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  1. Yeah!
  2. The Freshman Mom
  3. I'm disappointed in DS
  4. Welcome to the CRAZY COUNTRY CLUB!!
  5. Middle Adolescence
  6. spinoff of NL's comment....normal teen behavior vs acting out
  7. What are your concerns for the teenage years?
  8. Parenting tips
  9. Anyone have a kid who loves old music, tv shows, etc?
  10. mean girls
  11. What is up with this?
  12. My baby is officially a Jr. High student
  13. can i join or do i have to wait till my ds turns 13 next april?
  14. 9th Grader
  15. Cell Phone use...
  16. My kids in all their glory...
  17. Love this board!!!
  18. thanks for the warm welcome and a vent
  19. this might sound silly but .....
  20. so i was up all night stressed out
  21. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. I need advice before I lose my mind...LOL
  23. How many times do you have to tell them to do something?
  24. Books about teens I HIGHLY recommend...
  25. Any good thoughts??
  26. Need quick advice. What to do with homesick teen?
  27. Paying for good grades
  28. OMG i hate mondays
  29. Babying them?
  30. 6 years ago today
  31. Getting into College question
  32. How to stop the fighting?
  33. Getting into collee spin-off
  34. my 2nd week of work and i am sick
  35. What are your teenagers responsibilities?
  36. so proud of lara
  37. Middle school after school activities?
  38. Would this bother you? Teacher language...
  39. Giggle
  40. i have bronchitis/walking pneumonia
  41. Any ideas for helping DS ajust to our new home and school.
  42. It's official!
  43. Mums of teen girls...purse advice needed
  44. Do you and dd get AF at the same time, or close together? (x-post- GP)
  45. I'm being MEAN on dd's birthday -VERY long, sorry
  46. The ultimate Parent of Teen experience
  47. Christmas gifts!!!!
  48. is this a sign of things to come?
  49. What's with the bad hygene?
  50. would you call the school or butt out?
  51. anyone just plain tired of having a teen?
  52. What do you do when they don't care??
  53. wish lara luck
  54. What is the homework situation in your house?
  55. Poll: What are the ages of your teens/tweens?
  56. MRSA staph infection going around the schools near us
  57. Anyone having trouble finding "appropriate" Halloween Costume?
  58. homework for middle school
  59. Can I join?
  60. "Mom, what are your feelings about dating?"
  61. PSATs
  62. Talk to me about video game systems....
  63. 2 weeks before the end of the first grading period
  64. for those of you that live in maryland (ashely tisdale)
  65. picture of lara and ashley tisdale
  66. Omg
  67. Talk to me about the consequences of lying.
  68. lara
  69. Nothing could have ever prepared me for raising a teenaged girl!!!
  70. first middle school report card
  71. ok i need present ideas
  72. School dances are going to be the death of me!
  73. Mommy Brag - K's 1st Middle School Report Card
  74. so what is new with everyone?
  75. Anyone have teens AND little ones and celebrrate XMAS?
  76. i cannot believe it- community service hours
  77. Why wont they dress warmly to go outside???
  78. praying to the homework gods
  79. i am fuming
  80. Magazine ideas for teenage girl
  81. SO?? how did your teens make out for the holidays?
  82. Fill in the blank:
  83. $100 School Day Trip (x-post)
  84. Do you/have you read your kids IM's?
  85. argh..........i really dislike this teacher
  86. first time semester exam week is almost done
  87. Oh man - Shocked, proud and frustrated at the same time!
  88. Do your kids have one of those "space" accounts?
  89. As the parent of teens, i hope my TA's ___________ (fill in the blank)
  90. So proud of oldest
  91. Coping with a move
  92. lara cracks me up
  93. Do you ever "sound just like your parent/s?"
  94. What were YOUR parents like when you were a teen?
  95. Feeling like a failure (LONG and teenage sex ment.)
  96. Need gift advice for Sweet 16 (x-post)
  97. For those of you with girls...(mom's of boys-opinions welcomed too)
  98. Movies Shown At School -
  99. Do your teenagers love to sleep?
  100. Does your teen have a BF or GF?
  101. Would you allow your TA dd to get a belly piercing?
  102. Question for a friend
  103. Need advice re: my 13 yr old
  104. Urghhhhhhhh...I HATE the teen years!!!!
  105. What are your teens up to this summer?
  106. What to do about the boyfriend besides kill him
  107. how critical of YOUR life is your teen?
  108. Hello
  109. Back to school!
  110. Does Your Child Have a Laptop
  111. My 16 yr old is out of control
  112. Worried about DS and sex (teen preg., STD's, and abortion all mentioned)
  113. lara made the middle school softball team
  114. Hi! New here...have a question about skin care for pre/teens...
  115. Do your teen boys
  116. Teen boy's foot odor?
  117. Not quite a teen?
  118. What are you getting your teens for the holidays?
  119. hi...can I join??
  120. Does your teen...
  121. Is your house the "it" house to go to?
  122. REMINDER: site will be down
  123. Allowance?
  124. Are Your Kids Participating in Ally Week??
  125. Host families needed in San Diego
  126. Now I'm a mom to TWO teens!
  127. If you are experiencing problems since the upgrade....
  128. Need some advice on my 12 year old daughther
  129. Teens Texting About Condoms Increase Their USe
  130. Parental controls software
  131. Thoughts on Salvatore Perricone Scholarship.