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  1. Low morph: What to believe??
  2. Is there any vitamins to imporve low morph 4%?
  3. Understanding Motility Ranges
  4. Diet and MFI
  5. TESE for high DFI?
  6. Male Factor Success Stories
  7. azoospermia (very high FSH)
  8. Semen viscosity
  9. Y chromosome micro-deletion results
  10. Any Success with Motility as low as 20%?
  11. Obstructive Azoospermia
  12. Need some help with SA results!
  13. Any success with few sperm(15-30 sperm) with IVF/ICSI?
  14. Early pregnancy
  15. azoospermia....any advancements?
  16. HELP! Azoospermia & lab results
  17. FSH levels anyone? (azoo)
  18. Sperm Chromatic Structure Assay (SCSA) and the Sperm Aneuploidy Test
  19. top sperm enhancing pills plz??????
  20. At a new crossroads, big letdown yesterday
  21. Newbie to site- beginning our IVF journey
  22. Male infertility combination
  23. March Madness (Infertility Style)
  24. Semen Analysis Results Not Good - could this be the reason?
  25. TESE in NC?
  26. Spinal Cord Injury?
  27. Retrograde Ejaculation
  28. Any success taking Metanx?
  29. Which supplements for low motility and morphology?
  30. Welcome to the Male Factor Board!
  31. Male Factor Success Stories
  32. Tesa questions?? Can anyone help
  33. Need some HELP! Please!
  34. High FSH, low T, no sperm, negative genetic testing
  35. Your experiences with DS?
  36. New Study: Sperm Cells Grown from Other Cells
  37. Nitric Oxide, Abnormal Morphology, Low Sperm Count, and Supplementation
  38. When to consider IVF?
  39. East Coast Infertility & IVF
  40. IUI versus IVF for morph and motility issues?
  41. Maturation Arrest please advise!!!!!!!
  42. My story of infertility and Microdisection
  43. Arimidex and HCG therapy for azoospermia
  44. Found out my dh has Azoospermia. Please help!
  45. Newbie with MFI- DH has super low count. Need support!
  46. New to Fertile Thoughts...Very low sperm count
  47. IUI for Male Factor
  48. Testicular biopsy and varicocelectomy simultaneously
  49. Vitamines prior to IVF procedure
  50. 4% kruger normal!
  51. Morphology as only male issue
  52. Very low count and IUI
  53. WHO References
  54. ivf misscarige,ttc naturally
  55. At home sperm test?
  56. what semen tests to start with
  57. Vasectomy then, baby now?
  58. Male Factor/Fertility Blend?
  59. I think my husband taking Clomid actaully worked.
  60. IVF vs. second vasectomy reserval
  61. Male Factor - Very Confused About Semen Analysis Results?!?!
  62. Scsa
  63. DH's numbers are up!
  64. Klinefelter Questions
  65. Hi everyone, husband and I are new here
  66. Supplements DH taking are NOT helping at all. What else can he take?
  67. 20 years old, had a varicocelectomy a little over a month ago...
  68. Low Morph
  69. Do we have a chance to lower DFI score?
  70. semen analysis report
  71. Semen analsysi results
  72. semen analysis interpretation.
  73. First Semen Analysis Report
  74. HELP with Semen Analysis
  75. Success in reversing Male Causes?
  76. Mild left sided vericocele
  77. Any remedy for extrimoolygoasthenozoospermia ?
  78. male infertility--psychological aspect? plea for advice
  79. DH takes SSRIs is being sent for more bloodwork and SA...guidance and resassurane?
  80. Would appreciate opinions on these results!
  81. Im having a TESE done in September - experince ?
  82. Retrograde Successes
  83. Fertile Female / Infertile Male...IVF?
  84. Request for semen analysis interpretation
  85. Female Testing?
  86. Low Motility & varicocele surgery
  87. Success with Clomid for Azoospermia
  88. Azoospermia - new adventures for us this time!
  89. Semen Analysis Results, help understanding results
  90. Urology Consult - Early Male Menopause?
  91. SA help frm the pros?
  92. first post - thoughts on my semen analysis
  93. suggestion on my semen analysis....
  94. Foreskin and infertility
  95. Just found out I have azoospermia. Need advice.
  96. new SA
  97. Anyone with high sperm DNA frag but normal SA's?
  98. So I guess we have to do ICSI...?
  99. Non Obstructive Azoospermia - Success?
  100. Cryptozoospermia?
  101. Help in interpreting semen analysis results
  102. Klinefelter's syndrome
  103. My Journey with a Varicocele
  104. Problems after varicocele surgery
  105. Help with sperm analysis results?
  106. Question for the guys
  107. Lab Cost for sperm biopsy and storage
  108. Low sperm count and motility arrrgghh
  109. Semen Analysis with varicocele???
  110. 8% Morphology on Semen Analysis - Bikram Yoga?
