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  1. Welcome to the high FSH/premature ovarian failure board
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  3. Do BCP's oversuppress?
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  31. dr. Zouves or Dr. Milki (Stanford)?
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  45. Use of bromocriptine
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  49. will prometrium suppress my one little ovary? how do i get it going?
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  104. new here.
  105. Please help me understand my results!
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  118. for ladies posting success stories, did you have MFI too?
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  132. How do you deal with the FEELINGS?
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  148. new to this.need info fast pls
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  150. i'm so confused
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  152. For those of you who asked me re supplements for egg quality
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  178. Sister Egg Donor
  179. Question
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  184. Caffeine
  185. CD3 Antral count...indication of fertility vs FSH number?
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  187. poor responder
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  189. I was told that I had a 0% chance of getting pregnant with IVF with a 10d FSH of 18.6
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  191. this study made me hopeful
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  194. High FSH
  195. i did blood test.. please help explaining it to me!!
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  200. New Member
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