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  1. YIPPIE!!! we have a garden bb!!
  2. Lets talk potatoes!!
  3. Who all is loving this new board??
  4. Raised vegetable/flower beds
  5. What veggies would be easy to grow inside for all of us midwesterners who only have..
  6. Guess what dh and I did in our truck together for the FIRST ...
  7. What kind of fruits and/or veggies have you grown?
  8. Sharing my gardeners...........
  9. Hey...Just Noticed This Board
  10. Where can I get CLEMATIS???
  11. Can I see a picture of your patio?
  12. This board is so cool! And the Board Coord.
  13. First Cukes from my garden....
  14. my sad little garden
  15. anyone know how to kill myrtle?
  16. My garden is GONE!!!
  17. ? about types of basil & how to harvest
  18. What is the best flower for strong,hot, direct sun?
  19. What is the name of this plant?
  20. HELP! Raccoons in my sweet corn!
  21. Balcony flowers
  22. May I join you? and show off my little backyard oasis?
  23. Anybody have quick/easy tips for processing veggies?
  24. What is this tree called?
  25. I need help with landscaping questions...(same as on gp board)
  26. What to do with the horrible red clay?
  27. Changed our minds on the patio
  28. Keeping CRITTERS away from your garden!
  29. need help with colors and decorating ideas...
  30. What is mushroom compost?
  31. IT is hot and humid... should I...???
  32. ?'s about making a stepping stone, also is there a scrapbooker out there??
  33. Daylilies look so sad...
  34. Does anyone here grow fresh garlic? x-post
  35. Sunflower prep for winter birds?
  36. Anyone dry herbs from the garden?
  37. How do you plant garlic?
  38. New board for discussions related to Hurricane Katrina
  39. I have volunteer corn stalks growing in my flower bed!
  40. Where to find calendar holder/hangers??
  41. An organic way to start a garden plot
  42. Total Hack Job on the Bushes Today
  43. moon flowers
  44. Curtain decorating help, please?
  45. Spiders and webs in all my bushes! Help!
  46. Dead bushes/grass
  47. Fresh little landscape area we did Saturday
  48. Question about Pots/Planters...
  49. Has anyone had a freeze yet?
  50. Are you good with words? Need help writing to neighbors Re: fence
  51. I wanted to share my "deals" with you...
  52. Question about window boxes
  53. Wooden fence or chain link?
  54. Have you received a seed catalog yet?
  55. What else can you put in your compost pile?
  56. Sandy soil?
  57. nothing but shade in the backyard.
  58. Has anyone started garden plant seeds yet?
  59. Do you buy perrenial plants from catalogs?
  60. 4" of sand and . . .
  61. Getting rid of berry vines?
  62. Fire Ants..What Do You Use
  63. So I was bit by the Spring Bug...
  64. heat tolerant flowering plants
  65. herb garden
  66. Awesome new product
  67. Disgusting scales!
  68. Spring blooms To Share
  69. Bulb Question
  70. Easy, cheap way to provide support for climbers?
  71. My back yard is almost ready!!!!!
  72. What would you do about these fast-growing vegetable starts?
  73. Garden is IN!
  74. Do you know what these are called?
  75. My garden survived!
  76. Insulated window treatments
  77. Gardening Poll-what are doing this year?
  78. WWYD...Old Lady Harvesting Rasberries!
  79. what is your experience using sod ..
  80. OMG!!! We have sod... and I have some bare soil!!!
  81. Pickling peppers (X post)
  82. Anyone have experience with Lantana?
  83. Window Boxes
  84. Is your garden full of weeds this time of year?
  85. Dilemma... our magnolia tree has TERMITES!
  86. a very steep bed
  87. old-fashioned thorny roses
  88. Got 3 arborists to look at the tree...
  89. What kind of TREES do you have surrounding your apt or house?
  90. Are you getting tired of your vegetable garden?
  91. Anyone know about bamboo?
  92. Do you know what a "pineapple" cut is for a palm tree?
  93. Organizing Tips Needed!
  94. Ripening tomatoes
  95. millenium plant?
  96. Old Pecan Tree.... dead limbs.... but green leaves!
  97. How many of these 10 gardening myths do you believe?
  98. How do you put a garden to bed for the winter?
  99. The pecan tree is losing limbs and leaves...
  100. Is it TOO LATE to start a winter garden?
  101. New front bed is planted!!!!!
  102. Garden Trends 2007
  103. OOH, I just realized I have a BIRD of PARADISE!!!
  104. MORE tree chopping.... UUGH!!!
  105. How to make un upside down tomato grower
  106. The veggies are sprouting!!!!
  107. Cats pooping in my garden!!!!
  108. roses
  109. We have radishes, spinach, lettuce, and strawberries!!!
  110. Apartment Gardening
  111. Veggie Garden has go to GO!!!!
  112. Refund for frozen plants
  113. another tree is getting the CHOP!!!
