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  2. Reasons for choosing private school over public?
  3. Spin off thread... why public school over private?
  4. What options do you have for publically funded schools?
  5. Finding time and CONCENTRATION for schoolwork.
  6. Time Article: Want A Brainier Baby?
  7. Need suggestions for a class kit?
  8. Anyone have exp with Kumon?
  9. Anyone Send Their Child to Montessori Precshool?
  10. x-post first grade bullying...already???
  11. HELP, ds hates going to school but a great student once in school
  12. ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disability!!!
  13. PTA questions - thanks for any input!
  14. Gifts..... for teachers
  15. Are you ready??
  16. Question about toddler dd
  17. rating teachers.....
  18. 1st day
  19. Sites with Info on Kids & School
  20. Sickness - when do you stay home?
  21. Anyone have a "triangular" conference?
  22. Web sites for learning?
  23. Report cards - how many times a year?
  24. What is the grading system re: report cards?
  25. What do your letter grades translate to?
  26. Standardized Tests - what grade?
  27. Does your child's class....
  28. When is your Spring Break?
  29. I have talked to some Moms....
  30. Physical activity - the school or the parents' responsibility?
  31. bullying
  32. High/Scope Preschool Philosophy
  33. memorization and its role in education
  34. Singapore Math anyone?
  35. Looking into preschool
  36. We Chose a Montessori Preschool
  37. preschool and saying goodbyes
  38. reading readiness programs
  39. Switching from private to public...I'm scared
  40. Split Classes??? What is your take? Good bad or neutral?????
  41. Anyone heard about or used the Your Baby Can Read series?
  42. Any Afterschoolers out there?
  43. school problems
  44. Now Looking into a Coop Preschool for DD
  45. IB Schools
  46. Your baby can read, Intellectual baby, Teach your baby to read
  47. reading to your child
  48. teaching a child to read
  49. babysitter or day care?
  50. Kindergarten-send or hold???
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  52. Charter Schools?
  53. Moving from One Cooperative Preschool to Another
  54. Going from zero to 3 days of preschool?
  55. Gr8 play school !!
  56. Kindergarten is so Different from Preschool/PreK
  57. 6 yr old Enunciation
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