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  1. first post! Hope for men with sperm antibodies. PG!
  2. Laparoscopy with Male Factor?
  3. Need advice!.....just found out DH has an infection!!
  4. rapidly decreasing sperm count
  5. Secondary infertility for men?
  6. Variation in Semen quality
  7. Acupuncture
  8. Problems with providing sperm specimen for IVF
  9. Fixing MF
  10. Secondary Hypogonadism
  11. could be MF
  12. IVF for male factor only...success?
  13. Frozen Specimen, A Long Shot?
  14. ? About meds affecting sperm quantity and quality?
  15. Need help/advice
  16. Sperm count from 20 Million to 124 Million!
  17. Any chances of Improving Morphology...
  18. How do your husbands deal?
  19. 0% Morphology, doing ICSI w/IVF.. questions..
  20. Looking for advice on SA
  21. Azoospermia issues
  22. stimming anyone????
  23. Prostatitis and poor sperm
  24. Bad morphology and ICSI
  25. Sperm question
  26. IUI with low morphology
  27. Testicular Biopsy
  28. Variocoele questions
  29. Noob question
  30. where can I find a reputable sperm bank
  31. Testicular Biopsy - need help
  32. how many days to wait before giving a semen sample?
  33. advice please
  34. This must be why we're not getting pregnant (some humor)
  35. Antisperm Antibodies
  36. Its all started.
  37. Scsa
  38. Low Testosterone in DH and Low Count
  39. Micro-Tese procedure
  40. Going to the urologist....
  41. Hello All! (Azoospermia)
  42. A question of volume
  43. Sperm Washing
  44. azoospermia ?'s
  45. High testosterone, low FSH - clomid? if so, protocol?
  46. severe MF success w/ DS (pg ment'd)
  47. how long to get results of SA?
  48. Curious, male factor
  49. High FSH, normal everything else...how high is too high?
  50. Non-obstructive azoospermia with successful pregnancy?
  51. Antifungals (lamisil, diflucan) and sperm
  52. Question About DR
  53. Fertility Blend Question -
  54. Just found out
  55. Vericocele Surgery Success?
  56. Natural cycle IVF
  57. Low motility-please share experience
  58. Anyone with similar male factors?
  59. how much for TESA?
  60. 1st ICSI attempt - 10 eggs zero fertilization
  61. Varicoceles Success Story
  62. Please Share MFI situation
  63. just curious to see whos had a natural miracle after several IF treatments?
  64. 2% morphology- success with ivf?
  65. Anyone else with poor morphology have several chemical pregnancies?
  66. Varicocele???
  67. Can sperm count be too low for IVF w/ ICSI??
  68. Azoospermia families-interview opportunity
  69. 3% Morphology & Anovulatory
  70. Zero Motility... any hope?
  71. Had recent vaccines - are sperm ok for ICSI?
  72. bunny2tot
  73. Questions re: sperm DNA and varicoceles
  74. DNA fragmentation results... good or bad
  75. IVF/ICSI with sperm aspiration - any inspiration stories?
  76. Severe MF :(
  77. Morphology 4%, Did ICSI but BFN. Should we do co-culture?
  78. SA Results ~ need help interpreting
  79. Total Confusion on S/A results.
  80. Support help (ch ment)
  81. Sperm aspiration
  82. Does bicycling affect sperm count and motility?
  83. first time ivf/icsi/mesa
  84. 7 million post wash with IUI
  85. Any stories of natural PG with severe MF?
  86. Anyone heard of UCSF "mapping"?
  87. Update on new SA
  88. Morphology and RPL
  89. anyone heard of semenax?
  90. Need help understanding results...
  91. Pain and zero sperm
  92. varicocele surgery sucess stories?
  93. Any vas reversals?
  94. and the latest news is...
  95. Sperm Quality
  96. So lost.. someone please help
  97. FSH and LSH
  98. waiting on sprem Analysis
  99. should we get vericocle fixed?
  100. what does zero motility mean
  101. Weight Loss Surgery
  102. Total Normal....low....HELP
  103. Help - Best mf clinics in New York
  104. Urologists in the DFW area?
  105. MF Confusion??? Please help!
  106. only have "abnormal" results and confusion
  107. New here!
  108. surgical ligation???
  109. Clomid for Men?
  110. New Here
  111. Urologists in Southern California?
  112. IUIs
  113. Success w/ ICSI after biosy (TESE?)
  114. Insurance for SP frag test
  115. Natural cycle IVF for male factor (preg ment)
  116. 7% morph, poor survivability - IUI??
  117. ~~Looking for Hope32~~
  118. IVF/ICSI and zero motility
  119. Sperm Wash - 31 to 4 Million!!
  120. Success with IUI after MESA?
  121. 0% Morphology and Varicocele
  122. 6.2 million sperm count and zero normal
  123. Male Infertility Treatment, Atlanta, Dr. Mark Perloe Video
  124. help with semen analysis (what about this result)
  125. sperm count goes from 59 million to 4.5 mill post wash? is this male factor?
  126. should I be tested too?
  127. new here
  128. Looking for IVF success stories with severe male factor
  129. Time between SA
  130. New to MF issues...questions
  131. West Reproductive MFS? Anyone try?
  132. anyone (male) have a high FSH with a obstructive azoosprima?
