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  2. UPDATED Links, articles and more (May/21/03)
  3. 1$ Deals at Scholastic!
  4. We FINALLY started our school....
  5. Quick Good for You Meal Ideas??
  6. Do all of you get flack for homeschooling?
  7. Bright Minds books and software?
  8. I have been asked to teach a lesson on....
  9. Going to my first hs support group meeting...
  10. The "shouldn't they be in school" issue...
  11. Just starting to prepare to transition from public school to homeschool, lots of ???
  12. Got Books???
  13. List of reasons to homeschool
  14. Any other homeschool boards?
  15. penpals??
  16. Hi! I'm new to FT
  17. Borders Educator Savings question
  18. Homeschool Moms...Can I Pick Your Brains
  19. JulieinKC
  20. Chat about the high level of discipline it takes to home school...
  21. Helllloooo Homeschoolers - where are you?
  22. Xmas Ideas for Homeschooling Nephew??
  23. anyone else have a kid whose brain turns off
  24. Looking for ideas for making home made.....
  25. Does anyone use this bb?
  26. Thanksgiving and school work
  27. Socialization.... in reverse
  28. Does anyone do half homeschool half school?
  29. Just wanted to let you gals know....
  30. Home schooling w/ new Twins
  31. Why do you homeschool?
  32. Homeschool vs. school-at-home vs. unschool
  33. our great homeschool "toy" investment
  34. Does anyone have any input on non-traditional schools?
  35. I was homeschooled
  36. Unschooling segment on CNN
  37. Homeschooling article
  38. Question for unschoolers
  39. One day art class in San Diego
  40. Another (positive) article on HS
  41. Need advice....
  42. Homeschooling with Newborns
  43. anyone use A.C.C.E.S.S.?
  44. Could use input...we are dabbling in HSing..
  45. Homeschooling, sweet homeschooling
  46. Can a homeschool drop out try again?
  47. Words of praise for children
  48. Border's Educator Savings
  49. Helpful tips anyone??
  50. i'm hoping someone can help me without too much effort
  51. I got to meet another FT's homeschool mom
  52. More national accomplishments of HS'ers!
  53. How many hours a day to homeschool a kindy age?
  54. Good article on homeschooling/unschooling in Family Circle magazine
  55. Decision taken away from me
  56. Home Schooling and ESL?
  57. Curriculum question
  58. bad press
  59. little vent...thanks in advance
  60. pregnancy during schooling
  61. file folder games!!
  62. Curriculum--how to evaluate different ones?
  63. Teach your child to read programs
  64. To HS or not to HS......
  65. homeschooling due to the child struggling in school
  66. Big changes for us this coming year...
  67. Back to square one
  68. What homeschool curriculum do you use?
  69. excuse the barge...looking for cursive writing workbook
  70. Considering Homeschooling
  71. Curriculum question
  72. Has anyone use The Best of the Mailbox Magazine collection?
  73. For anyone interested in A Thomas Jefferson Education, look here!
  74. Bob Books
  75. I got a green light!!
  76. Abeka curriculum
  77. what do you do about negativity about homeschooling?
  78. Looking for good educational websites xpost
  79. How to educate in the summer...
  80. Fall curriculum yet?
  81. Anyone with sn's children homeschooling this next year?
  82. Stressed out about Kindergarten!
  83. How do you handle younger siblings when schooling olders sibs?
  84. How is everyone doing??
  85. New books arriving! Yeah!
  86. For those of you homeschooling more than one
  87. Our HS'ing update
  88. considering homeschooling my children
  89. HS, but ds in private
  90. You know you're a homeschooler when...
  91. What type of method do you use?
  92. I was banned from our local HS'ing website!!!
  93. just starting out part time.
  94. Need some homeschooling/therapy tools - HELP?
  95. shocking HS article in our local paper!
  96. Here's another one for you - spelling DVDs?
  97. Question about HS special needs
  98. Homeschoolopoly....a board game for HS'ers!
  99. How did you decide to home school
  100. It's one of those days...
  101. Need a hug
  102. Maddening article about Dr. Phil's slam on HS'ing tv show
  103. what are your typical days like?
