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  1. Hello All!!!
  2. Hey everyone
  3. Hi everyone!
  4. Newborns and their bowel movments...
  5. My cheap solution for sore nipples
  6. Hi everyone!!
  7. Hello!
  8. Hands free pumping!
  9. Hi everyone!
  10. How much is your baby eating?
  11. Yet another thing on my body that doesn't work! (vent)
  12. Mastitis
  13. I am a worry wart!
  14. Sylvia....
  15. Question about vaccines
  16. poll about b/f
  17. Chance's Update...
  18. How often do you take your baby to the ped?
  19. a few new pics!
  20. Jenn R.N.
  21. Choking on spit up???
  22. Weight loss check in...
  23. Gerd...
  24. Just curious what is your baby's routine?
  25. Abby at 6 1/2 weeks
  26. (After Baby) Belly shots and Weight Loss
  27. My girl
  28. how would you rate your diet while bf???
  29. My baby girl and mommy...
  30. Jessica has Hernia...i am desperate
  31. Rough night last night
  32. Happy Mothers day!!!!!!!!!
  33. Dreading work!!!!
  34. DH and Bub!
  35. Happy Mother's Day
  36. My dad died
  37. How much has your baby gained and what's normal???
  38. Went to the ER last night
  39. Janere
  40. Feeling the pressure?
  41. We're going to be on a magazine cover!!!!
  42. Can I board barge for a bit??
  43. Do you sleep in the same bed/room as DH right now?
  44. The D word
  45. Jamie...
  46. Those of you who had GD...
  47. Raised Fontanel
  48. About my dad (death details included)
  49. Sterling
  50. New Talon (Bub) Pic
  51. My little girl
  52. Diaper Rash
  53. She's smiling!!! yeah!
  54. Check out Avery's Blog
  55. How many babies are "cooing" yet?
  56. Rolling tummy to back!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. Freaking out re. letter from state health dept.
  58. Anyone have to hold there babies ALL the time??
  59. Weightloss ck in and what are you doing to lose??
  60. When do you want to have the next lil miracle?
  61. Johnny 8 week stats!
  62. So sad and need your support...
  63. Still Here and the Twins are 7 weeks old!!!
  64. Baby Weekly Update Stats
  65. Going back to work tomorrow
  66. Birth Control and Sex
  67. Update Re. Newborn Screen
  68. Pooping
  69. Who's a 1st timer SAHM?
  70. Stupid Things We Have Done
  71. What is your naptime/bedtime routine??
  72. Oh no!!! My diabetes is NOT gone!!!!
  73. i am losing it!!! she wont stop crying..
  74. Jamie
  75. DH and I went out without baby for the first time yesterday
  76. This was supposed to be "TUMMY TIME"(pic)
  77. OMG!!! WHAT does he want from me?!?!?!
  78. He is laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  79. How long will you let your baby cry?
  80. Jenn, R.N.
  81. We went for a road trip!
  82. New pics of Ben!
  83. Sex anyone?
  84. Back at work
  85. How to entertain a 2 month old??
  86. Shannon, how are you doing??
  87. Brown Spotting/Bleeding?
  88. OT - Why can't I make my pic of Jared small enough to be my avatar?
  89. ~Pics of Hannah Bella~
  90. Need advice (X post)
  91. I caught her smiling and took a pic...
  92. Latest Pics of Jared Ian
  93. Jess reflux...its so much better...
  94. DS to see cardiologist
  95. 2 month check up
  96. Forgot to mention....
  97. Abby's ready for the beach!
  98. New pics of Chance...
  99. Ideas for Baptism invites??
  100. can we take our babies swimming at this age?
  101. :( so much for our annv get-away
  102. Hope is watching Baby Einstein..and loving it!
  103. My baby girls!
  104. Second set of shots!
  105. Janere, can we copy due date chart here?
  106. Flat head?
  107. ADD & Videos???
  108. This guy is crazy!
  109. Going back to school today...
  110. Birthdays
  111. Sleeping through the night and BF?
  112. Baby Stats Weekly Update Jun 5th 2006
  113. First day of daycare *pout*
  114. I have Gallstones!
  115. Important Link between Allergies and Reflux
  116. MIL is driving me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  117. Abby hates tummy time! anyone else?
  118. Michellle
  119. Who's babies are sleeping thru the night...
  120. Delivery Poll
  121. How do you put your baby down to sleep at night?
  122. little jess video
  123. First shots today...
  124. I took Abby in for a photo shoot today!
  125. Decided to stay home today...
  126. Johnny Jumper? not sure what it's called!
  127. big raise...and I'm not going back (vent)
