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  1. wishing it were me!!!
  2. Inconsiderate People
  3. I hate these feelings!!!
  4. Me? 5 days late, cyst. SIL UPSET pg w/Twins!?
  5. New to this board
  6. Why does it seem so easy for other?!
  7. is it just me?
  8. need some ideas
  9. Best Friend is PG
  10. really need to vent
  11. Love my niece but...
  12. well, another coworker pg....
  13. feel ashamed for feeling like this, but can't deal with all this right now
  14. Need to Vent
  15. Friends hiding pregnancy from us
  16. You think your all bad....
  17. I am trying but DH thinks I am not...(m/c)
  18. Avoiding neice
  19. it's just not fair!
  20. Anyone besides me have a friend like this? (long)
  21. out of place
  22. Just Found Out Brother's Girlfriend is PG
  23. Frustration, Despair, Loneliness
  24. No where to run...
  25. Threat
  26. wish i'd stayed in bed!
  27. Mother's Day - what to do
  28. What was she thinking?
  29. why is she like this??
  30. Really need to vent!!!!!!!!!!
  31. If someone says that 1 more time...
  32. Sick preggo friend
  33. Oh God!
  34. i know i don't have a right to be this upset, but...
  35. Wanted to share this regarding infertility
  36. I want to scream my head off!!!
  37. I don't understand...
  38. Need to vent
  39. Just want to slap her...
  40. the nerve of people
  41. Is it just me?
  42. In the news...
  43. crazy offer and pregnant teen. Preg. ment. abor. ment.
  44. SIL in labor and I don't want to go
  45. Cant Believe it?
  46. How to handle a Baby Shower ?
  47. what people say !!!!
  48. Good replies???
  49. Update on Sil in labor
  50. I just don't get it
  51. Could someone explain?
  52. I am jelous of one of my best friends
  53. I hate what jealousy has done to me
  54. Glad I found this board (kinda long)
  55. A New Board--Home and Garden
  56. Saw on another board...had to share
  57. Why do they do this?
  58. happy for them but i don't want to celebrate
  59. Kinda off the topic but still related...
  60. Just need to vent
  61. Self Preservation (venting)
  62. Advice and stories WELCOMED!!
  63. Feeling left out and left behind
  64. Visiting in-laws
  65. PG in my face!
  66. Baby Shower
  67. PG friend's big-time diet (venting)
  68. Distraught right now
  69. Friend's new baby
  70. They Should Be Expecting 2 Grandchildren...Not 1!!!
  71. jealousy - the evil green eyed monster
  72. I need help!
  73. Enough Is Enough
  74. Close friend is pregnant
  75. It finally happened...
  76. Icing on the cake.....
  77. Neglectful relative expecting another (child ment)
  78. Upset cause cousion Having baby before me
  79. Babies. Babies. Everywhere babies.
  80. can I come mope with you??
