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  1. Welcome to the GERD board!
  2. Common Signs Of Reflux in Infants and Children
  3. GERD question
  4. Spitting up, same up BF
  5. Q for my sis--how much to feed?
  6. ? about dr advice my sil was given re:aspiration
  7. how much zantac are you feeding your 18 lb ++++ baby?
  8. reflux signs
  9. new here with choking preemie
  10. thickener quantity question
  11. How to give it to him?? And is it enough?
  12. Anyone use Enfamil Next Step instead of Whole Milk?
  13. After reading the posts...
  14. Dr who's never heard of baby reflux & new mom question...
  15. When to give zantac
  16. Question for those who used Thick It!
  17. I was told my 4 weeks old has signs of reflux
  18. More questions about reflux
  19. Is it possible I'm just discovering my 3.5 yr old may have GERD?
  20. Hello!
  21. Prevacid?
  22. oatmeal vs thick it
  23. coughing question
  24. Anyones child not able to tolerate prevacid?
  25. Amount of Zantac
  26. Not sure if I should be here or not, but I have questions.
  27. Need Help With my Twins
  28. How Do/Did You Know For Sure?
  29. Info would be appriciated
  30. Is Any Time Of Day Worse Than Another
  31. Do You Have Any Tricks?
  32. Reglan
  33. Sorry for the long post, but I need help!
  34. Should I Seek a 2nd opinion?
  35. Reflux or colic or? what do you think?
  36. Reglan side effects?
  37. Reflux/Zantac update!
  38. Anyone else's child vomit when upset? (same as Age 1+ bb)
  39. what should i do????
  40. Has anyone used the AR pillow?
  41. Is Reflux Affecting Sleep?
  42. MEDs
  43. Questions about Enfamil AR
  44. Question about thickened feeds and sleep
  45. What a scare!! (long)
  46. Help, quesion about reflux
  47. Bottle question
  48. question about formula???
  49. Is there anything to help reduce down the amount?
  50. Reflux and/or Colic - need some help
  51. Just diagnosed with questions...
  52. what do you think
  53. An old graduate of this board
  54. Soy/Constipation???
  55. Important Link between Allergies and Reflux
  56. Well its now official
  57. need some opinions....(long sorry!)
  58. DS has symptoms, but Pedi said wait on the Zantac.
  59. DS sooo unhappy...need advice.
  60. HELP - feeding/sleeping issue - ? about reflux
  61. Reflux Help!!!!
  62. Reflux and sleeping
  63. zantac
  64. HELP please! 19 month old still having reflux issues
  65. could her reflux be coming back??
  66. Curious question about siblings and GERD
  67. Nutramigen vs. Enfamil AR
  68. Could reflux show up at 15 weeks
  69. not sure if its reflux
  70. Is this a common thread for reflux?
  71. What's the best bottle for Enfamil AR?
  72. When Does the Spitting Up Stop?
  73. Blood in stools
  74. ??? on skin peeling/allergy
  75. Uping dosage
  76. food ideas for kids with reflux
  77. Silent Reflux how long to see results from Zantac
  78. Questions about reflux
  79. Zantac safe?
  80. advice on zantac please
  81. Prevacid NOT working...Please HELP!
  82. Looking for a little more reassurance
  83. zantac vs. maalox?