  128. Teething
  129. Just a big THANKS!!!
  130. How much time does your baby spend awake?
  131. Talon(Bub) in his Bumbo Seat
  132. So much for working part time.....
  133. Breastfeeding almost over
  134. Janere
  135. Jamie
  136. How is everyone's weight loss going?
  137. I can't resist
  138. Feeling Overwhlemed
  139. Fathers Day?? Any ideas?
  140. I dont think she is gaining enough weight
  141. DS going to Taos!!
  142. I am so sick of the nursing game!!!!
  143. Avery-2 month old pic!
  144. Sleeping on tummy ...
  145. Bella's Christening
  146. Surgery went well...but I'm sore
  147. Weight & update-2 month check
  148. Alyssa's checkup..
  149. Surgery Scheduled
  150. Bella's First Professional Picture!
  151. Not sure what to do (anonymous I hope)
  152. What is you and your babies up to??
  153. Hi everyone!
  154. She slept for 7.5 hours last night!!!
  155. Pics of the twins...
  156. Any ideas? throwing 40th annv party for my parents
  157. Please pray !!!
  158. Weird Question
  159. Question about Holidays and buying gifts
  160. Weekly Updates Jun19th
  161. Reflux????
  162. Jess appointment update + my weight vent...
  163. A lot of Drooling & Sucking on Her Hand
  164. Teething already!!!!
  165. A TMI question--sex and soreness
  166. Hannah's Two Month Ck up!
  167. Freaking Out
  168. Ben's Two Month Checkup
  169. Pool anyone??
  170. Endometriosis is kicking my bu**..
  171. Ordered Bumbo and FYI...
  172. "Aunt Flo" will it ever end??
  173. Jen (babidius) good luck Tuesday
  174. How Much Do Your Babies Sleep?
  175. "High-Maintenance" Baby
  176. New pics of Chance...
  177. holding head up question (same march)
  178. Just about had enough
  179. New pictures of Abby
  180. my baby's not eating...anyone else?
  181. Whose babies are sleeping in their own rooms?
  182. Surgery yesterday
  183. how often do you bathe your baby?
  184. Anyone have a listening ear? -What a headache!
  185. So who's gettin' some? Potential TMI...
  186. Anyone else losing hair?
  187. cleaning lady!
  188. Frustrated
  189. New pics of Avery
  190. Just think.....
  191. Anyone using Good Start formula????
  192. Updated Pics of Bella!
  193. Bad News for Us NJ Government Workers
  194. Hi girls... little depressed...
  195. Anyone else's baby looking big to them?
  196. What are your babies doing?
  197. anyone give their baby a taste of something?
  198. Test results in
  199. Bumbo Chairs
  200. Pictures of Sterling
  201. QUICK need decorating advice!!!
  202. question about diapers
  203. GI appointment update
  204. Where does your baby take a nap?
  205. My dog is making me go crazy....
  206. Crappy Nappies!!!
  207. Little update about me
  208. What kind of detergent do you use??
  209. Hi all!
  210. I've been MIA-sorry!
  211. Home from the Hosptital
  212. My babies are not feeling well....
  213. question for those breastfeeding...
  214. I don't think Aflo is ever going away! TMI alert
  215. anybody's babies going backwards on the night schedule?
  216. Shannon/Mrsb.
  217. Runny Poop!
  218. My Job (not a rant, I promise!)
  219. Vent thread....come and vent with me...
  220. a few new pics
  221. someday mommy/stacey
  222. Does your baby spit up a lot?
  223. Home today!!!! Yay!!!!
  224. Too much sleep?
  225. Recurrent miscarriage question.
  226. Okay Girls, I am going to have a nervous breakdown!!!
  227. Feeling Very Guilty
  228. Who's feeding there baby cereal? Who's not?
  229. Teething Tablets
  230. I threw away EVERY child magazine I had...
  231. A couple new pics!!
  232. Guilt and Worry!
  233. Questions for Breastfeeding Moms???
  234. Those w/ a bumbo ??? for you.
  235. updated pictures of Abby
  236. I think she is teething! she is so cranky! helllppp!!!
  237. Whats for lunch? HANDS!!HANDS!!HANDS!!
  238. Who will be TTC again this time next yr?
  239. Stupid f*****g commercial.
  240. I did it!!...I mean...she did it...
  241. I Am Freaked Out..need Input Now!!!
  242. 4 month appt update
  243. Avery started Prevacid today
  244. Leaving the baby overnight...
  245. Hi Friends, Long Lost Lmr Here!!
  246. ??? about talking???
  247. FC Team- The Devil Wears Size 0
  248. FC Team - Hips Don't Lie
  249. Anyone need a good laugh? my awful day today.
  250. FC team Hot Momma want-to-bees