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  1. Af question.
  2. Wasted days and wasted nights
  3. First IUI failed
  4. cycle buddie for 01-05
  5. Cancelled Cycle????
  6. Failure - Severe Male Factor
  7. Vent!!!!
  8. turners syndrome
  9. 2nd iui... a bust.
  10. Ovulation Sticks - Do They Work?
  11. Cancelled Cycle
  12. soo many questions
  13. Negative Beta and I'm devastated
  14. Chemical Pregnancy
  15. Grrrrrrr!!
  16. Seriously Disappointed!!!!!
  17. strained relationships w/ friends
  18. How do you know forsure when your finished ttc???
  19. testing
  20. Failed my first round of IVF
  21. Failed cycle
  22. failure again
  23. feel completely alone on this
  24. Ever heard of RE reshaping uterus?
  25. Are we all supposed to have ESP?
  26. Another Cancelled IVF Cycle
  27. Looking for info on IVF
  28. Needing a virtual hug...
  29. Failed first ivf
  30. ongoing spotting
  31. Failed IVF...question about lining
  32. 2nd failed IVF- will 3rd work?
  33. moving on
  34. Embryo Grading???
  35. 1st IVF Cycle Failed - Is there any hope?
  36. I'm convinced this cycle is over..
  37. micro-dose hcg
  38. failed 2nd cycle clomid
  39. new to the board, just recieved BFN results on first ivf attempt
  40. Failed cycle Femara
  41. Are Any Of You From Texas (DFW Area)
  42. 4th failed IVF
  43. Waiting for next HCG (possible mc/or pg ment)
  44. 3rd Clomid cycle FAILED!
  45. Another Follistim failure, start IVF??
  46. Just curious...
  47. Out of control Follicles??
  48. Uterine septum?
  49. Opinion on IUI to IVF, how many tries before...( do u think?)
  50. Not This Cycle I Guess
  51. A New Board--Home and Garden
  52. Re: Failed 1st IVF ...now what?
  53. failed first IVF/ICSI/AH cycle-what now?
  54. Signs of hope?
  55. Question on Clomid
  56. This cycle was a BUST! On to a NEW cycle!
  57. 2nd Failed IUI
  58. Poor Responders to Stims
  59. failed IUI
  60. Confused...Need help
  61. Cycle after Failed Cycle
  62. Cancelled next cycle after first IUI cycle..
  63. sad
  64. I'm Scared
  65. Frustrated Newbie
  66. Frustrated, sad...not sure what to do next (prev pg mentioned)
  67. Iui #1...bfn....and....
  68. IUI #3 was a big fat sucky failure
  69. I need a virtual hug
  70. Failed IUI and Robitussin
  71. BFN Again
  72. Repeated IVF/FET failure?
  73. New and frustrated
  74. Finally Hitting me (long) (vent)
  75. Missed Period Following Canceled IVF Cycle??
  76. Numb?
  77. Hi, I'm new here!
  78. Is it normal to be upset at the clinic?
  79. Impatient Now For AF!
  80. When will it end?
  81. 2 years and counting
  82. Thanks to all of you
  83. newbie as well
  84. IVF - First failed attempt
  85. Late Af After Cancelled Cycle?
  86. I just can't take another person saying.....
  87. Any Symptoms for Blocked Tubes?
  88. IVF / FET The differences?
  89. Anyone have experience with Dr Kreiner
  90. update on 2ww
  91. 1st IUI BFN
  92. 5th Failed IVF Cycle
  93. Low Positive - 17 at DPO
  94. After consecutive failed cycle
  95. What gives you strength??
  96. Failed first IVF cycle and very discouraged
  97. Has anyone heard of this?? Taking HCG shot only??
  98. Is it a failed cycle - need input please!
  99. Picking up the pieces
  100. Advice, please!
  101. Failed IVF bleedeing and blood clots
  102. ovulate before retrieval
  103. I can't take this anymore!!!!
  104. Need to vent
  105. BFN, was on prometrium...when will I get AF?
  106. new here
  107. I am in shock, has anyone ever heard of this?
  108. help need info
  109. 3rd IVF & cramping
  110. Sad Valentine
  111. Cancelled cycle - is this the right place to post?
  112. Poll--What does it take to get a friggin' BFP????
  113. Protocol question.....confused???
  114. 2nd IVF Unsuccessful Need some encouragement
  115. anyone had this experience?
  116. 2nd Failed IVF CYCLE-What to do next???
