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  1. Welcome Message!
  2. Toddler obsessions/compulsions? Normal vs OCD?
  3. do i just give in to DD for peace sake - after 3yrs?
  4. Lurker coming out - my intro...
  5. Newbie - 3 y.o. sleep challenges!
  6. intro- my 'touchy-feely' child
  7. Terrible day.....(a bit long).....
  8. What type of therapy for ADHD?
  9. New worries and some ADHD questions...
  10. Seperation anxiety?
  11. regressing?
  12. Its official
  13. Behaviour Challenges or tantrums?
  14. Moving with your behavior-challenged child
  15. Update on Noah's "appointment"
  16. my son
  17. my "distructo" boy
  18. getting over best friendship gone sour
  19. Talk to me about language delays & dysgraphia
  20. Whiney Boy Twin.. Help.
  21. I've been MIA... we have a diagnosis...
  22. Brought DS to the doctor today-now I feel like we are headed in the right direction!
  23. I've been hit, kicked, bitten, pinched and spit at today(same as 3-5 board)
  24. has anyone had a child on methylin(same as special need boards)
  25. BC-Christine
  26. ritalin did not work, now what?
  27. Where Do You Purchase the Omega Oils?
  28. Moms of Kids w/ADHD question
  29. UGH, Like Mother like Daughter
  30. Anyone done "The Listening Program?"
  31. Is this OCD? (Same as GP BB)
  32. Will be gone rest of the week
  33. aaron had an appt with behavior specialist today at childrens hospital near our home
  34. How do you know when/if to seek help?
  35. Good news for Connor (x-post)
  36. 3 year old still not completely potty trained
  37. Anyone have experience with Adderol?
  38. Need help with hitting and violent tantrums
  39. omega oils??
  40. What would you do?
  41. We went to a follow up GI appt today (behavior topic).
  42. Signing off here while I move...
  43. We got our referral to a child psycologist.
  44. Intake/Evaluation appointment set for Dec 12th
  45. Anxiety = biting, hiting, pinching (considering medicating!)
  46. Kimberly_Sing...
  47. Eating challenges anyone???
  48. Dallas has an evaluation with Psychiatrist
  49. Finally had our eval/intake appointment today.
  50. Really dumb question, but how will they...
  51. New to this board..
  52. attachment disorder
  53. Hi, new here..
  54. 3 year old he!! anyone else in it?? lol
  55. *cjaj*
  56. Hi and thanks
  57. what should I have prepared when going to see a child psychiatrist?
  58. Behavior challenges in siblings...wanna share?
  59. had our appt with the child psychiatrist
  60. how do you know if it is normal behavior or time to get evaluated?
  61. is bipolar hereditary?
  62. ***saphire***
  63. Post Traumatic Stress in a 3 yr old?
  64. How do you teach self-control?????
  65. ***Saphire***
  66. Help....getting desperate
  67. in need of advice
  68. Screaming and "sharing"
  69. Yikes!!!!!!! I Need Help!~
  70. Darn!!! Baby sitter backed out...
  71. Ritalin question (sorry..a little long)
  72. Ever feel like you just can't do it?
  73. I know this has been mentioned b4 - Omega-3's, how much?
  74. Defiant Little Sugar Plum
  75. He's hitting his brother and classmates
  76. aaron had a bad day today
  77. New here!
  78. Need some sites....
  79. Amusing/disgusting potty training story
  80. Do's and Don'ts of potty training
  81. FINALLY!!!! A doctor with a clue!!!!
  82. New to "this board"...sort of
  83. Bedtime whoas!!!
  84. Toilet Training Resistance (long)
  85. Weekly Tips
  86. kids favoring one parent.
  87. An idea that may help with problem behaviors in public
  88. ADHD sites?
  89. Help after 3 yrs of preschool my daughter is now throwing fits when we drop her off
  90. Child "wants" to be bad
  91. Children Name Change
  92. "The Difficult Child" by Tureki, MD
  93. Not sure what to think....(long, sorry)
  94. Will is getting his tonsils out...
  95. bedtime troubles
  96. The long battle.
  97. New here...worried about ds
  98. WHY WHY WHY!!! SOOO Frustrated...
  99. Childhood depression...
  100. How cool is this?
  101. Lying...
  102. New Here - Looking for reading resources
  103. is this a stage or something to be concerned about?
  104. When do I know if it's time for professional help?
  105. dr appts
  106. I made a call...update on Joey
  107. update on dd
  108. should i look for a child specialist
  109. What is the appropriate response???
  110. Moms of Medicated Kids
  111. i am at my wits end
  112. new to this board....questions
  113. Considering switching schools...
  114. Should I have him evaluated
  115. Good news!!!
  116. Need help with ds again...
  117. Success!! (potty training)
  118. need some opinions
  119. PLEASE give me some advice,
  120. Travel with kids...any tips...
  121. tell me what you know about Adderol
  122. Almost 4 - just shy or behaviorial issues?
  123. At my wits end (potty issues)
  124. Introduction
  125. how do you handle people's comments?
