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  1. Welcome message and Important articles
  2. HSG's
  3. Iui
  4. when traveling or giving shot somewhere other than home
  5. Ask your clinic...re: freezing embies
  6. Will The Luprin Make Me A Wack_a_doo??
  7. testing
  8. progesterone
  9. Ask what your doctor can do about cost!
  10. ivf tax deduction
  11. First Response Fertility Early Detection (FRED)-HPT
  12. Endometrial Biopsy/Sonohystogram
  13. What did you say?
  14. Measles
  15. Sperm Dna Fragmentation
  16. bruising from heparin injections
  17. Telling your inlaws that you're TTC
  18. Provera- a NO-NO for women!!!
  19. help me
  20. Anyone out there on Synarel?
  21. Avon reps offered insurance coverage- infertility?
  22. A million tips (same is "Just Starting" BB)
  23. Taxes
  24. Clomid.........
  25. three years and still no explaination
  26. Progesterone suppositories can give you yeast infection
  27. salpingectomy prior to IVF?
  28. can IVF "kill" a relationship?
  29. Potential RE...any experience with either?
  30. Aspirin May Boost Numbers of Eggs Retrieved
  31. HELP!!! Spotting and Cramps after Transfer
  32. Egg Retrieval Painful???
  33. Is Expensive Better?
  34. testing prior to IF treatment(m/c mentioned)
  35. What should I do? (preg and mc ment)
  36. Semen analysis
  37. Long cycles after IVF
  38. What have you tried?
  39. Uterine Abnormalities
  40. Metformin depletes Folic Acid
  41. Did someone got their period while on progesterone suppositories?
  42. dr. Zouves or Dr. Milki (Stanford)?
  43. Help
  44. If you are planning diagnostic lap & D&C...
  45. Proper use of Pre-seed
  46. Advil/ibuprofen can interfere with ovulation!
  47. Positive OPKs can be false
  48. Increased folic acid may increase twins/multiples
  49. Lets Create Change!!!
  50. IVF: Contradictions
  51. High Follicle Count / E2 Levels
  52. progestering in oil doses
  53. EMET Test - Breakthrough In Determining Good Embryos
  54. 2004 Stats for IVF Clinics can be found at sart.org
  55. False Positives on Clearblue Easy Digital HPT
  56. how do you avoid hyperstimulation?
  57. Hard Learned Lessons to pass on after 2 IVF's,
  58. beta HCG levels during pregnancy
  59. consultation questions
  60. Help with Survey
  61. femara and cramps?
  62. Insurance Coverage
  63. Anyone take Lamisil? (Child mentioned)
  64. St. Gerard
  65. Has anyone gone to this Dr. ...
  66. Caffeine and ttc... Stop now!
  67. PIO suggestion
  68. Some e-books that might help
  69. Splenda??
  70. Lower cost IVF meds - saved $700.00
  71. Check your immunizations
  72. Fertile Heart Work
  73. IVF suppresses your immune response
  74. pharmacy question
  75. Wine during the cycle
  76. Cysts and weight gain - LOTS
  77. Struggling to use your eggs or an egg Donor?
  78. IVF before Immune testing too risky if you're paying
  79. Taking shots
  80. TMIwarning: Need some beginner's advice
  81. PGD info
  82. Caffeine and Exercise w/ IVF?
  83. Pharmacy tip
  84. Do your own research (pg ment)
  85. Cone Biopsy and Cervical Mucus
  86. Found this on another forum
  87. Peanut Butter
  88. Light HPT Lines
  89. fallopain tubes and HSG
  90. Better ART outcome in interracial couples
  91. IVF vs Tubal Reversal
  92. IUI and IVF preparation
  93. Needle prep for injectables
  94. Progesterone Suppositories sometimes delay AF
  95. Your Regular IVF Dr. isn't always the one you get on Day of Transfer!!!
  96. anone tell me a good lap surgeon in central nj
  97. Sperm Quality Post-Fever & Recovery Time
  98. PIO Tips
  99. Icsi
  100. Cervical Mucus is good
  101. The one thing I wish I would have listened to!
  102. Progesterone shot routine
  103. When to get a massage....
  104. Two week wait - do's and don'ts
  105. What I Wished Someone Had Told Me About Ttc
  106. Soy article from Mothering Magazine
  107. I wish someone had told me about adhesions back in 1993!!
  108. Lupron making me Loopy
  109. My Daughter Needs Help.
  110. Folic Acid for DH
  111. AF cramps and BFP
  112. Started Egg Donation Blog
  113. Im new here..have IUI and RE ???'s
  114. The little things
  115. AAA Prescription Discount Card!
  116. loans for fertility treatments
  117. Good Quality Eggs Info
  118. Not the same
  119. Femara/Follistim/Trigger - Side Effects
  120. ER & Constipation
  121. document, document, document!
