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  1. What's worse?
  2. agree or disagree
  3. Where do you buy your skivvies?
  4. Push, Sex or Marry
  5. Tips to Spice Up Your Life! Post Yours Here!
  6. Do you have a secret word for SEX? Please share...
  7. Oral Sex
  8. Has anyone heard of Zestra?
  9. What are the nicknames for parts?
  10. Your "odd" likes
  11. If You Liked Liquid Ice....
  12. Robine and anyone else who was interested in the pleasure balm Anngirl posted about.
  13. **Spring Fling Secret Pals Sign Up**
  14. Fun Splurges
  15. TV Shows
  16. OK, so...
  17. What do Animal Planet and Oral have in common?
  18. Favorite Season?
  19. What do you do to help stay "connected"?
  20. Mopping ??
  21. Kimber 3
  22. Every Girl Needs 4 Animals!
  23. Spring/Summer Time Shaving
  24. Has anyone tried Neutrogena Advanced Solutions?
  25. So...how do you like the new boards?
  26. Ok ladies, need your input! (kids ment)
  27. Romantic Ideas
  28. Summer attire
  29. Questions
  30. Toilet Paper
  31. Defy Age
  32. Do you have a "list"?
  33. How often do you have intimate relations?
  34. Calling All Girls/Women... "Classes for Men"
  35. At first I was afraid
  36. Pet Peeves
  37. The Best and Worst Lubricants...
  38. Cereal Eating ??
  39. Are your DH's getting anything from you for Father's Day?
  40. Which actors/actresses DO you like and why?
  41. Good Recent Movies?
  42. I'll be gone for a week
  43. NEW BRIDE goodie basket
  44. Quickie Post and Update
  45. A New Board--Home and Garden
  46. Please be careful with Liquid Ice...
  47. Nosey Thread: How often do you and DH/SO...
  48. Do you or dont you??? (Personal question)
  49. Warning be careful to put away your toys, emabarresment! Child ment.
  50. Did I tell ya'll about Sponge Bob?
  51. Looking for an online fun store.
  52. Do you fold?
  53. What is your favorite song and why
  54. Gone 8/27-9/5
  55. I'm Back!
  56. Hurricane Katrina Support Board
  57. Anyone else a sap?
  58. What type of animal lover are you?
  59. Would You Pole Dance or Give A Lap Dance?
  60. Spin-ff Poll: Would you get a lap dance?
  61. shaving issues emailed to me
  62. Question on birthdays for friends
  63. "Backdoor" poll
  64. What Sorority Were You In?
  65. Orgasm poll
  66. About our DH's/SO's....
  67. Positions
  68. Digital or Still?
  69. Matthew McConaughey Sexiest Man Alive
  70. Can you go????????
  71. Wierd thiings that your DH/SO have wanted to do...
  72. DH threw the B.O.B.'s away!!!
  73. Holiday Shopping
  74. How Often Do You Shave Your Legs?
  75. Are All Men Big Babies When They are Sick?
  76. Have you...
  77. Age old DILEMMA!
  78. what is your love language?
  79. Gone 12/23-12/27
  80. If you know a cheater.....
  81. Pigs are flying here!!!!! I can't BELIEVE this!!!
  82. Just wondering....
  83. New Year's Resolutions?
  84. Question for you multiple O ladies...
  85. Toilet poll 1: Do you use "ass gaskets" at public potties?
  86. Toilet poll 2: Do you think about which stall to choose?
  87. 40 Questions
  88. Motorized Friends
  89. Valentines quote... funny!
  90. tattoos anyone?
  91. yes, Tigger99, the tattoo is started!
  92. raunchy jokes?
  93. Anyone with their Belly button's pierced?
  94. how do I keep embarrassing things off amazon?
  95. Who initiates sex?
  96. It would really be sexy if my DH/SO ----
  97. Sorry I've been MIA
  98. Shopping solo or with friends?
  99. Bath or Shower
  100. Spin Off... Sex in the Shower or the Tub? Both or neither or other?
  101. What do you do on your wedding anniversary night?
  102. Ideas for a tattoo?
  103. Odd Diversities.
  104. Have You Ever Kissed Someone Who Is The Same Sex As You?
  105. Do you?
  106. What's your idea of good foreplay/seduction?
  107. Question: Bikini Burn
  108. Office Pranks needed
  109. A Joke.
  110. Need help
  111. Your Best Sex Injury
  112. So how old were you when...
  113. The smallest...
  114. The largest...
  115. 10 yr anniversary...looking for thoughts.
  116. OK, how many partners
  117. Been MIA and will continue...emergency surgery
  118. worst way to break up? share!