  114. Need HELP with letter to neighbors about tree!!
  115. Plant Traumas
  116. Burying compost
  117. Question about gardening....help without laughing!!
  118. Our letter to the neighbors about the pecan tree...
  119. Anyone else in Zone 2?
  120. New Here Professional Landscape Designer
  121. Urine burns and Augustine grass
  122. What does the pumpkin leaves look like when they start popping up?
  123. Tips on chocking weeds & grass in flower beds?
  124. Killing thistles????
  125. Any suggestions...
  126. I've got our tropical garden going well... need a few more ideas!!!
  127. Ok, the yard is done... now I need a COMPOST bin!!!
  128. What can I plant NOW? In the South?
  129. Indoor plants... any ideas?
  130. Solar Power for home - North East
  131. Okay , no green beans for us!
  132. Did I tell you we sent a letter to the crotchedy neighbor?
  133. Garden Quote of the month!
  134. I pulled weeds in the RAIN!!! VERY EASY!!!
  135. Tuesday Tales and Tips!!!
  136. Pumpkins are taking over.....
  137. Tuesday Tales and Tips
  138. Another Garden Quote!!
  139. grass?
  140. Elephant Ears!!!
  141. I planted the VEGGIE garden!!!
  142. Rhubarb
  143. TUESDAY Tips for Gardening!
  144. AUGUST garden quote of the month
  145. Angel's Trumpet... is that the same as Moon Vine?
  146. 1 week after planting veggie garden and I have SPROUTS!!!
  147. TUESDAY TIPS August 7th
  148. We HAVE PUMPKINS!!!
  149. The weeds have broke through the barrier and are now coming through my mulch!
  150. How do protect my pansies?
  151. Pumpkin pics!
  152. TUESDAY TIPS August 14
  153. Well, my garden was DESTROYED in a hail storm last night.
  154. How to get rid of baby elephant ears....
  155. Confessions.....
  156. Tuesday Tips
  157. My plants are gonna die... help!!!
  158. suggestions for a vigorous climbing plant
  159. OMG!!! I have two tiny itty bitty baby...
  160. The elephant ears are...
  161. Cress seed?
  162. Thre corn stalks...
  163. difference between golden eagle and hawks
  164. The small corn stalks are wilting.... WWYD?
  165. Putting your garden to sleep
  166. just found this little corner of FT!!
  167. Planting already!
  168. First Burpee email today
  169. so I am not planting anything now.... it's December... what to do?
  170. Cassia Delosa? Bushy tree like plant with yellow blooms..
  171. Chilis from Hatch
  172. A little something to get you salivating . . .
  173. So far...
  174. Gardening resolutions
  175. Add dryer lint to your compost pile
  176. Uses For Dollar Store Shower Curtains
  177. Staging house for sale question
  178. Started my first plants last night!
  179. Loopy Lou mentioned companion planting--ever heard of Three Sisters planting?
  180. What i got done today!
  181. Do you have a specific standard spot for planting your veggies and herbs?
  182. Plants for shade areas
  183. My garden "plot" so far--LOL
  184. Geranium 'Rozanne', The 2008 Perennial Plant of the Year
  185. composting
  186. Dirt tracked Through The House.....
  187. We have a BONNIE"s CABBAGE!!!!
  188. DARN!!!! Cabbages are "cold weather" plants!!!
  189. I MAJORLY raked and weeded the tropical garden!!!
  190. Spring is knocking on my door and......
  191. Crop rotation diagram
  192. New Bed!!!!
  193. Have any of you tried Webkinz Gardening?
  194. Making planting pots out of newspaper
  195. When is the last frost-free date in your area? (link)
  196. Cool weather seeds are planted!
  197. Here is my (very) humble garden
  198. Question reguarding strawberries
  199. Who composts- help needed
  200. Finally....
  201. Home canning
  202. HELP -- Ants in my p(l)ants!!!
  203. Looooong germination periods!
  204. Our little garden
  205. A tour of my Garden (a looonngggg thread with photos!!)
  206. Can you help me decide what to plant in
  207. canning question
  208. Looking at pressure canners
  209. pectin how old is too old?
  210. more questions
  211. Katrack Here are the Jars
  212. What are your favorite canning books?
  213. our seedlings
  214. Any interior painters here?
  215. Upside down tomato planters--cheap!
  216. Anyone done the upside down tomatoes?
  217. Trying my hand at making jelly
  218. Anyone else getting discouraged with their garden?
  219. crab grass???
  220. Going to pick strawberries later this week, help
  221. Got my pressure cooker
  222. Ezekiel bread anyone?
  223. Harvested our Bonnie brand cabbage!!!
  224. Tomato plant questions...
  225. Fruit and Berry Patch?
  226. How long does it take a sunflower plant to "go to seed"?
  227. I cleaned out the caband and guess what?
  228. ONLY 5 days... and guess what?
  229. Some garden pictures--mine!
  230. Banana Peppers/Jalapenos...
  231. We have a tomato (from blog)
  232. Update... on sunflowerrs!
  233. The sunflower are thigh high now!!!
  234. Waiting on the tomatoes . . . . [Salsa recipe in post 5]
  235. Sun flower upate.... now 5 feet 4 inches tall!!!
  236. First batch of salsa
  237. I beat MAV to the sunflower picture!
  238. First batch of tomato sauce
  239. What is my garden up to in my absence?
  240. going green... with worm composting
  241. Hiding my face to say this . . .
  242. Ok I am ready to start a garden again.. help & suggestions!!!
  243. Best way to dry flowers?
  244. What will you do differently next year?
  245. I never planted my garden....
  246. My "who knows what's growing garden?"....
  247. I think I have wildflowers!!!
  248. I surveyed my garden yesterday . . . .
  249. Composters....
  250. Kind of obsessed with homesteading.....