  111. sperm agglutination
  112. Please help
  113. Clomid turning levels for the worse?
  114. Can you help me understand my numbers???
  115. Sperm analysis results change month to month how?
  116. Urologist, Reproductive endo, Fertility Dr. who is the right Dr for the job?
  117. Some Good Reads on Male Factor Infertility
  118. low sperm morpology
  119. Ultrasound, Round 2 IUI then possibly IVF, Vitamins Increased to help low count, moti
  120. Any one tried Sperm Hope for NOA
  121. Male Infertility what else can I do to help?
  122. Help with semen analysis
  123. Clomid and Fertility Blend
  124. Semen Analysis Advice
  125. Help with SA
  126. Azoospermia and Low T--Anyone else?
  127. Has anyone used SpermCheck Fertility monitor for men?
  128. Please recommend additional sperm testing
  129. Worrying about multiple MFI factors
  130. Sperm count dramatically reduced after taking supplements??
  131. Looking for MFI answers
  132. Severe Oligospermia...now what?
  133. Halo Testing
  134. Antisperm antibodies and iui success stories please
  135. Stopping TRT--Any insights?
  136. Can you help me understand these resuls
  137. Trying to deal with getting bad news....and being a guy!
  138. Attain Program and Male Factor Issues
  139. Semen analysis?
  140. Please help me read SA results.
  141. Improved sperm count? Help me read this please
  142. James Franco’s sperm on an ipad dance - can't stop laughing
  143. Cholesterol Meds/COQ10/Ubiquinol
  144. Varicocele Embolization Surgery Help
  145. For those of us who like to read and know a lot about semen:
  146. Britain Allows First Home Semen Tests To Be Sold In Stores
  147. Varicocele fixed with Microsurgery
  148. Morphology and Motility get better after Varicocele Surgery?
  149. Male infertility did everything now what?
  150. Tom Arnold Has Male Factor Infertility... And He is Going To Be A Dad
  151. Trak Fertility - Don't Cook Your Balls
  152. A question or two on CAVD and sperm motility
  153. Do I need to find a special laboratory for semen analysis?
  154. Anyone having had donor sperm pregnancies?
  155. Fertility Authority's TweetChat with male fertility expert Dr. Paul Turek
  156. New to this...
  157. Hey Everyone.. some questions!
  158. Experience with 0% Motile Sperm?
  159. :( early maturation arrest
  160. Can you do ICSI without IVF?
  161. Male Fertility Genetic Study Needs Your Help!
  162. Calcium Ionophore/ Assisted Oocyte Activation in IVF/ ICSI
  163. Low sperm count
  164. Anyone TTC #2 after MFI and successful treatment?
  165. Husband's sperm count went way up!
  166. High white cells count?
  167. Zero motility...help
  168. Rare stem cell may help sperm survive chemotherapy
  169. Does this look promising? (Taking Clomid since azoospermia diagnosis)
  170. azoospermia and high FSH any info?
  171. FNA Sperm mapping, anyone?
  172. varicocele grade 3 should i go for surgery?
  173. His bullet in the stomach and our fertility journey
  174. Waiting for Sperm aspiration
  175. Help with SA results, please?
  176. great improment in my count afer 3 months with Optisperm, should i continue?
  177. 1st SA - Lots of White Blood Cells and No Sperm - help?
  178. Our last chance
  179. Exchange sperm from tall handsome educated Dutch guy for educated Donor egg?
  180. My story so far..is there any hope?
  181. Kallmann's syndrome
  182. Testicular sperm for ICSI?
  183. Sperm count decrease AFTER 2 rounds of Clomid??
  184. Need Help Understanding Results
  185. Non-obstructive azoospermia and varicocele (?)
  186. Mind blown...
  187. Big difference in morphology between 2 SAs
  188. So what do you guys think?
  189. 1% morphology
  190. My SA report ONLY shows Total Motility, and there is no Progressive Motility value
  191. Best place for sperm analysis?
  192. High Dna Fragmentation Indec
  193. Mid clomid treatment blood test
  194. how accurate is pregnancy test?
  195. A Year and a Half of Grief and Pain
  196. Variocelectomy, what's the complications I should be worried about?
  197. Can asthenozoospermia be cured?
  198. Advice/Thoughts/Suggestions
  199. Idiopathic Asthen/Oligo/Teratoozoospermia
  200. Hot tub unemployment and azoospermia
  201. Varicocele surgery and zero sperm? Success Stories?
  202. Azoospermia
  203. Testicular Atrophy led to Azospermia - IVF Option?