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  1. How bad did I screw up last night ?
  2. could it be that i am not having enough sex?
  3. Very Confused
  4. First Month on Clomid
  5. confused...frustrated...
  6. turners syndrome
  7. New to infertility...
  8. Infertility Clinic Appointments???
  9. Need help! Very Confused
  10. What's wrong with me!
  11. Ureaplasma
  12. Nervous and excited!
  13. new here m/c ment
  14. no idea what to do next
  15. Hi - new to the boards
  16. New and kinda scared
  17. Could I be Ovulating?
  18. Hello.. to everyone .. I have returned. yippee..
  19. testing
  20. Repronex Side Effects
  21. First Appointment
  22. Implantation Bleeding?
  23. Clomid and Monitoring?
  24. About.com links: ovulation calendar, reproduction 101 quiz
  25. testosterone and clomid
  26. Deeply Frustrated
  27. Neg. HPT on cd65 no AF
  28. What is this?
  29. Infertility info at about.com: PCOS
  30. BBT Chart...Did ovulation really occur?
  31. Semen Analysis...
  32. About.com: ?'s to ask your doctor, FSH, HSG
  33. About.com links: IVF Diary, BMS
  34. Please Post Your Experiences With Clomid Here
  35. Just starting Clomid
  36. first month on clomid
  37. About.com links: ovulation, a little IF humor
  38. did/does anyone else have this?
  39. I don't think this is good!!
  40. About.com links: ammenorrhea, how hormones control your cycle
  41. New and want to say Hi!
  42. Returning....again (m.c ment. child ment. adopt. ment)
  43. Clomid side effect ?
  44. ivf tax deduction
  45. Anyone else have an unsuccessful HSG?
  46. Gotta love people!!
  47. Missed You Cel
  48. Worry versus hope
  49. New from Wisconsin
  50. About.com links: causes of female IF, orgasm & conception, charting
  51. About.com links
  52. Cm?
  53. 1st timer
  54. That time again
  55. Endometrial Biopsy/Sonohystogram
  56. Praying for neg OPK today
  57. about.com links: Clomid side effects, HSG info
  58. Help! IVF drugs are giving me a terrible time
  59. about.com: Clomid side effects and other Clomid info
  60. cnn special weds night 8:00pm
  61. Top 10 tips for coping with IF (from MSN)
  62. Are Any Of You From Texas?
  63. about.com links: IF myths, 401K's & tx, secondary IF, future tx, IF & the law
  64. about.com links: FSH, emotional support, Clearblue Fertility Monitor
  65. about.com links: ?'s to ask your doctor, bms positions,
  66. about.com links: top cause of male IF, chronic diseases affecting IF
  67. A New Board--Home and Garden
  68. about.com links: ectopic pg; am I infertile?
  69. about.com: Testing to Prevent Age Related Infertility Studied
  70. about.com links: obsessing about pg (a funny), conception myths (take a quiz)
  71. discovery health channel
  72. about.com links: Male IF
  73. Anyone from Huntsville, AL?
  74. I am new to all of this. Can not wait to hear from you women
  75. about.com links: age limits for IVF, semen analysis, choosing an egg donor
  76. about.com links: amenorrhea, fertility drugs
  77. Sharing what I've learned so far (long!)...
  78. about.com links: Unsung Lullabies (book about IF), surgery & IF
  79. about.com links: endo, IUI,
  80. about.com links: endo, IUI, baby showers
  81. New Here
  82. New to this
  83. Anyone here with poor ovarian reserve
  84. looking for animated menstrual cycle site
  85. Help!!!!!!
  86. about.com links: Lupron, emotional support
  87. Hi all! New here!
  88. Hair Color
  89. about.com: Male IF quiz, collecting a sperm sample
  90. Read any good IF books lately?
  91. about.com: Gonadotropins, Success after IF
  92. Confused!! Test Results - HELP!
  93. about.com links: Conceive Magazine, holidays
  94. about.com links: charting quiz, IVF quiz, antiphospholipid syndrome
  95. Hi, I am new here..Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  96. ivf/frozen pelvis/ high risk pregnancy
  97. Please share any tips, stories, ideas about coping with the holidays
  98. about.com links: cervical mucous, travelling and IVF, needle size & injection comfort
  99. Considering Infertility Treatments Again!
  100. New to this site
  101. Fertility Lifelines
  102. where do you begin
  103. New, I guess
  104. 1st time IVF
  105. First Retrieval
  106. 13 eggs were mature, only 4 fertilized
  107. New to site - limited frozen sperm (long!)
  108. Where do I start? Questions, questions...
  109. Hello and questions - new to TTC at...45 (yep)
  110. What's next after Clomid........
  111. what is the cost of injectables
  112. about.com link: When to look for a new doctor
  113. New and overwhelmed
  114. IF Seminar in NRH, Texas - April 1, 2006
  115. about.com links
  116. what is Beta ?
  117. info I came across..
  118. Not new to IF...but starting again (loss ment)
  119. IVF Newbie - ? About Lupron and Late Period
  120. day 4 of stims only 1 follicle
  121. Overwhelmed.
  122. So disappointed
  123. Coping with Mother's Day
  124. Just starting...need advice please!
  125. Resolve of MI - 6TH Annual Spring Event - May 19, 2006
  126. Lets create change!!!!
  127. about.com links:Unsung Lullabies (IF book), Antiphospholipid Syndrome, ectopic
  128. about.com links: BMS, Lupron, How to collect a sperm sample
  129. about.com links: anovulation, ov calendar, ivf basics, semen analysis
  130. Scared out of my Wits!
  131. Varicosele embolization?
  132. progesterone levels
  133. New and lost....
  134. New here
  135. Anyone on CD 5?
  136. about.com links: new egg freezing techniques, needle size, IVF travel tips
  137. anyone else struggling because lack of pituitary gland?