  126. I'm confused about OT
  127. 4 yr old girl - beyond temper tantrum meltdowns
  128. lying. when the tale of nose growing stops working.
  129. not sure what to think or do
  130. diagnosed w/ anxiety - 4 yr. old
  131. For those who have helped me in the past with Dylan. I finally have a diagnosis.
  132. aaron's 6 year checkup
  133. need some suggestions on next types of drs to see
  134. Question on sleeping and meds...
  135. Good News!!!!
  136. i am so depressed........need a shoulder
  137. I cant get 8 year old into his own room!!
  138. Siblings
  139. What to do, what to do!
  140. To medicate or not
  141. Teaching a child to swallow pills?
  142. which medicine
  143. I need a break
  144. anyone with experience with sleep apnea
  145. how do you discipline?
  146. bipolar or ADHD
  147. update on aaron. just back from the behavior specialist
  148. doesn't look like dd will be going to preschool
  149. Finally a diagnosis...and some questions (long)
  150. attachment disorder....any experience...need help
  151. Anyone do a summer "medication holiday"?
  152. 9/11 - our story
  153. how to get school testing??
  154. I'm back....
  155. ADHD question
  156. Spec Ed Advocate?
  157. testing update
  158. ADHD consultation with ped tomorrow
  159. It's official
  160. Renee in N Cal. a question for you
  161. First day on meds
  162. leanne
  163. Just a little lamenting.....
  164. Another ADHD question...
  165. What to do, what to do? To medicate or not.
  166. New here....?'s about ADHD
  167. Seasoned Moms, your thoughts, please!
  168. Questions about ADHD, Tourette's, meds, etc.
  169. one more ? about various meds
  170. Do u ever feel your your childs self-esteem is being ruined?
  171. Aggression Issues..Any help would be appreciated
  172. I need help
  173. follow up appt with ped
  174. 504/IEP...lost in the confusion
  175. What can I expect.....or not expect?
  176. Question for SaraLee
  177. Has anybody particpate in a program like this
  178. caffeine and stimulant meds
  179. Concerta
  180. New here
  181. New here....question about child's lack of friends
  182. Anyone's child on Focalin XR?
  183. Victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. Dd's turn UPDATED!
  185. Ds wanting company when going potty at night
  186. ? about melantonin
  187. Give Me Strength.........
  188. Has anyone's child been diagnosed as Bi-Polar?
  189. Got her an appt with a psychologist for Friday
  190. Wish us luck, we go to the psychologist today
  191. ADHD with speech impairment to start with
  192. Introducing Timothy
  193. TODAY & TOMORROW are the LAST days to sign up for the FT HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE!
  194. ADHD and Autism -- treatment plan?
  195. Encouragement for our kids
  196. Time to change dosage??
  197. medications and sleep
  198. Feeling stressed
  199. Luke's OT recommended a behavorist
  200. ?? for anyone who child is ADD and/or ODD
  201. What age was your child diagnosed ADD/ADHD
  202. update on aaron
  203. Anyone have experience with the med Tenex/guanfacine
  204. son and ADHD -meds
  205. ADHD and Meds
  206. How do you know if...
  207. aaron keeps getting bloody noses
  208. Son suddenly very whiney
  209. waiting for dr to call me
  210. Cathy in GA
  211. new here, lots of questions
  212. Has anyone tried 'Relora' to 'calm' their child?
  213. Your insight really needed
  214. concerns and questions
  215. Concerned about ds not growing
  216. Teacher concerned with my son
  217. Talk to me about Strattera
  218. not sure how I feel about this..brushing technique (same as Gen Par)
  219. problematic mondays
  220. I hate you mommy
  221. Question about weight loss and ADHD meds
  222. "You're Mean!"
  223. ADHD question
  224. The one time I send DH to the doctor with DS....
  225. update on aaron
  226. question about focalin xr
  227. Preschooler with ADHD?
  228. Ideas to help control talking in class..
  229. Question about Evaluation Appointment
  230. EKG and Ritalin
  231. DS dx with ADHD
  232. DN dx with ADD and mom(sil) wants someone to blame
  233. Strange movements ???
  234. Temper Tantrums
  235. Anyone have hyper child take karate?
  236. How to explain...?
  237. New ruling from supreme court...
  238. Any good Discipline book recommendations and some guidance?
  239. Need help w/ 3yo DS
  240. So, here we are.....
  241. Questions about 5 yr old behavior
  242. excessive crying - HELP
  243. Would you guys mind...
  244. Did any of you take part in this survey?
  245. Williams
  246. reward techniques
  247. dd tried to choke a kid at camp
  248. Sleep/bed help please
  249. update on dd who choked a kid at camp
  250. Register your child w/police for easier care