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  1. Nursery pictures
  2. Here's that big A$$ coffee table
  3. Anyone with leather couches and dogs?
  4. Thanks to Ronen!
  5. Post your latest sewing project!
  6. How did you learn how to sew?
  7. Looking for advice from experienced strippers
  8. Anyone with experience sewing swimsuits?
  9. What are you favorite sewing gadgets?
  10. My burning question...
  11. A question about embroidery thread and regular thread... (same as LA bb)
  12. What do you think of this fabric?
  13. Anyone have a recipe for setting colors in fabrics?
  14. Check out this ladies sewing area!
  15. Have you ever seen these and what the heck are they called?
  16. Hi ladies
  17. when did this board get here?
  18. Any cross stitchers here?
  19. Does anyone know if pinking shears can be sharpened?
  20. Anybody Knit?
  21. This weeks sewing tip....
  22. What brand of pattern to you like the best?
  23. Can anyone get the pattern back in the package?
  24. purchased a new sewing machine
  25. Alexander Henry fabric $7.95yd + coupon codes!
  26. Question about sewing
  27. My new bag....please peek
  28. embroidery people
  29. This weeks project...
  30. Question for you sewers. Can I offer a challenge the next one?
  31. Those that sew.... tell me.... How did you get started?
  32. Anyone else seen the 'pillowcase' dresses on ebay?
  33. Does wallpaper/paint/curtains etc fall into the decorating mentioned here?
  34. Karen- here's how I add ruffles to a pair of overalls!
  35. ~~~Kylie~~~
  36. finally finished the quilt
  37. need some help with shirt repairs
  38. Halter Top Pattern picture
  39. motherload of fabric!
  40. Brown, Pink, Brown, Pink
  41. Attn: Jo-Ann Shoppers
  42. I think I have entered the world of "Seamstress"
  43. Wanna see my finished outfit??
  44. crypto
  45. Hey.....This is my fabric!
  46. How much money would you spend on a yard of fabric?
  47. Another crypto halter fashion
  48. Here are my new projects
  49. do doll clothes count?
  50. My newest pair of overalls
  51. Everyone post the last fabric you bought
  52. ~~~~~~~lrmc~~~~~~
  53. My weeks work, including doll dress
  54. Let's talk elastic waist
  55. child size quilts
  56. Beginner/Intermediate looking for a new sewing machine? Recommendation?
  57. I have a question Please
  58. Help stupidity hit my sewing!!!
  59. Decorating projects anyone?
  60. Maternity patterns--free + postage
  61. My challenge project is done!
  62. crypto
  63. Anyone have any tips on decorating Flip Flops?
  64. ~~~Irmc~~~
  65. Embroidery machine VS Serger
  66. What I have I done? sorry a small vent.
  67. Kind of goes along with Joy's post, but...(embroidery machine)
  68. Would you please show me your sewing area?
  69. One of those bad sewing days!
  70. Ben's Kilt for his 18 month photos
  71. Sewing Challenge Ladies
  72. Hi ALL-Fabric auction on LA board today!
  73. Jumped back into sewing and a couple of questions...
  74. Anyone have experience with huskylock 1003 lcd serger or the Viking rose sewing
  75. Look at what I got (from Mom)!
  76. When are we..
  77. ~*~*Post your sewing Challenge items*~*~
  78. Can you go into a fabric shop and get only what you went in for?
  79. I see the light!!!! Give me encouragement!!
  80. Nursery!I have to decide- any ideas
  81. Has anyone painted a room red /rust color?
  82. BOM class starts tomorrow
  83. Come see TGs(Tracy) latest creation she made for my Dylan!
  84. 1st BOM block come peek
  85. Someone slap me!!! Why am I so worried?
  86. Timtex
  87. how would you paint this fireplace?
  88. lurker - sewing machine recommendations?
  89. Are you ladies up for another challenge?
  90. My belated sewing challenge project
  91. question about chair rails
  92. Look what I whipped up on friday!
  93. Another quilt
  94. Uh-oh, wool hat into hot wash--oops!
  95. sale on Walmart fabrics!
  96. Need opinion on colors
  97. Chrochet instructions needed...
  98. Patchwork Quilt
  99. Latest Craft ..... Baby & pg ment(not mine!!)
  100. Need to quick & easy way to tighten a waistband.
  101. Sewing machine/serger questions.
  102. Anyone ever made cloth diapers.
  103. Stretch knits - help!
  104. Help with which sewing machine to buy!
  105. Poll--Who has a serger? Also, guess what I just bought? LOL!!
  106. Help! Ironing problem..
  107. I know I don't post here but Tracy(TG) does. Got to share what she made for me.
  108. Patterns for sale...
  109. would you paint this fireplace?
  110. Applique
  111. How to finish edges of satin ribbon
  112. How many yards do I need?
  113. Need help from those with a decorator's eye
  114. I'm new here... looking for embroidery patterns....
  115. Creative people: What to do with cut-off Levi denim pant legs?
  116. Has anyone ever recovered a couch themselves?
  117. My serger is in the shop!
  118. Barging in here... Help for sewing/designing lingerie...
  119. Anyone with knowledge of removing wall paper?
  120. My serger is finally back!!
  121. Help!! Trying to find a fabric design.
  122. Anyone use the Hooping aids for embroidery?
  123. any good links to patterns or instructions for.....
