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  1. marketing women's retreat
  2. Happy Epiphany!!
  3. God Bless This Soldier.......
  4. Has anyone else's community responding to new TV show?
  5. I liked these...wanted to share
  6. Question on board etiquette. Children mentioned
  7. Scripture for today
  8. Daily Scripture Readings/Devotionals
  9. Thank You For Giving To The Lord - Ray Boltz
  10. Valentine's Day Secret Pals
  11. Help me get over being angry with God
  12. Morality issues with IVF and extra embroys
  13. IF Is REALLY Testing My FAITH Today (pg ment.)
  14. email to make us think.....
  15. Are We Ready To Start An Online Study?
  16. Scripture for today....
  17. Poem I wrote today.
  18. Scripture
  19. Having a really rough time (TTC/infant death ment.)
  20. How do you deal with being hurt by your church family?
  21. The miracle Of motherhood is amazing!- Pregnancy metioned
  22. May I join?
  23. Pray for this family
  24. Let's help make this be a HUGE success!!!
  25. Leaving For Vacation!!
  26. Prayers Please
  27. Church sign
  28. an Aha moment today - thank you for the nudge God!
  29. Stopping by to ask for prayer
  30. More - The Book of Daniel
  31. Forever changed
  32. God's Cake!!
  33. End of the Spear, great movie
  34. NBC's anti-Christian program The Book of Daniel has been cancelled!
  35. About avatars and title lines...
  36. Online Bible Study - EKG: A 40 Day Experience - DAY 1 YOU CAN
  37. Free Booklet - Secrets of Peace
  38. Comments of A Sad Nature (pg ment.)
  39. Grandmother in hsp and other things...
  40. Online Bible Study - EKG: A 40 Day Experience - DAY 2 OBEDIENCE
  41. I just found this bb! Asking for prayers
  42. Traveling to New Mexico
  43. Online Bible Study - EKG: A 40 Day Experience - DAY 3 COVENANT KEEPER
  44. Grandpa's Hands
  45. The Peace of God
  46. I have changed my User Name...
  47. Online Bible Study - EKG: A 40 Day Experience - DAY 4 BIRTH OF A NATION
  48. Scripture for today
  49. New IF ministry
  50. What is the Catholic religons stand on IVF? (DD ment'd)
  51. Prayer Request (possible adopt. ment.)
  52. End of the Speer - Religion: Love the Film, Hate the Sin? Christians Debate
  53. FT friend needs prayer! immenselyblessed...
  54. Church Leader Training
  55. Great Site
  56. Scripture for the day
  57. How Do You Remember To Be A Christian?
  58. He is God!!!
  59. Take up your cross, scripture for today
  60. Accountability partners needed... inquire inside
  61. Prayer request
  62. Prayer request for the next few weeks...
  63. Free Gifts From Oral Roberts Ministries
  64. This is so good!
  65. I came by to say lost my baby
  66. Everyone Can't Be In Your Front Row
  67. Bible Verse for Today
  68. sharing something
  69. Words I Need To Share.....
  70. Where is Eli Mae?
  71. asking for a prayer for my friends.
  72. Ministry Fair questions
  73. Journey devotional for women?
  74. Onward Christian Warriors... (TTC Prayer Group Updates)
  75. Would you pray for me?
  76. CLASSIC TRUTH~Journal One: How to Study the Bible
  77. Talked to Eli Mae
  78. His Image
  79. Are you ashamed?
  80. We leave in the morning! Cruise mentioned!:)
  81. Scripture for today
  82. Memo
  83. Back from my Walk to Emmaus
  84. Thursday Is A BAD BAD Day For Me!!!
  85. DH & I Are Getting Baptized On Sunday
  86. Ash Wednesday/Lent
  87. All Members Of Board In Here For Me Please Urgent
  88. Just Got Back From Doctor
  89. CLASSIC TRUTH~ Journal Two- Matthew
  90. The Word for Today
  91. What do you think about a weekly prayer request?
  92. IF support group starts tonight
  93. I know I need not be jelous so I need prayers!!
  94. Prayer Request
  95. The Power of the Word
  96. Scripture
  97. Urgent Prayer Request
  98. Today is the day! We're on our way right now!!
  99. Prayer Requests for week beginning 3/12
  100. Trust in the Lord
  101. Verse for Today
  102. Casting Crowns song
  103. Wanted to let you know was okay
  104. Praise Him! He is worthy!
  105. Prayer requests week of 3/19-3/25
  106. Children's Book Poll
  107. Easter Story Cookies - great project to do with kids
  108. Question
  109. Joy of Salvation
  110. Lord You Have My Heart - Song By Delirious
  111. Easter article
  112. Scripture for Today
  113. God's Complete Acceptance
  114. Scripture
  115. I'm back online...
  116. Prayer requests week of 3/26
  117. Did you notice we moved?
  118. Urgent Prayer Request
  119. Catholics & Confirmation Names
  120. IF conference this weekend
  121. The Room (Kinda Long, But Worth The Read)
  122. My will vs. God's will
  123. Your favorite Bible verses?
  124. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!