  84. Reflux and solids...
  85. Tucker Sling?
  86. Prevacid vs. Zantac
  87. Axid?
  88. Prevacid tablets?
  89. Anyone have an older child resist taking meds?
  90. Grunting related to GERD??
  91. Severe gas with Reflux??
  92. Weight issues with 2.5 mo old GERD baby....
  93. Zantac and Sleep
  94. Zantac Dosage
  95. possetting in sleep
  96. Stomach calm- Brauer
  97. Grow out of?
  98. 6 week old- no sleep
  99. How long does it take?
  100. Side effects from Previcid??
  101. Upper GI series?
  102. AF on cd 23!! Anyone else have this happen?
  103. Tired of the Puking!
  104. Need Advice...how long should I wait for Zantac to work before I toss bottle???
  105. Anyone else love Prilosec?
  106. Anyone using Neocate for reflux?
  107. Reflux??? Too Soon to know?
  108. Which formula do you give your DC if he has reflux ?
  109. Pedi prescribed reglan , not happy about it
  110. Now pedi asked to give mylanta supreme
  111. Recurrence of Symptoms?
  112. Prevacid, anyone?
  113. Endoscopy
  114. Alimentum and breastfeeding switch..gerd??
  115. how long before prevacid works
  116. Reglan...Thoughts
  117. Those Reflux babies
  118. Zantac ?
  119. Does Reflux cause more ear infections?
  120. Could this be silent reflux?
  121. How do you KNOW when the medication isn't working anymore??
  122. Did you take Zofran while pg?
  123. finally some relief from reflux
  124. DD just dx with silent reflux
  125. Could this be reflux??
  126. Any correlation between lactose intolerance in mom and reflux?
  127. reccomendations for a good bouncy seat ..still having reflux problems
  128. What tests for 1 month old?
  129. Looking for info on an upper GI
  130. Rough weekend for my 2 year old refluxer!
  131. Have you ever heard of the Tucker Sling???
  132. Prevacid verses Zantac, New to board
  133. My 9 wk old refluxer WILL NOT nap - help!
  134. Will be scheduling DD's endoscopy next week.
  135. Therapy/exercise ball is MAGIC
  136. I think prevacid takes time to work
  137. I think my 9 month old is outgrowing the reflux...
  138. Question about cereal
  139. prilosec Q
  140. Gas Pain?
  141. Is it?
  142. Tummy Time?
  143. Do you know how to get the foam out of Enfamil AR?
  144. silent reflux suspected-sorry long
  145. Zantac - for congestion...?
  146. could this be silent reflux?
  147. long term prevacid use ?
  148. eating to much?
  149. Hayden
  150. AAAAAHHHHH - what next?
  151. DD had endoscopy and PH probe yesterday - whew!
  152. Reflux and asthma
  153. Dr Brown's Bottles and Reflux
  154. new here---again
  155. New here
  156. Baby starting again
  157. ? about administering prevacid
  158. Pepcid Dose?
  159. Giving Prevacid to an Infant
  160. Tummy Time Troubles
  161. Can GERD get worse?
  162. what's involved in Upper GI
  163. could this be a late case of GER
  164. Swallow Study?
  165. Question
  166. I'm new on this board..DS has GERD and...
  167. How long before I see some results?
  168. Need help.....
  169. My 2yr. Old Was Just Diagnosed With Silent Reflux
  170. Its me again!
  171. how often til you gave your dc meds?
  172. Sleeping
  173. couple of weird questions
  174. Help!!!
  175. Tongue sticking out?
  176. 5 1/2 year old with acid reflux?
  177. my girl..
  178. Did Zantac do any good???
  179. Anyone use Enfamil A.R.??
  180. Does Prevacid dosage go by weight?
  181. Cereal
  182. How do you give the Prevacid?
  183. would you call or wait?
  184. I think were off of the meds!!!!
  185. Side-effects of Zantac
  186. Here is what I do not get....????
  187. Prevacid Syringe
  188. How do meds help?
  189. Any Side affects from Pepcid?
  190. Could my DS have GERD?
  191. Hello Everyone!
  192. Zantac Question
  193. UPDATE: Trouble with eating enough and routinely
  194. Gagging themselves?
  195. So how is everyone?
  196. Do any of YOU have GERD?
  197. Feeding/formula question (x-post)
  198. Could this be GERDS? New here.
  199. Outgrowing GERD
  200. GERD is still severe at almost 3, A scope test has been booked
  201. Great Book for Colic/GERD
  202. Wish us luck tomorrow off to the GI specialist UPDATED!!
  203. things that help w/ gerd--sticky
  204. Have you given Zantac after they eat?
  205. Thickened Feeds
  206. Reglan?
  207. When will reflux get better?
  208. question about dx
  209. Reflux question
  210. Ambybaby bed
  211. suggestions for reflux
  212. Alimentum
  213. Zantac / Prilosec
  214. Almost 6.5 months, reflux getting worse
  215. Upper GI complete, Scope complete
  216. Prevacid Solutab Question
  217. giving medicine to babies...
  218. Surgical results are and....
  219. Taking Zantac- spit-up worse!!
  220. down sides to starting cereal early??
  221. Finally-Relief from Reflux!!
  222. bornwithea.com
  223. How do you administer Prevacid to a newborn?
  224. reflux with a baby boy with esophageal atresia faces another surgery
  225. Don't think it will ever end! (long)
  226. anyone who believes in god or a higher power
  227. More spit up with powdered fomula??
  228. Spit up vs. projectile vomiting...
  229. Any thoughts on chiropractic care for newborns with reflux/colic?
  230. Hi New here an need advice
  231. any suggestions
  232. Does anyone have an older child (around 6 or so) w/reflux?
  233. hi there!
  234. Reflux - Coughing???
  235. Feeding solids help with reflux
  236. Hello
  237. when will this end?
  238. An update on Aidan and his severe reflux
  239. 8 month old/ Reflux
  240. 11 days old with ???
  241. Reflux
  242. premiee ? about reflux
  243. does this sound like reflux?
  244. What do you think???
  245. Reflux & Failure To Thrive
  246. High Energy
  247. What time of day do you give Prevacid?
  248. coliccalm
  249. Prevacid and side effects
  250. Has anyone bought a Nap Nanny?