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  2. What do your kids call themselves?
  3. My bi racial child is getting spotted
  4. How about a new topic... What do you tell people????
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  6. Do you get judged by ppl from your dh's race?
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  22. I need your input please!!
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  24. Why Would His Hair Do This?
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  30. Racial Diversity in Future School
  31. My mom vs Dh....( Time to share family cultural difference stories)
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  33. BC-Ferret Mommy will be gone for an indefinite time
  34. Children and Oversea visits... In Law vent...
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  37. What box do you check for ethnicity?
  38. EEOC updated reporting categories
  39. Considering an adoption of a child of another race
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  46. they think im a bad mother
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  49. Does anyone feel like everyone judges them?
  50. TIPs for bi-racial kids hair
  51. Infant curls - when to cut?
  52. Bi-Racial Twins
  53. Article: Roma Children Removals Make Us Wonder What Family Looks Like
  54. Multiracial babies - stories and pix. Liven up this place