  124. Anyone else with an insatiable appetite for crafting? (knitting mentioned)
  125. Baptismal gown -- I need a pep talk!
  126. Today's quick project
  127. How do you do elastic waist bands?
  128. What'cha working on?
  129. Decorator fabric?
  130. Tell me about your fave scissors!
  131. Talk to me about quilting...
  132. A New Board--Home and Garden
  133. Applique curvy/circular shapes???Tips please!
  134. My latest craft.....
  135. What would you make with this fabric?
  136. What type needle does this require?
  137. Need a designers eye here...
  138. Can you sew buttons on with a machine?
  139. What kind of stitch do you use for applique
  140. On the LA board on Friday the 19th. quilt fabric and some yard
  141. How to dye a wedding dress?
  142. embroidery machine deals
  143. Can you tighten a snap?
  144. Question from a newbie
  145. Looking for ideas to sew a fleece winter hat for DS
  146. satin stitching question
  147. Make/Donate blankets for children of Katrina
  148. I want to make a baby quilt
  149. Hairbow tips???
  150. McCall's patterns 50% off!
  151. Easy sewing project for little girls...
  152. Sewing Machine Needle Co-op
  153. ISO your scraps of fall material for a project! :) (Also on Live Auction Bd)
  154. shopping cart cover patterns?
  155. Latest craft.including Plum Pudding Fairy........
  156. ideas for halloween costumes
  157. I made korkers!
  158. what's wrong with my bobbin???!!!
  159. This weeks bag
  160. Need costume help
  161. Where can I find 1/4" dowels for my roman shade?
  162. Help! How do I make a cat's tail for a Halloween costume?
  163. Need help with pricing. How much would you charge and or would you pay for this?
  164. Wanna see what I made?
  165. Which one do YOU like best?
  166. Pattern for car seat covers?
  167. Stopping in with a question.....((HELP needed!))
  168. Isolette cover pattern
  169. How long does it really take you to sew an easy pattern?
  170. Do you have pictures of your project?
  171. Mittens Pattern around 6 months
  172. ~*~ccat1998~*~
  173. Red beads
  174. Who has scissors they love?
  175. Look What I made
  176. Antique Quilt Question
  177. WEighted blanket for autism question??
  178. I need tutu help
  179. ~~~~jow~~~~
  180. a little late, but my ds's halloween costume
  181. Embroidering an Xmas Stocking
  182. Quilting ?? ( infant loss mentioned)
  183. Are you sewing any holiday gifts?
  184. Made some sheer curtains LOL!
  185. Latest craft
  186. I haven't done sewing for a while BUT....
  187. Memorial Service and Quilt (infant death ment.)
  188. Looking for Daisy Kingdom fabric
  189. Help with machine blind hem stitch!
  190. Pillow case dress pattern
  191. Just got a new sewing machine and....
  192. Free fabric for crafters!
  193. How do you get started making bows?
  194. baby quilt from the retreat
  195. Directions for a lighted doll lamp/night light
  196. Anyone here make jewelry?
  197. Sewing fabric ruffles on jeans?
  198. Do you order fabric online?
  199. Is there anyway to fix a zipper w/o replacing it?
  200. pattern for beaded purse/bag...
  201. Invitations
  202. Speaking of purses................
  203. Latest craft
  204. ISO Handmade Raggedy Anns
  205. Did you know JoAnn's has a superstore?
  206. wedding present?
  207. Latest craft.....sewing and painting
  208. Latest bag
  209. OT- Do you buy or sell or are interested in Ebay?
  210. treadle sewing machine stuff
  211. My "Made By" clothing labels arrived! :-)
  212. Advice on Making a Yoga Bolster
  213. help-- shopping cart cover
  214. LOL! ONE more suggestion on the "Made By" labels!
  215. Please help me...I am NOT a Domestic Goddess!
  216. Starting my own business...
  217. How to get a zipper of a pair of jeans back on the track?
  218. Does anyone here crochet?
  219. I want to learn how to sew so bad
  220. Candyfloss Pink - NIGHTMARE! Ideas please?
  221. Would love advise about nursery. (pg ment)
  222. Latest Craft
  223. Burda patterns-sizing ???
  224. I got started!!!!
  225. Okay Here's The Bag I Made
  226. Hemming for dummies
  227. June Craft
  228. Nursery ideas?
  229. Can you help me figure this out?
  230. A Fun Idea If You Have Artistic Kids
  231. Have you pasted "Wallies"?
  232. Do you mind if I join you?
  233. Katrack...pics of the Christening set...
  234. Anyone have any good boy pattern suggestions?
  235. Katrack...fabric link
  236. 31 Patterns
  237. soft sole shoes
  238. Sewing machine recommendation - quilting
  239. Car print fabric?
  240. Anyone Knit?
  241. Transferring photos to fabric????
  242. My Labor Day project
  243. Latest craft pics
  244. My latest thing
  245. How to join
  246. My latest project (pg/baby ment'd)
  247. I want to start a scrap book...
  248. HELP! how to clean hand sewn quilt????
  249. I need help!
  250. New over here