  104. Statue of Liberty art contest open to HS'ers!
  105. Questions please!!!!
  106. Customer Appreciation Warehouse Sale at Scholastic
  107. Homeschooling Show on Dr. Phil
  108. Tell me more about homeschooling.....
  109. Great quote from DD...makes HS worthwhile
  110. New to HS board
  111. Discouraged
  112. What would YOU put???
  113. What's so great about socializing?
  114. Article: Terror in Our Schools
  115. Any homeschooling parents who work?
  116. New to HS board & about my decision to HS
  117. having doubts...talk me down
  118. Arrrgggghhhhh I just spent 30min typing a 'short'
  119. question about tests/grades
  120. Good article on HS'ing...
  121. Have great new HS ideas from observing O.T.
  122. So excited! Look at the cool classes I get to choose from!
  123. How to start? How to help dh with his questions?
  124. Reader's Digest article with actor Will Smith
  125. Appreciate any advice on homeschooling!
  126. Just checking In...
  127. Have to share....butterflies!
  128. wanting to start HSing
  129. Curriculum Ideas?
  130. Socialization?
  131. looking for Montessori items for homeschool
  132. Socialization when homeschooling ONE child
  133. Preschool curriculum
  134. Am I the only one??
  135. Deprogramming Your Schooled Child
  136. Recommendations for 3rd grade spelling?
  137. Planning for the 100th day...
  138. Are you teaching Spanish?
  139. Back on the homeschooling wagon, sort of
  140. HiHo, HiHo, it's back to school we go...
  141. I really feel that I am being led to homeschool!
  142. Did any of your dh's balk about homeschooling?
  143. Are my reasons for wanting to home school selfish?
  144. Just HAD to share...free laminating at Office Max!!!
  145. Carlashelle--Re: My Father's World curriculum
  146. Great homeschool t-shirts annual sale
  147. Great book
  148. Hello, Hello, Hello!!!
  149. I'm so amazed....trusting the process!
  150. math help
  151. What do you do on those days...
  152. hs tragedy
  153. Positive article about homeschoolers!!
  154. Record keeping journal
  155. HS Special Needs...
  156. Pics from our most recent field trips!
  157. Sex education???
  158. One way to get rid of the Halloween candy!
  159. What are your fav manipulatives for Math?
  160. DD wants to learn reading, now! Materials?
  161. Do you have a lot of homeschoolers in your State?
  162. $1 Sale at Scholastic!!
  163. A HS family's video...Addams family style!
  164. Do any of you belong to the HSLDA?
  165. Do you have a homeschool classroom ?
  166. How early to start homeschooling (Child ment.)
  167. It's happening...
  168. introducing french...Need information
  169. Tax question
  170. An excellent magazine for homeschooling!!
  171. What are your Favorite HS sites and Supply Stores?
  172. snapshot of your day requested
  173. Can you homeschool preschool?
  174. Thoughts on this ruling...
  175. Gov. Schwarzenegger is trying to overturn the homeschool ruling!! (xpost)
  176. Kindergarten
  177. Hillary and no homeschooling?
  178. Handwriting without tears--what do I need to buy?
  179. is anyone else getting tons of comments/questions after the CA issue?
  180. Homeschooling special needs kids
  181. how do you know if its right for you and your kids?
  182. Thought this was cute
  183. overwhelming prospect...
  184. Summer and Kindegarten rediness
  185. Convention weekend!!
  186. Back from HS convention
  187. Encyclopedias in the HOUSE!!!!
  188. dipping my toe in the water
  189. So, went to the park today b/c I knew a hs group would be there.
  190. Pressure from PS friends??
  191. Pennsylvania Homeschoolers
  192. what do you know about Charlotte Mason hsing?
  193. Do you have a seperate area/room dedicated to hsing?
  194. That's what I'm talking about!!!
  195. The Perils of Homeschooling
  196. One wants to go back to school, one wants to come home
  197. A Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List
  198. Homeschooling for summer only
  199. Do you take the summer off?
  200. Any French Advice?
  201. Do you have a summer reading list?
  202. Selling Rosetta Stone
  203. What would you say/do?
  204. Anyone familiar with this curriculum
  205. Older kids/English
  206. Homeschooling for the disorganized?
  207. The Call To Brilliance....have any of you read it?
  208. newbie curriculum question
  209. Hello everyone!
  210. How does your hs'ing year look?
  211. Alisteal....here is something for you!
  212. thinking about HS
  213. Great article in our local paper this morning
  214. Wanna see my re-vamped school room?
  215. I accomplished another big project yesterday! *pics added*
  216. I'm Baack!!!
  217. Wanna see my homeschool blog?
  218. Wish Me Luck. My first organized Field Trip.
  219. would anyone else care to share their classroom/
  220. Spinoff from the other boards....school supplies!
  221. Is pre- preschool considered homeschooling??
  222. Poll of sorts
  223. What are you planning for week day/school schedules?
  224. What activities can you do with a toddler?
  225. Homeschool Frield Trips or Activities
  226. It is time for the annual HS t-shirts sale!!!
  227. What maths should my almost 5 year old be able to do?
  228. If your kids went to school...
  229. can working parents home school?
  230. playdates
  231. Day 2 of 180 and brag
  232. Our HS is on hold until after Labor Day...
  233. How's it going?
  234. Trying our first HS co-op
  235. Wow! I'm totally impressed with the TJEd website design!
  236. Of all the rotten luck...I think I'm getting head cold!!!!
  237. Now my voice is nearly gone!
  238. Christine...your PM box is full!
  239. Sooo excited!!
  240. Anyone do a Bible study for hsing mothers?
  241. what do you do when they refuse?
  242. Should I try school again?
  243. Anyone homeschooling a dyslexic child?
  244. Highschool on short notice for short term
  245. Website help
  246. Is this enough?
  247. Anyone heard about or used the Your Baby Can Read series?
  248. Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel in movie) is a hsing mom!!
  249. Just wanted to share Tommy's cool project of the day!
  250. can i ask for prayers for my friends dd?