  125. Is Anglican like Catholic?
  126. Prayer request/praise for week 4/2
  127. Anyone doing VBS...let's share ideas!
  128. Awesome word this morning....
  129. Hi, I've changed my username......
  130. Your Son For A Quarter
  131. Devotional for Friday, April 7, 2006 (an email I got)
  132. Listen For Me
  133. Religious Tolerance and pre-schoolers
  134. Methodist religion question
  135. Today's Message - April 10, 2006 (from an email)
  136. Just wanted to say
  137. Leave a thought here about Easter Sunday
  138. Here is today's devotion for the 21 days of Glory
  139. Nichole Nordeman - What If
  140. To Ever Live Without Me - By Jody McBrayer (Lyrics)
  141. Deception
  142. Scripture for today
  143. Wow, a MUST Read!!!!!!!!
  144. Prayer Please
  145. Do you remember this hymn?
  146. What are your thoughts...
  147. Question: How do I know if Im at the right church
  148. Scripture for Today - PSALMS 103
  149. I have a question...please read
  150. Dh and I need prayers!
  151. New to this board, but have something on my mind..
  152. Happy Birthday Sconiless
  153. Ministry Fair - Outcomes
  154. Not sure if I am at the right church either.
  155. This Is A VERY GOOD Read!!
  156. This week's promise: God delights in those who honor him
  157. For those who consider themselves evangalistic...
  158. Please pray (X-post)
  159. Can I make a book suggestion/recommendation?
  160. No luck this Sunday with Church #2.
  161. (fet/pg mentioned) Requesting prayer
  162. This week's promise: God Protects His People
  163. Please pray for MommaRitz's Dad!
  164. Please pray for friends child!
  165. American Cancer Society's Relay for Life
  166. For all of the Christian moms who have experienced loss of any kind
  167. Updates anyone?
  168. Urgent Prayers Needed
  169. New Christian magazine - check it out!
  170. When your hut's on fire
  171. Small problem, need advice (baby mentioned)
  172. I have been fighting something lately...
  173. ~Prayer Thread & Positive Thoughts for Infertility~
  174. Very good article
  175. Pentecost, anyone?
  176. How do you all feel about Yoga?? X post from another bb
  177. VBC/VBS Updates
  178. troubled by Christian radio...am I missing something here?
  179. Song: Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble? (By Delirious)
  180. Praise God! He is so good!
  181. Question/favor to ask of Catholics
  182. BARGE!!! Need scripture help, please! :)
  183. Verse For The Day.....
  184. What happened to prayer request?
  185. Yoga-something to add
  186. The Amazing Deck of Cards
  187. Scripture
  188. Scripture of the day (June 28, 2006)
  189. Can You Sleep While The Wind Blows?
  190. Stunning Substitution!!
  191. Cell Phone vs. BIBLE
  192. A problem with faith
  193. I need you to pray please
  194. A question for parents, soon to be parents, waiting to be parents (kids mentioned;)
  195. Scripture Tree
  196. Scripture
  197. New to this forum: Hi!
  198. Prayer Request for Me
  199. new to this bb but have some questions?
  200. can I ask another question?
  201. Scripture for the Day - July 18, 2006
  202. Devotional 7/20/06
  203. Something is being put deeply on my heart.
  204. Iwill4u- your pm box is full!
  205. Just an Update on my Quest for Faith
  206. Scripture for today
  207. I would like to give a testimony (IF tx metioned)
  208. An update on the VBS "problem" at my church.
  209. Our Daily Bread
  210. White Lie Cake (Friday Humor)
  211. Prayer Request please
  212. Another prayer request-FIL has cancer- again
  213. Scripture for today
  214. my DH wants to go back to church but I don't know....
  215. When God calls you away from a ministry
  216. Prayers & Update on friends DH
  217. update on FIL
  218. Wanted to share this video
  219. Got a question.... no debate please
  220. Have you heard about the new video game...based on Left Behind series?
  221. Quick Introduction and a question (pg briefly mentioned)
  222. Asking for prayer for IF tx!
  223. Need Scripture help!!
  224. Praises to Him for Abigail's safe return
  225. Mealtime prayers...
  226. Bedtime Prayers...
  227. one more prayer request
  228. Anyone Christian Orthodox?
  229. tithe question
  230. Christians and Divorce....
  231. Update on IF tx (asking for prayer)
  232. Question regarding Gods will and IF tx
  233. Light The Night Walk
  234. St. Gerard
  235. Christian school?
  236. I need a prayer
  237. Prayers for a vibrant little girl
  238. Is God Trying to Tell Me something?
  239. New Christian and have a ?
  240. a little help please. (link to prayer bb)
  241. What are you doing to put Christ back into Christmas?
  242. Are you a GOOD Person? Take the test..
  243. Merry Christmas from Walmart!
  244. Something Cool Xerox Is Doing - Join In!!
  245. A Witness (Lets all share one!)
  246. Songs what lifts you up?
  247. Children's Books
  248. Movie: Facing the Giants
  249. Know of any good websites? (Baby mentioned)
  250. New to this board