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  1. Update to not getting my hopes up
  2. First dIUI failed :(
  3. Follicle size and lining?
  4. Prergnyl injection 1500 how long does it take to leave your body
  5. CD2 Testing
  6. when to start counting DPO with medicated IUI
  7. IUI after Failed IVF
  8. This cycle is going better
  9. What do you think?...
  10. Why are my follicles shrinking?
  11. www.tearsandhope.com
  12. Please help quickly, natural sex or IUI?
  13. Could the IUI be causing me to not get pregnant?
  14. Timing question
  15. Ever heard of taking DHEA to produce more eggs?
  16. Continue doing IUIs
  17. Any August IUI cyclers????
  18. Rate of multiples per follicle?
  19. IUI#2 tomorrow
  20. progesterone question
  21. Activity/exercise after IUI
  22. Blood test to check for ovulation after IUI
  24. Cramping question and exhausted
  25. When is the trigger shot out of your system?
  26. Roll Call IUI with DS
  27. Progesterone Suppositories & AF
  28. Going to trigger today- have a Question!
  29. Timing question for IUI
  30. oh CRUD I did the math wrong!
  31. Bleeding with your BFP?
  32. Any advice?
  33. How many hours past Trigger do you IUI?
  34. OMG i have an idea!
  35. Did you use OPK when doing IUI with follistim?
  36. Could I be O'ing???
  37. Can you use Follistim after it's been pierced?
  38. How long for swimmers to reach the egg?
  39. IUI this morning at 8am
  40. AF 8dpIUI?
  41. Progesterone inserts and feeling RAW
  42. I day past IUI
  43. What is your injection protocol for IUI?
  45. Question about IUI cycle validity
  46. Any Sept Cyclers?
  47. Are these good numbers for swimmers?
  48. Once you see the EWCM does it mean...
  49. Just frustrated as all hell here!
  50. HPT or no HPT?
  51. Follicle size day of trigger?
  52. 15dpiui BFN, no AF - what gives??
  53. Got a question for you IUI ladies?
  54. Confused
  55. Ibuprophin
  56. 2nd cycle canceled-cysts
  57. Progesterone level
  58. Hello all new here!!!!
  59. Headaches.
  60. likely bye-bye
  61. IUI #8 a bust!
  62. ** Warning *vent*
  63. After Clomid - injectables or laparoscopy?? Need Advice!!
  64. Do I need to take break between Clomid & Injectables?
  65. Fertility Infomation For Infertility... Please Share
  66. color change
  67. What were you told?
  68. can iui work after multiple failed ivf
  69. 12dpiui BFN- AF showed! child ment.
  70. Question on cycle
  71. Anyone doing natural cycle iui?
  72. WWYD? Day 15...
  73. The Waiting is the Hardest Part
  74. How many follicles, days of stimming and med protocol?
  75. Sitting out Sept cycle- HSG
  76. Letrozole dosage
  77. Ok- im SURE its totally DUMB of me
  78. The saga of BeeBee continues.......
  79. Anyone notice this? TWO in one month?!
  80. Can IUI be successful with low motility?
  81. Timing question -- should we BD tonight??
  82. Semi(old)newbie - what to expect?
  83. Why did my follicles release so soon?
  84. exercise and IUI
  85. New to IUI and need your opinion
  86. HSG update
  87. Started injectibles tonight anyone starting up?
  88. Will traveling after IUI affect implantation?
  89. waiting for beta results
  90. What Should Progesterone Level Be???
  91. Well i thought i was out but im in
  92. What Meds did you use to get PG
  93. ? regarding trigger shot
  94. Freaking out about cysts
  95. cost of iui??
  96. Complete newbie with IUI questions
  97. When do you start POAS?
  98. www.tearsandhope.com
  99. Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst After IUI
  100. once again i need you ladies to help
  101. Gonal-F Injections (FSH shots)
  102. Feeling depressed
  103. crinone question
  104. cd21 progesterone question
  105. How has Clomid changed your cycle length?
  106. CM question
  107. Does Femara change your cycle length?
  108. Is it time to move on?(children mentioned)
  109. i had coffee last night - did i hurt anything?
  110. IUI tomorrow
  111. I guess I have to give up now
  112. help! Over stimed...now what?
  113. Starting cycle this week who's with me!
  114. New to the board
  115. Beta numbers
  116. Anyone know what they are checking for?
  117. "Too many cysts to count"
  118. Brand new and eager to start!
  119. Using Progesterone to keep AF Away
  120. October cyclers
  121. Today show-Rethinking Infertility
  122. PCOS and IUI cycles
  123. Clomid and Gonal-F
  124. Follistim (should I call my dr?)
  125. I hate the 2ww-
  126. 7dpiui and interesting...........