  138. Hard Learned Lessons to pass on after 2 IVF's,
  139. Here we go...1st step
  140. Short luteal phase
  141. Starting IVF
  142. Endo/HSG/IUI Did them all :)
  143. New and Curious...
  144. about.com links: m/c and paternal age, fertile mucous, HSG
  145. new to hormone testing just starting
  146. IUI in Northern Cal.
  147. about.com links: when to trsfr embryos, IF books, obsessing about pg
  148. about.com links: ICSI, Clomid, buying fertility monitor strips
  149. Nat'l IF Awareness Week Oct 29-Nov 4
  150. new to the board!
  151. Anyone take Lamisil? (Child mentioned)
  152. about.com: ?'s for your doctor/1st appt, PCOS, needle size, and more!
  153. New and ???
  154. Looking for RE in Indiana/Ky/Ohio
  155. Anyone heard of Dr. Greene in Redding, CA?
  156. about.com links: uterine transplants?, first doctor visit, conception mythts
  157. about.com links: age limits for IVF, equal access to IF tx, spirituality and IF
  158. injections to stimulate ovulation
  159. Concerned Brother
  160. Just Saying Hi
  161. New to this site
  162. about.com links: IF and BMI; travel tips and IF;
  163. about.com links: IF and BMI; travel tips and IF; natural fertility signs
  164. Clomid and follicle question
  165. New to infertility & this site.
  166. Some interesting e-books to consider for help
  167. about.com links: pg loss books, OPK's
  168. Ectopic-no period after 8 months
  169. about.com links: Low tech ways to get pg, male factor quiz
  170. Looking for a great RE in the Los Angeles area
  171. First time IVF/What to do????
  172. about.com links: how age affects fertility, needle size and comfort, baby showers
  173. about.com links: How successful is ART?, Diary of an IVF cycle, Ectopic pregnancy
  174. Hi I'm New Here!
  175. PCOS, Just starting Fertility Treatment
  176. about.com links: ovulation basics, first IF exam, female IF and reproduction
  177. RE in Kansas City
  178. about.com links: Embryo transfers, collecting a sperm sample, 5 ways to cope with IF
  179. Please post your experiences with IF testing and procedures
  180. about.com links: # of embryos to tsfr, menstrual cycle, first IF appt
  181. Serono information
  182. Need doctor in Houston
  183. Chicago REs...
  184. New To This ? Re Ivf
  185. about.com links: IF drugs and cancer, trans fats and IF, cervical mucous, and more
  186. completely new to all this..what next?
  187. can you get IVF if you have an ovarian cyst?
  188. 1st IVF confused
  189. Ins
  190. Resolve info updated 4/07
  191. Are we doing it right?
  192. MMR for husband
  193. about.com links: Collecting a sperm sample, pg loss books, top causes of female IF
  194. Coping with the long holiday weekend
  195. Newbie Here
  196. Any details about Agglutination
  197. RE is that reproductive endocrinologist?
  198. Resolve info: Updated 6/07
  199. about.com links: Male factor IF, semen analysis, male IF quiz
  200. Coping with Father's Day
  201. New Here
  202. Im new to this.
  203. about.com links: Female IF (causes and testing), Fertell (new home fertility test)
  204. im new, and i have some questions....
  205. Interesting information...
  206. What can I expect?
  207. American Society of Reproductive Medicine...check it out!
  208. Thyroid problems causing IF?
  209. National Infertility Awareness Week...save the dates
  210. Animated cycles...check it out!
  211. IF in San diego
  212. I'm new here & am so confused!!!
  213. Secondary Hypogonadism
  214. Legislative updates
  215. Now no fees to use auction site!
  216. New and already feeling the pressure
  217. Male hormones are important too!
  218. Okay! Checking in. What's everyone on these days?
  219. Next step after Clomid
  220. It's National Infertility Awareness Week!
  221. First RE Appt....
  222. Away from the board 11/10-11/14
  223. Been there and done that so while BC-Cel's away feel free to ask anything!
  224. Here's our story...
  225. New to this board, tried Clomid, getting depressed (pg/children mentioned)
  226. Coping with infertility at the holidays
  227. Get to know FT's Community Forum this holiday season!
  228. WELCOME TO JUST STARTING! Please read for site & board rules, & helpful information!
  229. New here
  230. Animated fertility cycle...check it out if you haven't seen it!
  231. How did the holidays go for you? Share or vent! :)
  232. IF info links: ovulation tools and review of the Ov Watch
  233. Happy New Year to everyone!
  234. Article: Gene related to male IF
  235. Help please!
  236. New and confused!
  237. First RE Visit...
  238. IF links: BBT info
  239. Information on clinical trials and research
  240. Welcome ashleym! :)
  241. Interesting article: risk of caffeine and m/c
  242. IF resource
  243. Financing IF tx...some links
  244. New here, need to get it out
  245. New to IVF
  246. RE recommendations in Los Angeles?
  247. Early Test
  248. Welcome JoMak!
  249. TTC 1yr and 4 mnths...
  250. How bad is it (the entire IVF procedure)?