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  2. Post your L&D stories here.
  3. Things you need when going home.....
  4. How do you plan to deliver - Natural or Medicine assisted?
  5. Who is your birth partner??
  6. Toxemia
  7. Labor and Recovery after strict bedrest!!!
  8. Recovery from a c-section in the hospital
  9. VERY first signs of labor till birth
  10. Foley catheter induction (same as Gen. Pg. board)
  11. First week home tips
  12. Should I be feeling well enough to be off all meds?
  13. Hospital bag
  14. Is the 2nd c-section easier?
  15. C/S scheduled to Sept7th @39wks with GD... pls share your experience...
  16. Sex after a C-section
  17. Going home after delivery
  18. When do hormones return to "normal?"
  19. Vagina pain after C-section?
  20. Oh my aching knees!!
  21. Please, please tell me that this really does not happen during birth!
  22. Extra skin flap after a c/s
  23. Should I invite my mom to be at the birth?
  24. When did your linea nigra go away?
  25. So frustrated by lack of weight loss!
  26. Hormones
  27. Severe Swelling After C-Section
  28. Bleeding 6 weeks after delivery?
  29. Labor hints.....
  30. c-section questions
  31. henorrhoid question
  32. Prepping for Labor?
  33. Workin' out?
  34. Anybody almost there?
  35. How long after c-section...
  36. Anyone had a VBAC?
  37. anything you can take after c-section to speed up healing?
  38. Where are you delivering?
  39. To Induce or Not to Induce?
  40. Recovery Time
  41. Overall good or bad experince?!
  42. Preseent of a dula.
  43. deciding on meds
  44. Site for dulas?
  45. L&D and Home?!?!?!?
  46. Shared room for recovery
  47. Birth plans
  48. water births?
  49. siblings visiting Recovery?
  50. Severe Side Pain In 39th Week...
  51. Checking in on those going into labor this month?
  52. Vbac? (loss mentioned in replies)
  53. What To Expect When Induced
  54. Milk coming in?!?
  55. Who is close??
  56. Hardest part about recovery?
  57. L&D RN, at your service.
  58. Weather changing......
  59. Due in May
  60. Calling all repeat C/S'ers!!! Have ?'s
  61. Complications?
  62. pain relief other than epi
  63. Had the baby
  64. Pain in the upper pelvic area??
  65. Period very heavy
  66. 4th C- SECTION ANYONE?
  67. Looking for Nubane experiences
  68. CRAZY LABOR STORY (not mine)
  69. ? about mucus plug & (unrelated) docu I saw
  70. Pads or disposable underwear
  71. Petrified of having C Section this Monday, 10/13/08
  72. Going to be away.
  73. Urethra and Bladder Issues???
  74. Who is almost there??
  75. C-section stories?
  76. Continuous bleeding while on Birth Control - after pregnancy
  77. Recovery from c-section question *TMI- warning*
  78. ~Swelling After Labor~
  79. What to pack for hospital
  80. 1st baby - size is 92nd %-ile at 22 wks. Concerned @ labor...
  81. Home birth
  82. Waters Broken?
  83. Looking for others to start a new group/thread....
  84. Non medicated labor with twins??
  85. 37 weeks today, had whopper of contraction in the middle of the night
  86. Enema or no enema.... TMI warning
  87. C - section. What to expect (xpost from general parenting)
  88. What to pack to the hospital with twins and c-section
  89. c section and tenderness about 4 inches above
  90. Hypnobabies (x-post)
  91. Movement question....
  92. TMI question - how long is the bleeding after a twin c-section?
  93. Did you know you can donate your cord blood to help save a life?
  94. VBAC question (success stories?)
  95. Labor questions
  96. Pregnancy Induced Facial Melasma
  97. C-Sect Question: Is this normal...
  98. When did you start thinking about delivery?
  99. Any book recommendations for L&D?
  100. Postpartum Belly Shapers?
  101. C section for twins and breastfeeding
  102. Childbirth Classes
  103. 4 mos after preeclampsia and still having problems
  104. Pre Pregnancy Size
  105. Natural Induction
  106. What do you want for delivery - OB or Midwife? Which did you have?
  107. Lamaze or other classes - should you sign up?
  108. Music while laboring?
  109. Early labor signs
  110. Experience with Cervidil
  111. Singleton after twins.
  112. C-section : any hints?
  113. Prolaspe uterus?
  114. pp lap recovery-pg ment
  115. Severe "Afterbirth" cramps?!
  116. Post C-section pain
  117. Getting Induced tomorrow
  118. what to bring/not forget for labor/delivery!