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  1. Welcome, Pleae read before posting.
  2. Okay I will kick it off.....other persons pg mentioned
  3. Howdy~ Our Introduction's ~
  4. BethCdn
  5. Here's my big question:
  6. continue with fertility or adopt (preg, losses mentioned)
  7. Looking back
  8. Thoughts please tomorrow.....(child mentioned)
  9. Thoroughly exploring..
  10. Just need to vent if that's ok!
  11. Bethcdn
  12. Hope this is the right place to post????
  13. Deni3282 - your mailbox is full
  14. How is everyone doing?
  15. Relapse
  16. What to do when you are ready but DH isn't?
  17. Baby announcement
  18. baby shower
  19. new
  20. any updates?
  21. When did you move on to adoption?
  22. Why Am I Feeling Like This?
  23. Struggling, struggling, strugglin
  24. Pregnant co-worker making me insane
  25. Why IF? (child mentioned)
  26. going crazy
  27. Finding an adoption support group?
  28. how is everyone?
  29. Rage at the magazine stand!!!
  30. Some days I just can't believe ....
  31. what to expect when you're expecting
  32. hello, is anyone out there
  33. Here comes our last BFN...
  34. Ready to Move On
  35. Newbie
  36. Husband can not move on
  37. how is everyone doing?
  38. When do you make the adoption decision?
  39. How OVER infertility do you need to be?
  40. I did it and I am in shock!
  41. Does adoption take away the desire for a biological child?
  42. Adoption vs 2nd IVF
  43. how are we all doing?
  44. Any Canadians here?
  45. Mixed up
  46. needing support
  47. Anyone used attorney's John Long and Ronald Kram?
  48. Have a happy holiday and a great new year.
  49. Any updates for the New Year?
  50. Help me to be more sensitive and understanding...
  51. Newbie - First time posting - child ment'd
  52. Room for another?
  53. Introduction
  54. Any new updates? Is anyone around?
  55. Exploring Adoption after failed Donor Egg Cycles
  56. Anyone Adopted A Child From Guam?
  57. If one song could describe your IF and or adoption journey, what would it be?
  58. Adoption Baby Album?
  59. Contemplating adoption or IVF
  60. Anybody around? Any updates??
  61. International or Domestic? How to Choose???
  62. talk show on adoption
  63. Adoption in NJ
  64. Adopting Older Children
  65. Agency Question
  66. New BC for Adoption After IF
  67. Considering Adoption after IF? Ask your questions here!
  68. Thinking of adoption, but still feel a void?
  69. November is adoption awareness month!
  70. Single Men Wishing to Adopt
  71. Moving from Ivf to adoption
  72. To try IVF again or move on to adoption?