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  1. Red Flags for Autism Spectrum Disorders
  2. What to do if you suspect an autism spectrum disorder in your child
  3. The therapies we each have done and why
  4. Our stories
  5. Always stand up for YOUR CHILD!!!!!
  6. I'm a nervous wreck!!
  7. Lurker having a few questions, please...
  8. From my autism support group
  9. Carla - Your Nephew
  10. I'm so proud of Jake!
  11. Just when I thought she really didn't have major sensory issues...
  12. Need advice quick re: preschool and issue with my sister (warning LONG)
  13. selected mutism ?
  14. Went to support group - mom has severely autistic son
  15. Considering pulling dd from preschool, want opinions..
  16. "Typical" Preschool went OKAY today....
  17. Check out question about link between autism and immunzations...
  18. RDI (Relationship Development Intervention)
  19. First swim lesson without mommy - HORRIBLE!
  20. Worst meltdown ever
  21. What an imagination!
  22. what do you think of this and what would you do?
  23. Does your son really have autism?
  24. Overgeneralizing Mommy!
  25. Swim Lessons - MUCH BETTER THIS WK!
  26. FREE Baby Bumble Bee DVDs...
  27. quick response needed on Nick's eval
  28. Lori
  29. The wedding is this weekend! Pics of my little penguin + other pics
  30. Are you doing trick or treating with your child?
  31. New to this board...DS diagnosed with Autism-PDD NOS
  32. What a cheeseball...
  33. I cried at the wedding rehearsal
  34. Delayed, functional echolalia!
  35. Lori and Carla, do you have any RDI updates?
  36. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly-share yours
  37. Language evals....
  38. He Did It!!!!
  39. Would you take away the autism if you could?
  40. Need urgent advice on ARD asap please
  41. how do you handle this? (a version of this is on GP)
  42. Want to share a website I found
  43. Do you consider autism a handicap ?
  44. Can I share a few pictures?
  45. Had a screening done today on my son
  46. Off to Disney World in the morning
  47. Thank you ladies and a question
  48. Ok, we are ready to take our first steps ...
  49. Frustrated, as you have read many times before!
  50. BEST Haircut EVER!!!!!!!!
  51. What are you doing about religion?
  52. Hello from the most Magical Place on Earth!
  53. Traveling on a plane with Chase
  54. Do you ever do this?
  55. Tell us your child's current favorite...
  56. School year begins...
  57. OOOOOO!!! These 'parents' have my blood boiling!!!
  58. Can a coloring book or DVD case be a "lovey?"
  59. Funny moment...
  60. Grab a cup of coffee...Disney pix!
  61. How to tell a sibling about autism?
  62. What an eventful day! (non-autism related)
  63. Is this typical? (Drawings/art by Chase)
  64. Losing OT services, feeling sad
  65. New here.
  66. Home Based VS School Based Therapies
  67. "Mom, I don't know what to be...
  68. Does your kiddo memorize books?
  69. Jake has friends at school who want him to come to their house to play!
  70. DD seems MORE autistic lately?? What is happening?
  71. Hunter is in the hospital
  72. Much better day!
  73. ABC Nightline
  74. Supernanny teams with autism expert
  75. Cure Autism Now 2005 WALK-A-THON (pix incl.)
  76. A quick question...
  77. Does anyone have experience with listening therapy?
  78. I have a story I wanted to share with someone....
  79. Easy Kid Recipe Ideas???????
  80. My grandmother passed away
  81. Darn it! The biting has returned!
  82. Missed last session with ST, new one next week, YIKES!
  83. Thank you.
  84. DH hired a spec ed lawyer today...
  85. Grandma's funeral was today
  86. We're waiting on a diagnosis
  87. My son is ADHD and PDD-NOS... our introduction...
  88. OK I think I have made some decissions...
  89. Teaching Safety?
  90. Lets talk Communication books...
  91. A couple of Jake funnies.
  92. Pumpkin patch pics
  93. Hunter will be in the hospital on Friday for testing
  94. Has anyone tried this for the ENDLESS requests?
  95. question about the gluten-casein free diet
  96. An update on us..
  97. Louissette, we'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
  98. I'm not very proud of myself as a mommie right now. (Long)
  99. I wish it were Autism Awareness Month
  100. A link to my boys pictures
  101. For those of you have children w/autism...requesting advice for a friend
  102. Did you see this thread on GP bb?
  103. Hunter is home from the hospital, and thanks for the good wishes!
  104. Jan, when does Gage start school?
  105. Please share in my joy! (same as Gen Parenting board)
  106. Jumping back with a quick question re: placement of services new law?
  107. Almost had to leave a resturant WITHOUT eating!
  108. Show and Tell
  109. A few questions for you ladies....
  110. Opinions Please
  111. Story of Dr. w/DS w/autism-long but worth it.
  112. Lori (and anyone else)...Jake's art
  113. What do you get when you cross Cookie Monster with Bob the Builder?
  114. Posting for a friend
  115. Must have my blinders on...
  116. Help re: gluten/casein free diet
  117. I think we need to change our board name???
  118. what would you do? re: Halloween
  119. Care for a new member???
  120. A must buy product!
  121. Chase and Natalie are ready for Halloween!
  122. What do you think of this description?
  123. I'm going to be sick
  124. I desperately need some school advice
  125. Our Halloween success story.......
  126. Hunter survived his first week of school, Mommy her first week without him!
  127. Link to an essay written by my 15 year old with NLD
  128. Make me an Avatar?
  129. sharing a halloween picture
  130. Great Gluten/Casein FREE Pumpkin Bread
  131. I just ran a marathon!
  132. Can I whine re: ROTTEN weekend?!?!
  133. Confirmed--won't be getting our referral this month for Lydia
  134. Halloween pics
  135. Can I whine a little please?
  136. Trick or Treating Pictures
  137. More halloween fun
  138. starting brushing to deal with sensory issues. . .