  127. How is everyone doing?
  128. 1st Time IUI
  129. Beta First Week Of October...Anyone Else?
  130. Beta question
  131. How do you know how many eggs were released
  132. HOw many IUI cycles........
  133. Met with RE yesterday. Can I please have advice?
  134. Endo and IUI
  135. Was anyone else really scared to start injectables?
  136. Anyone tried acupuncture?
  137. Why do IUIs fail?
  138. Cycle buddies - Anyone starting a new cycle end of Sept/early Oct?
  139. Have questions and need advice
  140. How many IUIs
  141. Halloween IUI cycle buddies
  142. help...? on cervical biopsy
  143. IUIs and multiples
  144. Donor sperm question
  145. Justifiably upset or is the clomid already messing with my moods?!
  146. Is anyone else in MA?
  147. REPRODUCTIVE MASSAGE has any body tried this
  148. Clomid
  149. 2nd Cycle with injections...anyone else?
  150. appt with doctor ...what to feel sad/ happy
  151. Early ovulation WITH Ganirilex?
  152. Frustrated
  153. at 38, would you do an iui w/ 6-10 follicles?
  154. grants for couples trying to conceive
  155. ANybody charting BBT in Celcius ..please answere
  156. How long Trigger shot lasts-when to test
  157. Pregnancy Question
  158. Lots of EXCM but opk -ve....?? please help
  159. Have you had this happen?
  160. Abstaining from intercourse before follicle check/ IUI
  161. Baseline Scan
  162. Share Tips that ur RE/Inferitlity Specialist/Gynac share with you
  163. BCP /AF question
  164. How fast do follicles grow?
  165. 2nd IUI
  166. New here today
  167. Need help here!!
  168. SA results...input please
  169. New to the site
  170. IUI/Femara cycle???
  171. having discharge from breast...not pg..just ovulated
  172. New to the site - 1% morphology 2nd IUI
  173. any changes to cycle on clomid?
  174. New to IUI
  175. saveontests.com or HPT test strip Q.
  176. Follistim Success?!?
  177. New To IUI
  179. Clomid, Ovidrel and possible effects on heart?
  180. Brand of Ovulation kit??
  181. Is this good or bad???
  182. Why does my #2 IUI failed again?
  183. Progesterone suppositories question?
  184. Hooked cervix
  185. Anyone taken Tamoxifen???
  186. Success after chemical pg's
  187. New to the board . . . IUI #1 with Femera and HCG trigger yesterday (m)
  188. Starting Stims today!!!
  189. What day did you start stims for IUI?
  190. Starting again..(going for baby number 2)
  191. Could I have ovulated on my own?
  192. Does having sexstraight after your IUI give you a better chance of falling pregnant??
  193. Anyone cycling in November?
  194. Cramps and BFP?
  195. November Thankfuls
  196. E2 level at trigger
  197. question about injectables?
  198. slow growing follies
  199. 28mm follicle on iui day
  200. Help!! Stopping Premature Ovulation
  201. help! took ovidrel shot last nite - when do i surge?
  202. HSG was today:
  203. Just curious (IUI question)
  204. Seeking advice
  205. What happened to my bbs?
  206. CD1 anyone else just starting (cycle buddies)?
  207. Has anyone used Lupron as a trigger?
  208. Did you get AF while on Progesterone?
  209. Normal O pain vs. OHSS
  210. HELP----HPT question
  211. feeling sick after IUI
  212. 4dpiui and my bbs
  213. Discomfort after IUI...normal?
  214. Prenatals???
  215. Does anyone have a f/u to confirm ovulation?
  216. IUI after IVF? (adoption mentioned)
  217. Thinking of Trying Again(preg/children ment)Cross post
  218. DID I ovulated or not..
  219. Please advise - Urgent -Should I get HCG triggershot or not?
  220. Why a higher mc rate???
  221. A/F type cramps
  222. Trigger question
  223. No period after going off progesterone?
  224. IUI with advanced maternal age
  225. Does anyone have/has had cysts at 8dpiui?
  226. Two Week Wait..Who else is in??
  227. frustrated with HPT
  228. Question about timing
  229. Holiday Scrooge
  230. I'm getting discouraged
  231. Clomid Start Day???
  232. Anyone having an IUI first week of Dec?
  233. Can cysts delay period?
  234. Success with IUI after IVF?
  235. IUI w/o Progesterone?
  236. I am back(Femara and baby aspirin)
  237. Ovidrel with back to back IUI's
  238. Success after D&E
  239. Progesterone question
  240. How long do you normally stim????
  241. Repronex Anyone?
  242. Question about cyst and IUI cycle
  243. Follicules 11-13mm, what's next?
  244. IMklc
  245. IUI with Clomid or Injectibles
  246. Acupuncture and IUI
  247. Low donor sperm count
  248. Dec 8-13 iui women!
  249. 1st Cycle with Clomid
  250. Taking a hpt after IUI