  133. any successes with Male Varicocele and IUI??
  134. Low FSH result for Male
  135. Dx: Prostatitis
  136. what are treatment options to zero sperm count?
  137. ICSI with Occasional Motile Sperm
  138. SA results what does this mean
  139. FertileAid vs. Fertility Blend
  140. Yohimbie
  141. confused
  142. Lots of Questions!
  143. Is ICSI possible with 0.1 mil sperm count
  144. low Morphology analysis and treatment?
  145. High FSH levels
  146. Introducing myself - just diagnosed with MFI
  147. Dh diagnosed with Severe MFI
  148. Performing TESE 24 hours before ER/ICSI
  149. male sperm count
  150. Sperm Maturation Arrest
  151. Any success stories for Non Obstructive Azoospsermia with Y chromosome deletion?
  152. MESA procedure for absence of the vas
  153. what do you think?
  154. Moderate to Severe Male Factor
  155. DH is not producing sperm
  156. Anyone know of Male Infertility Urologists in FLORIDA
  157. SA Timing
  158. so so sad....
  159. Interesting article
  160. Any success with Sertoli cell only syndrome?
  161. question
  162. SDIa/SCSA advice
  163. Recommendation for doctor to perform mTESE?
  164. Need some advice
  165. Normal count but low motility/viability?
  166. WHO vs. Kruger
  167. Joining the Ranks
  168. BFP ment: Success with low morphology
  169. varicocelectomy surgery
  170. male factor clomid question - chld/preg ment
  171. SA's show 500,000 but only 14-20 sperm found at IVF?
  172. emotional with results...
  173. Acupuncture works for Varicocele? See improvement before or after?
  174. ABNL. SA results-what do you think ?
  175. SA result - 2 count, immotile
  176. Zero Motility & 1st Urologist Visit
  177. Low Sperm Count and Motility
  178. SA results - please help decipher
  179. Retrograde Ejaculation
  180. Pills to increase semen volume?
  181. article on SCSA/DNA Fragmentation
  182. New Reference Numbers from WHO
  183. Success using IVF with azoospermia?
  184. shipping semen overseas???
  185. Antisperm Antibodies
  186. Varicocele experiences? Surgery a success or no?
  187. Effect of using frozen mTESE tissue for IVF?
  188. Sub-Fertile after Egg Penetration Test
  189. poor morphology?????
  190. Any success stories w/Severe Male Factor & Many BFNs w/ IVF/ICSI?
  191. 3 months after varicocele surgery...
  192. Having a tough time with semen analysis
  193. Help Very low sperm count and motability
  194. Poor Sperm Morphology
  195. looking for male reproductive specialist in N. California
  196. detoxing heavy metals to improve sperm quality -- what has worked for you?
  197. Reduction of Sperm DNA Fragmentation by Oral Antioxidant Tx -J Andrology
  198. TESA Cost
  199. Testicular Biopsy!!!!!!!!!!
  200. MTHFR tested for the guys
  201. White blood cells causing motility problems
  202. Another low-morph success: kid mentd + vent!
  203. Can someone help with semen analysis results?
  204. Non-obstructive azoospermia and IVF
  205. new to this and need support - husband has low sperm count and motility
  206. Zoloft/Meds and Sperm issues?
  207. Vasectomy reversal
  208. Question about Morphology
  209. Did Clomid increase counts?
  210. New to the site! Help w/ideas or experiences with PGD and IVF.
  211. Biopsy results -devastated.
  212. Help interpreting semen analysis
  213. Improved DNA fragmentation after sx
  214. Birth defects
  215. Low morphology and embryo quality, miscarriages
  216. Husband with severe male factor has identical twin brother with no problems
  217. Looking for couples in Arkansas...
  218. FNA Mapping and Paul Turek
  219. Trying to figure out DH Semen Analysis Kruger Morphology!!
  220. Timeline for ejaculation with IVF/ICSI with severe male factor
  221. Even more confused after 2nd urologist apt
  222. can't afford a fertility specialist, please help!!
  223. non obstructve azoospermia, and now varicecole??
  224. Has your SA changed for the good at all?
  225. IUI - Low Sperm count
  226. is there hope with these numbers?
  227. Is there hope??? Success Stories Please
  228. high sperm dna fragmentation test
  229. Can someone explain Post-wash #'s vs. Pre-wash numbers to me?
  230. Retrograde ejaculation and treatment???
  231. 0 motility only 6 million sperm WHAT NEXT?
  232. Non-obstructive Azoospermia
  233. L-Carnitine 500mg
  234. Hello! I am new here...
  235. low morphology :(
  236. Morphology 3% please help me improve it!
  237. Semen Anaylsis
  238. Very Low Sperm Count
  239. Testosterone shots might have actually increased my sperm!!!
  240. Low morph, motility, concentration--info please!
  241. New male factor but not new to ivf
  242. Low Morphology and high count. Supplement advice?
  243. what "next step" should i request for DH & when? (low counts)
  244. Low morph and IUI
  245. FertilityBlend Men + Clomid
  246. Which FS would u recommend at Monash IVF(TESE procedure)in Sperm maturation arrest
  247. DH SA...great improvement...
  248. New to MFI
  249. Supplements and Test Questions
  250. New here. First question: how long before we should get second SA?