  81. Teacher's vent
  82. So mad at DH - (preg mentioned)
  83. In bad taste? (pg & babies ment'd)
  84. why not me
  85. My Hurt - Their Gain /pg ment.
  86. What a way to start a new year! :(
  87. What do you call it?! WARNING VENTING INVOLVED
  88. Ok Ladies! I'm About To Blow
  89. Do you think this baby was adopted?
  90. I Need to Vent Before I Explode!!!!
  91. How would you feel?
  92. Need help!!!!! Preg/m/c and children ment....
  93. I hate my body....
  94. Getting Mentally Ready For It...
  95. just getting over my last heartache
  96. PG coworker/Intro (pg/child ment)
  97. Yep. Got another "call" last night
  98. Baby Invite in the mail
  99. My Consult Is Today!!
  100. Everywhere you look! (pg & children ment'd)
  101. I can't take it...
  102. Ladies I can't do anything but cry
  103. C-section makes me happy (PG ment)
  104. Can Anyone Help Me With My Issue
  105. I AM going to by a baby shower gift!
  106. DH said something very hurtful
  107. Time to vent again
  108. I am waiting
  109. Thank you
  110. Ok Ladies! I have to see the @#!#!!
  111. My coworker had her baby...
  112. Had major freak out last night
  113. But of course this would happen!!!
  114. I just wish he understood.....
  115. New here
  116. Karma is biting me in the Butt
  117. Baby Showers
  118. Another pg lady at church
  119. I wanted to Yell That is Suppose to be ME!!
  120. Ok Ladies! I evoided seeing the *****
  121. Infuriating article and my email response to it
  122. How many times do I have to hit my head against the wall??
  123. frustrated
  124. Daviso!!!
  125. Hi, new here
  126. Received one of THOSE calls... (pg ment'd)
  127. How to deal with insensitive colleague
  128. Email yapping about another pg!
  129. I'm being left in the dust!
  130. Saw the familiar "bump" at church
  131. IF Seminar in NRH, Texas - April 1, 2006
  132. Firewife/Debbie!!
  133. Mixed feelings
  134. 17 year old cousin is 3 months pg
  135. I can't even believe someone...
  136. Stupid thing I did.......
  137. Only ya'll will understand....
  138. KelliAnn (update)
  139. Shame on me.........
  140. vent...even on your worst day
  141. kelliAnn
  142. Not a good day to be me
  143. Easter + Pg Sil = :(
  144. Jackie!! :)
  145. Debbie!
  146. Dreamed about neighbor's pg
  147. How was your holiday?
  148. my friend and her pg
  149. Sister pg. after my BFN
  150. May offend pregnant women....not intent..looking for opinions from NON pg women
  151. Just need some hugs.......
  152. Just found out...
  153. when they say, "i hate to say this, but..."
  154. Pregnancy is "in"?
  155. Snappy response
  156. Family reunion and Pg sister
  157. TS want to know...
  158. Just Relax & Stop Trying
  159. Turn it into a game
  160. Anyone Else?? Kinda long, sorry. Just really need help
  161. I am becoming a cynic!
  162. Pg SIL and tomorrow
  163. My friend makes me wanna scream!!!
  164. Nervous but feel better
  165. 5 Baby Showers in one month and 7 friends pregnant at the same time..
  166. The Great Wall of Silence (child ment.)
  167. Woo-hoo! I never have to see the most annoying pg woman in the world again!
  168. I'm turning into an evil person...
  169. Lets Create Change!!!
  170. SIL talk about pg belly........
  171. new here & need advice about SIL PG
  172. I need help ..... Venting
  173. Pet Peeve
  174. Why did God give me a defective uterus
  175. Just a question, might get me into trouble
  176. BFN for me
  177. honestly
  178. 100 Acre Woods ( a mindless rant)
  179. Please help me support my SIL (preg mtnd)
  180. Thank god for Internet Shopping (rant)
  181. I WOULD LOVE ADVICE...(cousin's child mentioned)
  182. Celebrity babies everywhere I turn!
  183. Talk about your close call.........(pg sil)
  184. this is ridiculous
  185. Rough day today (long one)
  186. Ok Sisters....Rally around me!!
  187. Girl in class is pg with twins :(
  188. Mornings are getting harder.....
  189. I just can't do it
  190. Can't avoid this one...
  191. Now I know I have problems
  192. Sil Baby Shower
  193. What kind of mutant would you be?
  194. Something In The Water
  195. Every Were I Turn There Is Babies And Pg Women
  196. I know how you all feel
  197. all around me
  198. What my mother said......
  199. I am losing hope and determination
  200. Mean former friend
  201. i'm so jealous
  202. *Rant* Did anyone catch any of the Brittany Spears interview?
  203. I Hate My OB/GYN
  204. friend got a BFP -need advice
  205. 2 more around me pregnant - UGH!
  206. Let's hear it for the cows!
  207. Am I Evil, or What?
  208. don't want to do this
  209. How do I tell her?
  210. Double-Whammy!
  211. Miles and miles of white, sandy beaches...and...
  212. I want to kick her in the shins
  213. New to this section but really need support
  214. I'm so ashamed to admit this........
  215. Sooooooo P*ssed at dh!!
  216. Ahh, guilty pleasures ... (child ment.)
  217. Another Mindless Rant (pg loss ment)
  218. Have got to tell you!
  219. How can one person be so pathetic?????
  220. SIL had second baby
  221. 135 photos of pain
  222. *sigh*
  223. I'm pretty sure I'm a terrible person
  224. Help.
  225. Dateline NBC - Adoption Fraud
  226. coping with others' moodiness
  227. He was once mine, now he's back....... (long story)
  228. Mixit29 are you out there?
  229. This'll make ya sick
  230. Everyone is pregnant -UGH!
  231. Of all the days
  232. Bring on the construction paper!
  233. ok Ladies! venting new friend TTC
  234. Now I feel bad
  235. I want to curl up and die!!!
  236. Guess what I am getting out of?
  237. Fairymom - update the chronicles!
  238. Going on vacation and seeing very pg SIL
  239. Got "that" news today
  240. How quickly they forget....
  241. Do you have an "elephant"?...
  242. sometimes people say things that hurt
  243. Momzilla-to-be Update
  244. My Mates-Pregnant
  245. Party Favors & Sonogram Pictures.....
  246. Tired of being happy for others
  247. sister in law is pregnant
  248. They are following me around!
  249. feel like IF is ruining everything in my life
  250. Babies Everywhere