  139. *** Lynn ***
  140. Couple of H'ween pics...
  141. Started Chelation again
  142. Question please
  143. Why do our kids regress when they are sick?
  144. I think we've hit terrible 3's! UGH!
  145. Just heard Temple Grandin speak
  146. I think I am ready.....
  147. What therapies have you tried since your childs diagnosis with ASD?
  148. What is Sensory Integration Disorder???
  149. A show I would recommend...
  150. have any of you considered home schooling for your ASD or SID child?
  151. A teeny tiny breakthrough with one of my ASD Students
  152. Anyone who has done the gluten/casein free diet
  153. Flu shot decision...mercury mentioned...
  154. Baby BumbleBee???
  155. My little brown noser!
  156. Carla, have you heard of pyroluria?
  157. Warning re: therapists
  158. away for weekend
  159. Who's around this weekend?
  160. Any new therapies or testing you're considering?
  161. Ten things ya love about your kiddo!
  162. It's the "You have to Laugh, Otherwise You'd Cry" thread...add yours!
  163. Cathy, mom to Ian...
  164. Back from Oregon and exhausted!
  165. My sister's pediatricain blew her off
  166. Went to our Ped on Friday
  167. Anyone know anything about making weighed blankets??
  168. Big Cedar Lodge (Branson, MO) pics
  169. ~Colleen~ How was the IEP?
  170. More on pyroluria
  171. Is your child in ABA? Question for you...
  172. What I learned at PACE PLACE (RDI week)
  173. potty training help
  174. Might be a little over our heads, but...
  175. There was a message on my machine from my ped's nurse...
  176. Birthday party
  177. Lori, do you use the rdi techniques you're learning, with Natalie too?
  178. Huge gains in eye contact and attention over the past week
  179. Sharing a new gluten free web site
  180. Jake just did something so cute!
  181. More on the b-day stuff
  182. Is there an adult in your family...that acts like your child.
  183. FYI..New Clinical Trial in Children with Autism: Investigational drug for GI problems
  184. Welcome to Holland by Emily Pearl Kingsley
  185. 2.5 PDD? Please Help
  186. Autism Fundraiser Info.
  187. Chase ate rice! And, with a spoon!
  188. Are GI issues part of sensory issues? (Hope I'm asking on the right board)
  189. All decorated for Christmas--pics of my Santa goofball (link to GP)
  190. So Joseph has a totally streaming nose again...
  191. Why this board is here (religion mentioned) PLEASE read (I'm not preaching--promise!)
  192. Do you give gifts to your therapists?
  193. MY son had OCC. Therapy Today
  194. Question about school age classrooms...what are my choices?
  195. First post here and need to know if I'm overreacting
  196. I HATE puke!
  197. Jake told me....
  198. Link enclosed...Pics of Rylina making bread.
  199. Chase asked to go to the potty!
  200. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS (poop mentioned!)
  201. Add Panera to the list of places we are going to be banned from! LOL!
  202. Chase peed 2 more times today!!!!
  203. JJ is so Hyperactive!!! Some advice please.
  204. The hitting and throwing have started!!
  205. Bathtub crayons ROCK!
  206. What does your child want for xmas?
  207. Lots of car/truck/fire engine noises ??pretending
  208. Anyone use PECS in addition to ABA?
  209. I'm having trouble accepting my son's dx
  210. Ever heard of this? Saw it on another message board.
  211. I am not a good mommy....
  212. Joseph broke his arm...
  213. Here is "H's" Christmas Photo!
  214. iep--need advice and feedback
  215. How do we choose where to live ?
  216. My little sis is so sweet.
  217. Wanna do another chat?
  218. Heard these are good videos....
  219. what do you give your kids for snacks?
  220. So sad, Kaden's OT Evaluation results are in
  221. How much of the 'issues' your child is facing do you reveal here?
  222. Anyone use a Consultant in regards to services your ASD child receives?
  223. Emotional post for me...am I an adequate parent without the therapists?
  224. Family Picture
  225. Overview of major STRENGTHS common among individuals with ASD
  226. Thanks for your warm welcome!
  227. Anyone know about Delayed Echolalia?
  228. First Christmas where ASD dd "gets it" a little bit
  229. HE DID IT! Sat on Santa's lap...
  230. Update: Dev Ped appointment and meds!
  231. My dad starts the chemo tomorrow morning
  232. Mercury Tests?
  233. Pic of my boy!
  234. Cool free website for games to help our kids
  235. occasional lurker who is not positive she belongs here...
  236. Chase's Santa Photo
  237. Update on IEP!!!!!!!!!!
  238. Mind if I join you here again??
  239. Finally heard a little back from our SD
  240. Do you feel this falls under PDD -Nos new to this board
  241. Are we the only ones not doing ABA ?
  242. I have a few questions...
  243. Little update
  244. For those with non-verbal children, what do you say to people?
  245. I don't have a "formal" diagnosis....
  246. Sensory Integration Lurker Joining You
  247. Introducing Jake's baby sister!
  248. Question(not sure if it belongs here)
  249. Alyssa's 1st day of OT
  250. Since there seems to be a lot of lurkers, here is a list for infants of First Signs