  119. What is the smallest
  120. What drives you crazy
  121. For those who have reached their "Prime"
  122. Biopsy Update & Will Be Gone 7/1-7/10
  123. My husband....
  124. Talking Dirty....
  125. the tattoo I promised a while back
  126. Do you?
  127. Need Ideas to spice it up tonight!!!
  128. A funny....
  129. Fashion: Trends that should die
  130. If you could be reincarnated as an animal...
  131. A cute potty story
  132. Any weird phobias, anxieties, or worries?
  133. Where do you hide your TOYS.... ie B.O.B.s?
  134. Life Cycle Backwards
  135. why am I married, wisdom from my mother
  136. birth control
  137. orgasms
  138. Do you use the handicap bathroom?
  139. preposition usage
  140. Name one thing...
  141. Is it just my DH?
  142. how do you prononce the word clitoris?
  143. Seen any good movies lately?
  144. Is a bidet for the front, back, or both... and is it for a man or a woman, or both?
  145. DH said the neighbor was going to 3 1/2 base with his wife?
  146. Do you "groom" your DH/DP?
  147. Do you and your SO watch x rated movies?
  148. what are some good websites to go shopping?
  149. Do you swallow?
  150. New To This Board and Looking for Recommendations
  151. Love or just sex ?
  152. Things that drive you nuts...
  153. This drives me CRAZY!!!!
  154. Tattoo poll
  155. Would this bother you? Would you say something?
  156. Is anyone's DH against plastic surgery?
  157. Hair Dresser Question
  158. erotic short stories
  159. Batteries
  160. I Will Survive... funny!
  161. Embarrassing sex situations
  162. Not a sex question but need an answer
  163. Happy Halloween Everyone!
  164. Your DH...
  165. Oral Sex and hygiene question
  166. Sharing the signature Rose Petal Bath!!!!
  167. What will you be doing on Dec 22?
  168. how many times per week do you wanna
  169. Any toys for the holidays?
  170. one night stands
  171. Follow-up: Do you swallow?
  172. A Website For Some Fun Purchases
  173. Tipping Question
  174. How long is your typical lovemaking encounter?
  175. Oral or Standard?
  176. very frustrated....
  177. Do you know "Adult Mart"?
  178. stiff breeze
  179. naughty riddles
  180. implants?
  181. Any Piercings?
  182. Any friends who get TOO friendly when drinking?
  183. Do you feel it?
  184. Happy New Year! Any resolutions?
  185. Odd nipple question
  186. Homemedics 3 prong massager!!!
  187. Naughty Plus Size!!! HELP ME LADIES
  188. Has anyone tried this?
  189. When your not having sex...
  190. High School Sweethearts.
  191. Lets talk about lube!
  192. Does age really play a part in "wanting it"?
  193. Premarin Question
  194. Your Typical Valentines Day... what plans do you have?
  195. naughty joke
  196. Happy Valentine's Day Ladies!
  197. Can we have a naught joke of the week?
  198. Brand Names
  199. wednesday's joke early for the weekend!
  200. Joke: The Miracle of Toilet Paper
  201. Bedroom problems
  202. Are you attracted to the same sex? (Not that you act upon it)
  203. a boy's first time
  204. what is your favorite....
  205. Friday joke
  206. Irish toast
  207. Boudoir Photos
  208. Is your DH the only one you think about?
  209. I am Dexter
  210. Wednesday FUNNY! You HAVE to watch all of this!!!
  211. OK...does your DH? Or your BF...
  212. What is your view on "toys"?
  213. This Wednesday is March 14th
  214. A little game just for fun...List all the "sex toys" at Walmart!
  215. This is a fun test
  216. What do you consider to be romantic?
  217. Fun "adult" survey
  218. When is your birthday...(fun survey)
  219. sarahmack *****
  220. I bought a THONG!
  221. Suggestions?
  222. ATTENTION: Server Change!!
  223. Server Move Update 4/18
  224. Anyone kknow where the DEBATE BOARD disappeared to?
  225. Will they bring back the debate board?
  226. Happy Birthday to our great Mod BC TIGGER
  227. Have You Ever Been Caught?
  228. Sym2's Blog - A place to Debate!
  229. Come on ladies~
  230. Ben Wa balls
  231. Time for another sex poll!
  232. Old game - Resurected.
  233. Old polls
  234. How to punish your husband
  235. Very racey poll: Are the following behaviors OK or not.
  236. Now I'm curious. For YOU to answer honestly:
  237. An email I got...
  238. Have a safe, but fun, Memorial Day weekend!
  239. Any good suppliments to help improve sex drive?
  240. Will be MIA this week (death ment.)
  241. I'm Back (death ment.)
  242. Do you
  243. Pssstttt....
  244. Which would you choose?
  245. Do you and your SO watch ****?
  246. Bullet advice
  247. Be MIA - Have Strep
  248. How do you get massage oil out of the bed?
  249. Your first kiss...
  250. Your first orgasm...