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  3. Common Abbrievations and Terminology
  4. Big Question
  5. endo pain???? please read
  6. Possible Hysterectomy in my future
  7. moving forward with LSH
  8. News Story: Male Hormones May Help Women After Hysterectomy
  9. Thanks Shelli!!
  10. Lap.......If only I would have known?
  11. fsh question
  12. Your BC will be gone from June 18-26.....
  13. A New Board--Home and Garden
  14. New study on hysterctomy and ovaries...
  15. Halloween Secret Pals.....
  16. Public Health & Education | Los Angeles Times Examines Health Risks of, Alternatives
  17. GYN gave me two options and one is hysterectomy.
  18. New and sad
  19. Having a Hysterectomy
  20. Holiday (Adult) Secret Pal sign ups 11/14-11/22
  21. Having my Hyst this friday
  22. Will be thinking of you tomorrow Bigdipper...
  23. Article about surgical menopause and link to hypertension
  24. Just curious....
  25. My update
  26. Hysterectomy Poll
  27. Hormone Therapy Study....
  28. Need Advice please...........
  29. What can I do now?
  30. How long were you in pain post op?
  31. I have PCOS, but my mom had a hysterectomy in October of last year
  32. Expanding Board Content.....
  33. Dr Jill Flood in Va Beach, VA
  34. Hysteroscopy?
  35. Lap March 20 (same as endo board)
  36. Laparascopy Surgery Advice???
  37. should I ?
  38. lap on April 3! scared and trying to be brave...advice needed!
  39. anyone experience pacific reproductive center in so cal?
  40. Any laparascopy buddies for early April?
  41. Laparoscopy Tips....list yours here....
  42. can they do hysterectomy's vaginally? and a few more Q's
  43. Ovarian Drilling????
  44. Back from my Lap/Hysteoscopy
  45. New here...what to do when the hormone therapy doesn't work...
  46. If you're considering laparoscopy plus D&C
  47. Talking with my doctor today re: ablasion
  48. I made it...
  49. Lap and chest pain....
  50. Hysterectomy after D&C
  51. AF after Hysteroscopy
  52. Lets create change!!!!
  53. Confused
  54. LAP 1st wk in JUNE?
  55. well its done!
  56. Hysteroscopy while cycling??
  57. Will be gone for a week....
  58. First Surgery Ever! Fallopian tube removal using LAPROSCOPY
  59. endometrial biopsy
  60. had normal lap....
  61. Hysteroscopy and Bloating
  62. just whining
  63. anyone know ANYONE who got pg after having a sono hsg during their LP?
  64. RE's in Richmond VA
  65. Laparoscopy question
  66. effect of cryotherapy on fertility
  67. Anyone have Adenomyosis??
  68. so where does it all come out? hysterectomy question
  69. Bleeding after a Hysterectomy
  70. Having lap done for possible endo..scared...could it be something else other than end
  71. HSG - polyps found
  72. Lap scheduled for
  73. Lap scheduled for Oct 9 - scared, 2 masses on right ovary
  74. Should I take birth control to shrink cysts month before lap?
  75. Hysteroscopy - differences ??
  76. HSG cost question- anesthesia too
  77. To do or not do the lap?
  78. How long before I get biopsy results from LAP
  79. Is bleeding normal after a LAP
  80. Did your stomach shrink after your LAP
  81. Scar tissue pain, anyone?
  82. Anyone have a polyp regrow?
  83. questions about lap
  84. Lap on 10/27
  85. My Update 11/3
  86. LAP scheduled for 11/15
  87. Period after lap?
  88. I need advise
  89. HSG next week...what to expect
  90. Day 2-5 Ultrasound... Questions
  91. Crying and crying - cyst is back...will this IVF be cancelled
  92. anyone have a cyst grow back after a LAP
  93. Cyst, Help?!
  94. lap 12/15
  95. LEEP anyone???
  96. lap on 12/20 and still bleeding....
  97. how long do I wait to start IVF after laparoscopy?
  98. HSG and Saline Sonogram
  99. HSG and mucous plug
  100. LAP for anovulation
  101. post lap questions
  102. Hysteroscopy-remove scar tissue from dnc
  103. Cervix after lap/hysteroscopy
  104. hysteroscopy/D&C
  105. Before your lap!
  106. new here (children ment.)
  107. Any Laps in February
  108. Physical effects after a hysterectomy
  109. Update - had my lap yesterday
  110. Questions about first post-lap period (possibly TMI)
  111. hysteroscopy??
  112. Scared I am Sterile, here's my long story.:(
  113. Stillborn baby then hysterectomy
  114. hysterectomy ? keep or remove the cervix too?
  115. HSG question
  116. Hysteroscopy and D&C
  117. Burning the cervix???
  118. AF after Hysteroscopy
  119. question re: hysteroscopy timing
  120. Laparotomy VS. Laproscopy
  121. intro
  122. Should I do a lap with male factor?
  123. Going to Gyno tomorow for fibroids?
  124. pain after lap
  125. OK to exercise 3 days after hysteroscopy??
  126. Trachelectomy?
  127. Still bleeding 9days after hysteroscopy - Normal??
  128. Laprascope after abdominal surgery?
  129. Need some reassurance.......
  130. Lap question child mentioned!
  131. Need Surgeon in Boston (Myomectomy)
  132. Operative Hysteroscopy-what happens next?
  133. When can you start IVF after an operative hysteroscopy??
  134. new to laparoscopy
  135. Hysteroscopic Myomectomy
  136. Lap question
  137. Birth control before hyseroscopy
  138. HELP! weird cycles after LAP
  139. omg! endometrial biopsies suck!
