?
  49. PGD for fragile x premutation
  50. IUI with injectable Menopur
  51. Third and final IUI
  52. My First IVF .. please help..
  53. Hi Everyone! Sharing this in hopes of spreading the word!
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  55. Endometrial Biopsy: Any BFP's?
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  58. PCOS & pregnancy symptoms
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  60. FET 3 day embryo only grew 1 cell in 24 hours - is this cycle a bust?
  61. Where to buy these Cheap 2013 Lionel Messi Football Boots?
  62. Documentary project casting
  63. Hello! I am new here.
  64. Age 41-Good follicle development with clomid but high FSh
  65. Cade Foundation Illinois IVF Giveaway and Family Fun Picnic
  66. Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
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  68. Perfect design the lightest, fastest Adidas leather football shoes
  69. New Here Being Told IVF Is The Only Option But Trying Other Options First
  70. Why is this so hard?
  71. I'm getting a varicolectomy. (varicocele repair)
  72. PCOS success stories??
  73. Try more IUIs or Move to IVF?
  74. Where to begin?
  75. estradiol and injects: input wanted
  76. Biopsy, biopsy, biopsy anyone? After repeated failed IVF's and IUI
  77. Hysterectomy for Multiple Myoma
  78. Newbie with a few questions
  79. August 2013 FET
  80. IVF and Fragile X
  81. Sperm Count Zero
  82. New and Confused Please Help
  83. Scar tissue and adhesions causing my infertility
  84. Will gauge of the needle affect the effectiveness of progesterone in oil shots?
  85. Clomid for male factor infertility
  86. Kaiser(Fremont) vs Stanford
  87. D&C tomorrow, should I do genetic testing?
  88. Uterine Lining - told mine was 2 thick, no other explanations so far, for infertility
  89. Split husband and donor sperm
  90. Share your infertility story
  91. Triple dose of Femara?
  92. Femara 7.5 mg
  93. POF(primary ovarian failure)
  94. St Louis Missouri IVF
  95. TTC #2 a year later
  96. IVF experience in Wisconsin
  97. 40 Years Old - Third Miscarriage - Doctor Suggests Letrozole?
  98. Ready to give up!!!! Anyone else feeling the same???
  99. Anxious for second ivf attemp after #1 failed
  100. Acupuncture and frozen embryo transfer research in Chicago
  101. first cycle started 10/23/13
  102. 9dp5dt Line on HPT nearly disappeared after one faint positive
  103. CCRM open group
  104. Possible pregnancy-"faint positive" but no ovulation? What's happening?
  105. Any success stories with day 5 transfer of morulas
  106. Gonal F & Suprefact (Burselin) & Weight gain
  107. anxious about upcoming day 5 transfer
  108. Natural Period after being diagnosed with POF
  109. Implantation bleeding or period ?
  110. Extra gonal-f pens
  111. Cmv?
  112. The feel good page 😁👌🙌🌟🎐💋
  113. 29 and going on my third IVF cycle
  114. Terrible Blastocysts, Didn't Make it to Transfer -- What to do next?
  115. New here, just had IUI number 4 yesterday! :)
  116. Hcg shot
  117. Miscarriage after FET
  118. New to this site and struggling with infertility
  119. Sister's evil comment tonite
  120. Excited and Nervous... looking for advice
  121. IVF @ 40 Looking for some positive vibes
  122. A surprising phone call
  123. Support Group
  124. Advice please!
  125. Help selecting an RE in DC, MARYLAND, VA area
  126. 40 years old trying to conceive naturally after 2 failed IVF-need success stories
  127. Doterra Candida Cleanse and IVF
  128. Tmt
  129. Sock Buddy/ Friend - Unknown infertility
  130. Pregnitude?
  131. Anyone using dr blhom in savannah ga?
  132. The Disgrace of Infertility
  133. How accurate is CGH testing really?
  134. Rma ct?
  135. Test Result Questions
  136. When do you do IUI after positive OPK?
  137. Had anyone been to fertility solutions in rhode island ?
  138. Single Embryo Transfer CCRM
  139. LH levels
  140. Micro TESE TWICE
  141. Anyone in their 2WW?
  142. My embryos couldn't be frozen!
  143. Celebreties clinic California
  144. Needing advice....
  145. Until Lambs Become Lions by Little-known Nothing
  146. Ivf costs
  147. my story abt hysterectomy
  148. I'm having icsi tomorrow
  149. Clomid users -get in here!!!
  150. Hi , I'm new here.
  151. Without a little life my life is lifeless
  152. My wife is desperate to get pregnant and I can't contribute.
  153. Embryo donation
  154. Newbie here
  155. Humor to De-stress during this Very Difficult Time
  156. New here...need a little advise
  157. Infertility
  158. Did they overcook my eggs???
  159. Last try clomid what's next?
  160. Please help me make sense of my hormonal symptoms
  161. Can anyone suggest Doc in Connecticut
  162. PCOS? Endo? Ovarian Cyst? WTF is going on!!
  163. Infertility Stage III IV Endometriosis
  164. IVF Guadalajara MX
  165. Follicles
  166. please help! PCOS, do I have a chance?
