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  1. Help with Hubby
  2. What's new
  3. No luck yet
  4. the doc said low sperm quantity
  5. do sperm enhansement products work?
  6. Varicocele surgery
  7. Timing
  8. All guys time to vent..........
  9. 2nd IVF Negative
  10. frustrated newbie...
  11. klinefelter's syndrome
  12. Calling all hubby's - any advice?
  13. Varicocele/SA/Sperm Donor Question
  14. Orchidopexy & Infertility
  15. clomid and tetsoterone injections
  16. Wife here - need a mans point of view pls.
  17. Sperm DNA Fragmentation
  18. Andrology
  19. Happy Birthday *Lurker DH*
  20. post varicocele surgery
  21. Trying IUI
  22. Varicocele success story
  23. Sperm Morphology
  24. anabolic steroids and sperm
  25. Starting FET
  26. sperm test
  27. Hyperthyroidism
  28. can i have a guys perspective please?
  29. It worked
  30. Anyone recommend a good Specialist in the UK?
  31. Need advice please!
  32. boost your count (posted on iui too)
  33. A New Board--Home and Garden
  34. tough times
  35. New here
  36. improving sperm count and motility
  37. Question
  38. Starting Proxeed
  39. Low sperm count/motility
  40. Male infertility interview request
  41. guilt feelings but....
  42. Problems After Surgery For Varicocele
  43. how do men feel about donor sperm?
  44. Advice needed from the guys please...
  45. Posting for my DH
  46. ZINC anyone?
  47. Just found out
  48. coming to terms
  49. R.e.d.
  50. Varicocele surgery tomorrow
  51. Lets Create Change!!!
  52. what helps morphology % ???????
  53. Low Motility/Morphology
  54. new counts for SAs???...those of you on vits. and Fert. Blend???
  55. Are there any men actually here????
  56. help ..problem with DH 1 wk before IUI
  57. Emotional Aspects of IF & IVF....
  58. Hard Learned Lessons to pass on after 2 IVF's,
  59. P.S. Improved Semen Sample
  60. What dose of Pycnogenol did you use
  61. having trouble telling dh that i want ttc again
  62. Azoospermia , help required
  63. pain
  64. embarrassed
  65. azoospermia
  66. getting ready
  67. Tips on improving viscosity please!
  68. High Numbers?
  69. Facts On Honey and Cinnamon
  70. Low Sperm Count; Did the vitamins help?
  71. Husband shutting down
  72. Need a Guy's Opinion
  73. Some interesting e-books that might help
  74. New to IVF
  75. I need some IVF support
  76. MF Infertility - the lil guy
  77. a woman with a question
  78. how can I make him understand
  79. husband's seimen analysis
  80. How to comfort wife at these times?
  81. Someone to talk to
  82. Low motility
  83. Anyone had a varicocele fixed?
  84. Stupid Bilateral Varicoceles Have Returned
  85. Secondary Hypogonadism
  86. Orchiopexy surgery
  87. Micro-Tese procedure
  88. The Husband Room
  89. DNA Fragmentation
  90. clmoid to increase sperm count.
  91. Hang in there everyone
  92. Just Got Our Bad News
  93. This is my last S/A, Please examine and post
  94. Anything to take for abnormal sperm?
  95. Anyone heard or taken "CHENG YUN WAN" ? chinese infertility supplement m & F?
  96. Our story of life with Azoospermia
  97. Azoospermia..... Pls HELP Me.....
  98. Testing chromosomal health of sperm? $? etc?
  99. Wife has infertility depression
  100. Facing DS Path. Needs guys perspective.
  101. 7 follicules but only 1 egg harvested = distress
  102. Any guys tried acupuncture for MF?
  103. semen analysis
  104. Is there any insurance for men that are needing a varicocele surgery?
  105. Need Your Perspective
  106. Any success stories with Klinefelter's Syndrome?
  107. Please consider participating in my IF research study...
  108. Any success with Sertoli cell only syndrome?
  109. Need some advice
  110. Just a Thought
  111. what do you think abnl. SA?
  112. wife needs help understanding hubby
  113. Sex Drive...
  114. varicocele!
  115. The Man Cave is open. Men only.
  116. delayed ejaculation
  117. Suggestion for fertility clinic
  118. A Poll for all the Men here...
  119. Lists of Tests
  120. What vitamins helped sperm stats?
  121. How can I help my hubby quit smoking?
  122. A woman asking the advice of men re:ex husband's embryo's
  123. looking for male opinion ... husband closing door on all fertility treatments
  124. Varicocele embolisation
  125. Amazing urologist in NYC for my DH?
  126. Antisperm Antibodies-Need help
  127. Tesa questions?? Can anyone help
  128. Any suggestions?
  129. Semen Analysis Results
  130. Curious wife needs to know a mans point of view...
  131. a couple of Viscosity questions.
  132. Going Through Infertility Alone as a Husband
  133. Tips for improving semen volume?
  134. Suggest medication to lower/Improve DFI
  135. Need a man's opinion about a very sticky issue
  136. Need some insight/feedback from both male and female perspectives
  137. How much do you know about your sperm?
  138. Sudden Impotence
  139. varicocele embolisation cost
  140. Donor Sperm - Who should I tell?
  141. Low Motility/Morphology
  142. Zero sperm count "sentence" - It hurts ... a lot
  143. Vasectomy - The New Condom?
  144. Marc Sedaka, "What He Can Expect When She's Not Expecting" on Fertility Authority!
  145. Hey MK37994.....I'm back!!!!
  146. Excited and Nervous... looking for advice
  147. My story
  148. Any paraplegics or disabled men/partners out there?
  149. Success after a TESE
  150. My story so far.
  151. Zero Sperm motility in both SA,any hope?
  152. My story of infertility at 36
  153. Sudofed plus helps with retrograde ejaculation?
  154. Zero Sperm Count
  155. New to this--Many unanswered questions
  156. I'm so lost about everything right now.
  157. My SA report ONLY shows Total Motility, and there is no Progressive Motility value
  158. Low Count
  159. Trying to deal with use of a donor
  160. Varicosele veins
  161. Living on the edge
  162. Bizzarre results
  163. Azoospermia