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  1. This is great.....
  2. Quotes from the book: Living with Loss Through the Years
  3. Hi! (lc ment)
  4. Where did your grief journey take you in 2006?
  5. Talking about our children...
  6. Seeing pg women in the street (LCF ment)
  7. On no - and now my neighbour is pg! (Pg ment, obviously)
  8. Group Scream
  9. "It's Always With You"...
  10. Becoming "real" again
  11. its been awile (lc ment)
  12. Berni and Dr. J...message from my momma!!!
  13. it still surprises me...
  14. Children in my yard ( LC mentioned)
  15. have been MIA
  16. Please do NOT follow my example this year (looong)
  17. The last time - 6 years ago
  18. 6 years ago today-he's gone
  19. Wherever I am.. there you'll be... ( lc mentioned)
  20. A gift.
  21. A picture I haven't shared before.........
  22. Already doing my dreading...(LC mentioned)
  23. Where are the years going??
  24. I had a dream.....
  25. You can't go home again...
  26. will a time ever come...
  27. Met Liam again on holiday!
  28. Coma/head injury programme
  29. Roald Dahl...
  30. all the years doesn't stop the pain........
  31. Not sure I like this new 'title'...
  32. Leaving soon (lc ment)
  33. I feel like such a failure
  34. Another anniversary
  35. ...the silence of our friends...
  36. Christine's post made me think (LC ment)
  37. cruising along then smack right upside the head (LC MENT)
  38. life-cycle and burial rituals...
  39. Music/lyrics can still bring me to my knees......
  40. Rambles
  41. My nephew text'ed me
  42. OMG, I didn't even THINK about this!!!!
  43. Do you ever blame yourself ? (LC ment)
  44. When will it get better? (LC ment'd)
  45. Grief article Xpost on loss & here
  46. feeling strange about it all
  47. I hate this...
  48. 1950s mum in a mental institution for 10yrs following infant loss
  49. For all the mums and dads I have met in person!
  50. Pics of us LIVING!
  51. I am VERY angry!
  52. She's living MY life... (lc mentioned)
  53. I wanted to share this song with all of you ( religion mentioned)
  54. Can I share something kind of bizarre? ( LC mentioned briefly)
  55. Two weeks....
  56. Christine and I are going to ROME! (OT)
  57. Scottie's eight birthday
  58. In memory of Paulie.....
  59. I don't handle bad news well...
  60. The nightmares started early this year... (lc ment)
  61. 28 years ago...
  62. For Linda
  63. Quote...
  64. Fragile...
  65. On a Dead Violet...by Percy Bysshe Shelley...
  66. Eight years seems like a lifetime....
  67. Loss in our lives....(not our family)
  68. 16 March...
  69. Just freaking down
  70. sigh... (LC ment)
  71. interval birth (someone else's living twins mentioned)
  72. Wow, talk about hogging the board (lc ment briefly)
  73. Are they babies still?
  74. A decade this month (lc ment)
  75. Do any of you remember our discussion of miracles?........ this made me week today.
  76. For me, the days leading up to milestones so much harder
  77. Moving (l/c ment)
  78. Berni
  79. Berni...
  80. The Things That Hit You
  81. Moving far from grave site
  82. Just P*ssed Off.
  83. Weird stuff
  84. Another enormous loss.....
  85. 8/8/08
  86. Speaking of signs
  87. Wednesday the 10th, 8:33am - Wed 10th Sep 2008
  88. My nephew was born on 15 Oct... (lc ment)
  89. My baby's 2nd birthday.......
  90. Is Anyone In London?
  91. Post Secret.
  92. where did the time go?
  93. Not one single family member
  94. Who remembers my surprise pg just as we stopped TTC?
  95. Thank you for remembering Jacob.
  96. Do you have these thoughts.....?
  97. No one even called
  98. Ouch - didn't know you could do that
  99. All mixed up - help
  100. I cried today
  101. Waiting for the other shoe to drop...
  102. 15th wedding anniversary 27th August
  103. 6
  104. Another movie quote
  105. gyno, rambling, just wanna write
  106. Whaddya think?
  107. just getting it out...
  108. Omg, omg, omg.......
  109. some ramblings (L/C briefly mentioned)
  110. I Can't Believe It's Been 10 YEARS!!! (l/c ment)
  111. Remembering Steven (lc ment'd)
  112. 10 years