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  1. Bothered by too much religion?
  2. TV and God
  3. Unrest in the Middle East
  4. Talking with the Pasteur??
  5. "In vain"
  6. Asking for prayers from you all for my ministry...
  7. Sharing my welcome in Advent
  8. 2nd Sunday in Advent - Preparation
  9. Being married to a non-believer.
  10. On Christmas Eve
  11. Need help with the concept of anger and forgiveness
  12. To the Men of Fertile Thoughts
  13. Growth in church attendence?
  14. Welcome to the Christianity and Prayer Board
  15. New user CHAT March 9- 7pm CST!
  16. Children's bed time prayers
  17. I'm giving the Welcome tomorrow in Church
  18. The invisible woman
  19. I disagree with my Pastor on this...Your thoughts?
  20. Letters to God - movie
  21. Share your Easter/Ressurection Sunday activities here!
  22. My Favorite "Easter" Christian Song
  23. It is Friday- Sunday's coming!
  24. Sharing a beautiful Easter message
  25. Reading:Bringing up Girls by Dr. James Dobson
  26. Question???
  27. Sharing a FB post - written by my cousin Missy. (tissues required)
  28. Catholic and IUV/IVF???
  29. I want to give thanks to God
  30. Facebook - Likey - Going to Church doesn't make you
  31. Dave has a ? can you help him?
  32. Covenent marriage? Do you have one?
  33. The Attributes of God~by Tozer a bible study?
  34. A recommended read for summer!
  35. Music and drama camp this week....
  36. "God's Not Dead- He's Alive!"
  37. I am really excited about Sunday!
  38. Silly question...
  39. What is your Ur?
  40. what do you look for in your parish/church community?
  41. Do I really belive Gods plans for me are good?
  42. Catholics I have a question...
  43. A marriage essay- a loving tribute too good not to share!
  44. A tough time at church
  45. Do you believe 'we' all expect too much?
  46. Chilean Miner Rescue - About those shirts..
  47. Why Believe
  48. Lucky or Blessed?
  49. I have another question...
  50. Who isn't going trick or treating?
  51. Where to report Technical issues after the board upgrade
  52. Great book!!
  53. I feel like my son isn't welcome at church!!
  54. This is worth sharing.... mall chorus surprises patrons!
  55. Update on my church situation...
  56. Love
  57. dd and I are headed to...
  58. Worrying
  59. prayer for 2morrow
  60. Palm Sunday tomorrow....
  61. My Faith Struggle
  62. Good Friday - beautiful music
  63. A video of the premier of a new worship song
  64. "Fireproof" fans - have you seen this?
  65. Joined a ladies Bible study today...
  66. Ministry for Tween Girls
  67. I think I have lost it!
  68. Feeling super frustrated!!! (Children mentioned)
  69. Merry Christmas!
  70. Can this heart be mended?
  71. Ivf and Christianity
  72. Bald is beautiful... My new world with Cancer and Chemo
  73. GOD's miracle
  74. Egg in Egg ! Amazing Miracle from God!
  75. Getting ready to start the ivf process
  76. Prayer list.
  77. Where is my faith?
  78. Please Pray for Me for Conception