  117. CLOMID & IUI
  118. [B]How to gain back courage after 1st traumatic ivf[/B]
  119. Male trying to Cope and Support
  120. First failed IVF?ICSI
  121. Looking for a Good IVF Doctor in Houston
  122. How to you regain hope
  123. Shell too THICK?????
  124. cyst problem, the cycle is cancel, whY
  125. To wait or not to wait THAT is the question
  126. Does anyone else feel alone?
  127. # of embryos to transfer - need advice! (mc ment)
  128. IF Seminar in NRH, Texas - April 1, 2006
  129. How long did it take you to get first *real* AF after BFN? Anyone late?
  130. 2nd IUI - BFN
  131. Need some encouragement - how many cycles?
  132. Didn't Know How Hard...
  133. Anyone here done Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis?
  134. Pathetic follicles
  135. When will AF come? (mc ment)
  136. cramping in bewtween bms
  137. Need to vent some frustration!!
  138. Anyone heard of this protocol?
  139. Who else feels like there bio clock is running out but is not ready to give up
  140. Multiple BFN/Chemical Results.... Anyone Else???
  141. new here
  142. Anyone Doing ED and got a BFP what did you do or didnt do
  143. Two failed IVFs - Questionable Egg quality
  144. IVF and Accupuncture
  145. Progesterone question
  146. beta 3 Integrin
  147. Confused?
  148. What is counted as a cycle?
  149. Late period - am I pregnant?
  150. This cycle another NO GO
  151. Lets create change!!!!
  152. Chemical Pregnancy
  153. Cancelled cycle...
  154. Cycle is off?!?
  155. BFPs are a myth
  156. REs should give consolation prizes
  157. advise on this protocol anyone please
  158. AF is a @#$%^&*
  159. How do I close the door?
  160. AF and PIO??
  161. Fresh Cycle after failed FET
  162. Anyone get BFP cycle after chemical pg? Looking for hope
  163. Marriage on the Rocks
  164. I can't breathe (long)
  165. Transferred 3 good quality blastocysts. NO LUCK. Need Help!!!!!
  166. emotions after failed cycle
  167. Sigh...
  168. Have you tested for this yet?
  169. Another cycle bites the dust
  170. Embryo Transfer- Thawing process???
  171. Riding the IF Roller Coaster...
  172. 3 failed cycles, any hope?
  173. Has anybody had success after the first ivf?
  174. Has anybody had success after the first ivf?
  175. Any advice on changing protocols for next time
  176. I am feeling down
  177. IVF and defeated
  178. feel like I don't belong anywhere
  179. gonal fsh not working
  180. Why would a person, A NURSE, say this?!?!?!
  181. Injectables didn't work ( please read I need feedback!)
  182. List of things to do to "celebrate" a BFN
  183. Crushed -again...
  184. 3 Failed Cycle's - Venting
  185. Another BFN
  186. Is there any hope for me?
  187. Period is 10 days late after cancelled cycle and BFN- Nervous wreck - Please help
  188. Having a bad day
  189. Grrrrrrrrrr Pcos Fertility drugs and try to conceive!
  190. Looks like they're going to cancel it...
  191. Scared and Depressed
  192. IVF cancellation, PCOS, Provera, 12 days later no Period???? Help!
  193. second cycle, clomid is not working! (VENT)
  194. failed cycle
  195. who had a chemical after IVF? when did you ttc again?
  196. Another BFN
  197. Never Had a Chance
  198. I don't feel like leaving my house, ever! (rant)
  199. Stopping meds after BFN
  200. Can anyone relate ?
  201. Painful AF after BFN
  202. Vent about fertile friend
  203. Bfn _ Af
  204. New here...after ANOTHER failed cycle
  205. newbie who's had a tough day
  206. How do you move on?
  207. Upset at Fertility Center
  208. I need someone to make me laugh!(major rant)
  209. New and freaked out...
  210. Anyone else into self torture?
  211. Does it sound like this cycle is gone?
  212. Update BFN
  213. Newbie with Failed Cycle
  214. First appt. w/RE since failed IVF...Questions to ask him?
  215. can't sleep after bfn :(
  216. Heavy Bleeding or Pregnancy
  217. new here
  218. are big clots normal with af after bfn?
  219. How do I let it go
  220. Question for those who "belonged" to an IVF cycle thread and had a BFN
  221. I don't know what else to do!
  222. Answers To Why Fet Didn't Work :(
  223. DEVESTATED - Another cancelled cycle - E2 level dropped overnight - even with 10 foll
  224. i don't get it!!! tsh from 11.3 to 2.0 now???
  225. Feeling REALLY Blue
  226. Waking up from a dream
  227. Need A Hug...
  228. for failed IVF
  229. Some interesting e-books that might help.
  230. BFN Reality (childment'd)
  231. no Christmas Miracle
  232. suggestion to improve IVF results
  233. When did next AF come after withdrawal AF from failed FET?
  234. New to this stuff, cycle question
  235. Failed FET...wait or go again right away?
  236. Weird periods after failed cycle
  237. No heartbeat
  238. Time Frame for Starting Again
  239. Progesterone Question Please Help
  240. Nothing but a cyst
  241. Failed IVF/ICSI-even though perfect blast
  242. Are lining issues the reason it failed?
  243. whacky periods after IVFs.
  244. what's a chemical pregnancy?
  245. stupid ovaries! whats the next step?
  246. Failed Cycle - Still Sad
  247. 40+ 3rd negative IVF - time to move on?
  248. Feeling down at 43
  249. Add me to the failed cycle list
  250. 3rd IVF a bust