  122. protocol unease...listen to your instinct!
  123. Did you know you can donate your cord blood?
  124. Tipped uterus gals... rejoice!
  125. Skin tags!!!!!!!!!!!
  126. I wish someone would have told me not to waste time with an OB just go to an RE
  127. everythingivf.com
  128. What would you do?
  129. RE to AVOID!!!
  130. Change your diet - it can help!
  131. back ache
  132. Cleansing
  133. Weight Gain After failed IVF
  134. Anybody know what to do
  135. 2 time savers
  136. donor embryo
  137. Insurance tips
  138. Keep a Journal
  139. 24 Cycle days aren't typical of "normal fertility"
  140. keep hydrated
  141. Call backs from the office
  142. Misdiagnosis and terrible first RE. Hope this helps someone.
  143. I wish I would have asked...?
  144. Be careful who I confide in...
  145. Working during an IVF cycle? Doctor's note?
  146. Progesteron supposotories
  147. BAD cramping 5wk pregnant
  148. IUI and flying and alcohol
  149. A tip for ovulation testers - Clearblue Easy Refill
  150. Prepare 1 page summary of your medical history and keep it updated
  151. Using Depo for contraception
  152. Sprintec... a bad round of birth control
  153. IVF #1 is like a "trial run"...
  154. Progesterone stuff
  155. Vitamin D and Infertility
  156. dont purchase a fertility monitor during injectable cycles
  157. you might not ovulate on injectables
  158. e2 levels
  159. Robitussin
  160. Hypoglycemia Diet??
  161. Recommendations
  162. I wish someone HADN'T told me that!
  163. motrin
  164. Egg Retrieval Questions
  165. I wish someone had told me to keep my mouth shut!!!
  166. The dreaded bowel prep...
  167. The rainbow colours of crinone!
  168. egg retrieval was not fun afterwards
  169. PCOS with normal blood tests
  170. Lupron stims you before it suppresses you but BCPs JUST suppress you
  171. Best Tips for Surviving the Holidays with IF
  172. Estradiol (Estrace/estrogen) interferes with blood clotting, e.g. dental work healing
  173. Egg retrieval causes constipation!
  174. Helpful low residue diet to reduce bloat
  175. 34yr old single - AMH of 4.6 pmol/L, subseptate uterus what should be my GAME PLAN?
  176. Amalgam tooth fillings and infertility
  177. Hope for multiple failed cycles, unexplained IF?- "EFT" test sent to Yale University
  178. How not to bite someone's head off.
  179. Fertilized or unfertilized eggs?
  180. Stupid News Articles
  181. Hysterosonograms hurt!
  182. Ask if your clinic "closes" during your cycle
  183. Get all the financial information you can before starting IVF
  184. Interesting New Study
  185. Hi all, new to this thread
  186. I wish someone had told me that.....
  187. Need dental surgery? can you while pregnant?
  188. Some fertility meds have the same symptoms as pregnancy
  189. You'd think a doctor would know this stuff, but many don't!
  190. How to survive a baby shower
  191. I wish some one would've told me that...
  192. AMH testing in Southern Ontario - 4-6 weeks for results!
  193. ...that part 2 of the prenatal testing costs about $500..
  194. Clinical trials can be a good option if you have limited resources!
  195. After 5 IUIs...
  196. I wish I knew IVF meds could damage my thyroid gland!
  197. Good dentist in Miami?
  198. Warning Ditch Sugar and Stay Healthy
  199. PIO Injection Relief
  200. I wish someone would have told me what happens to the left over embryos !
  201. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome and IVF
  202. How confused and scared should I be?
  203. Always get a second opinion on tests- results vary from lab to lab!
  204. Maximizing Success Before IVF... don't wait as long as I did to make healthy changes!
  205. self-PIO, you might not need ice and cream
  206. $20,000 IVF First Timer
  207. "Infertility boils down to 3 variables: the uterus, the sperm, and the eggs and....
  208. Methotrexate for ectopic pregnancy?
  209. I Wish Someone Had Told Me That....
  210. The Progesterone Truth
  211. I wish someone had told me how lonely it is.
  212. Insurance Coverage - FSH Level limits / Other denials
  213. Attention ALL women - please screen for high FSH via pee stick!!!
  214. abstain until you get stretchy mucus
  215. Taking a break and relax...
  216. Should I quit
  217. My road to Damascus
  218. On the same day retrieval of Sperm and Egg