  167. IVF clinic in NYC - with HONEST billing practices
  168. Chemical pregnancy after transfer of perfect CCS tested 6-day hatching embryo
  169. Looking for a Gestational Surrogate to help with my dream.
  170. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Motivation!
  171. 8% normal form too low?
  172. 21 Embryos stop developing at 2 cells
  173. CWRC v. New Hope
  174. New here, anyone out there in North Carolina?
  175. Help me understand SART IVF success data.
  176. Drink no fluids after embryo transfer???
  177. Need advice - 1 have 1 Frozen Embryo
  178. Depressed
  179. Success stories of immunologic testing and treatment in women with Endo
  180. Day 3 of 2ww
  181. IUI with Injectables Success or about to start Treatments?
  182. ovarian drilling followed by medicated IUI
  183. Please respond if you have had a endometrial receptivity assay (ERA), or an e-tegrity
  184. Low AMH/high FSH. Looking for Houston area RE
  185. OvaVite - egg health
  186. any successful IVF stories at 43?
  187. CCRM Buddies
  188. Discounted Gonal-F through pharmacy
  189. Thyroid?
  190. Donor Egg IVF Lawyers in PA?
  191. Fsh went lower!!
  192. Early signs of pregnancy
  193. Anyone have positive PG after LAP?
  194. Infertility - What do your hormones look like? FSH/LH/Estrogen/Progestrogen
  195. IVF Fears, morals, and questions from a concerned husband.
  196. Having a giggle
  197. The big "O" while sleeping in the 2ww!!
  198. ICI with a donor?
  199. Low Responder Trying for baby #2, need ideas and other's experience...
  200. DONATION of Meds
  201. Aug/Sept 2014 Cycle Buddies from South Fl
  202. IVF Medicine avaliable -- Menopur and Ovidrel
  203. Asherman's for 5 Years - Spotting and Cramping
  204. Menopur + timed intercourse
  205. How did you finance your IVF?
  206. Estradiol/Provera Side Effects?
  207. Any RE recommendations in bayarea, California
  208. Looking for anyone to talk with
  209. Family Act of 2013
  210. first apointment Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine
  211. T shaped uterus
  212. Any good infertility books?
  213. IVF supplements... What dosage?
  214. Seriously
  215. Follicles Not Growing?
  216. Male factor infertility
  217. Still don't know why we are not getting pregnant
  218. Starting IVF November with High FSH and ICSI
  219. Follistim
  220. Infertility Coverage w BCBS of Texas/t-shaped uterus/DES daughter
  221. Imsi?
  222. Failed IVF after Genetic Testing - at a loss
  223. IVF with ICIS at 39
  224. Free Night of Holistic Learning + Q&A with Bay Area Fertility Doctors
  225. Fertility clinic closing!! :(
  226. 4th failed FET
  227. Anyone on the IVF Assure Refund Program??
  228. I need encouragement. Any Success stories - women in 40's with lupus
  229. Low responders/low amh experiences needed... *child ment*
  230. Chest X-ray after 1 week of embryo transfer
  231. New book about Infertility
  232. Clomid Question
  233. **Polycystic ovaries but NOT PCOS** New here!
  234. I'M NEW HERE-Mini IVF
  235. Why didn't someone tell me embyo donation cost soooo much less than egg donation????
  236. 2nd ivf canceled due to sperm not thawing, new doc?
  237. IVY STUDY with C.A.R.E office in Bedford, Tx
  238. Drug prices - 2015
  239. Low amh , high fsh and low afc anyone ?
  240. DHEA during IVF?
  241. Microdose Lupron Flare Protocol, anyone?
  242. Vaginal suppository vs PIO?
  243. Fertility Center Cancun ANY INFO PLEASE?
  244. Newbie here saying hello!
  245. Oogonial Stem Cells for older women
  246. Dealing with Pregnancy envy :(
  247. FREEZE ALL cycle
  248. Egg quality with BFP
  249. Questions
  250. questions about my upcoming 1st IUI