  140. D&C--Advice Please
  141. HSG question
  142. empty feeling
  143. Loss after hysteroscopy
  144. Uterine Perforation?
  145. Endometrial biopsy
  146. Chances of Pg with endo and lots of scarring? Sorry..looong post!
  147. Endometrial Ablation
  148. Diagnostic D&C
  149. Federally Funded Study Shows More Women Can Avoid Hysterectomy For Common Problem
  150. Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy
  151. ovarian drilling?
  152. Laparoscopic Ovarian Cautery (Drilling): A surgical approach to assist ovulation
  153. Pelvic Laparoscopy
  154. Why Won't I Stop SPOTTING?!
  155. Laparoscopy Will NOT help fertility
  156. Endometrial Biopsy
  157. Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
  158. HSG or Hysterosalpingogram
  159. HSG info/advice?
  160. Follow up, No Endo!
  161. Will be gone 2/3 - 2/9
  162. Laparoscopy or not??
  163. Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH)
  164. How long does bloating last after laparascopy?
  165. Urinary retention post lap anyone?
  166. Total Abdominal Hysterectomy
  167. What is the purpose of estrogen post-lap?
  168. Vaginal Hysterectomy or Lap Assisted Vaginal Hysteretomy (LAVH)
  169. What can I expect from a hysteroscopy?
  170. Anyone have an HSG or a endometrial biopsy?
  171. question on HSG results
  172. Oophorectomy - removal of ovaries
  173. Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE)
  174. HSG-Blockage vs. spasm?
  175. Fluid in tubes
  176. Anyone here have a laparotomy to repair a C-section scar defect (m, pg, mc, kids ment
  177. Please share laparotomy experiences (kids ment). . .
  178. Lap or not? (child ment)
  179. Uggg, an HSG
  180. bcp prior to Hysteroscopy?
  181. Will insurance pay???(prev pg ment)
  182. Lap/Hys at SRM (Seattle Reproductive Medicine)
  183. SHG and HSG back-to-back days... crazy??
  184. Hysteroscopy for uterine adhesion and/or septum??
  185. Cysts causing adhesions
  186. Swimming after surgery?
  187. How long is recovery from a hysterectomy these days?
  189. scar tissue/adhesions - hysteroscopy
  190. Hysterscopy to remove membrane
  191. operative hysteroscopy??
  192. Lap/Mini Laparotomy Recovery???
  193. Laproscopic myomectomy
  194. HSG - How Long to Get Scheduled?
  195. Any New Hysterectomy Patients Out There?
  196. Help laparoscopy bicornuate uterus?
  197. Laxative before surgery?
  198. When should I have a hysteroscopy?
  199. How effective is the ablasion, and how long does it last
  200. Not peeing after surgery
  201. No af- second cycle after Lap
  202. Laproscopy or go straight to injectables??
  203. Cervical cautery for erosion?
  204. Belly button scar?
  205. Salpingectomy to remove tube - How long to cycle again?
  206. HSG- how long before
  207. Cost for Laproscopic Myomectomy????
  208. Had my HSG today
  209. Sex after Hysteroscopy
  210. MRgFUS
  211. Intercourse after Lap???
  212. cervical biopsy
  213. How long after lap did you get pregnant?
  214. Hysteroscopy, Lap Cost?
  215. Ectopic..3 months after 2nd lap/hyst?
  216. fallopian tube removal on 10/20(need advice)
  217. Laparoscopy or just HSG? (children ment)
  218. Question about HSG procedure
  219. Conflicting Info on Blocked Tubes
  220. Period after laparoscopy?
  221. Bicornuate or Septum Uterus...
  222. Sports after Lap
  223. Polyps on HSG film
  224. "Funny" feelin period after lap/hysteroscopy
  225. HSG on monday
  226. Hystro surgery and fet questions. Please help!
  227. Laproscopic Ovarian Drilling
  228. pregnancy with hydrosalpingx without IVF
  229. Hysterectomy
  230. Sonohysterography: An Alternative Diagnostic Tool For Women With Adenomyosis
  231. Number Of Cervix-Sparing Hysterectomies Increasing Amid Debate Over Benefits, Risks
  232. Endometrial Biopsy Video
  233. Hysteroscopy?
  234. Moving Site to New Server on Monday
  235. Endometrial Ablation Video
  236. Endometrial biopsy anyone?
  237. Successful Lap and Hysteroscopy
  238. Does Lap dx blockage..
  239. 1st AF after lap...
  240. Sis
  241. Hysterectomy on 21 yr old.
  242. Will be gone 6/20-6/29
  243. All About Heavy Menstrual Bleeding....
  244. Lap: i wish someone told me that?
  245. Polyp removal question
  246. What Are Menstrual Cramps? What Causes Menstrual Cramps? What Are Period Pains?
  247. bleeding after lap
  248. Lap/Hyst Question!!!
  249. Sonohysterogram ?
  250. bad cramp/af after the lap?? (sorry,,, TMI)