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  1. mthfr/support group opportunity/Jacksonville FL
  2. turners syndrome
  3. Update
  4. kate how are you doing??
  5. Hypophosphatasia/ Rathbun's syndrome
  6. Klinefelters syndrome
  7. Need Opinions
  8. testing
  9. Is this board still alive?
  10. Gearing up for iui with microsort next cycle
  11. kate, how are you feeling??
  12. surgery tuesday, possibly gone thru weekend
  13. Trisomy 9
  14. CVS with twins - need info
  15. Success: 3rd IVF with PGD (preg. ment)
  16. monosomy
  17. moving....may be sparce
  18. New to board. Need any information possible!
  19. updates anyone??
  20. anyone heard of this diagnosis?
  21. New to this board
  22. A New Board--Home and Garden
  23. oh kate since i promised i would share...
  24. Question re: genetic counseling on Monday
  25. Any advice welcome
  26. Questions about Preimlantation Genetic Diagnosis
  27. Question for the ones that have done PGD?
  28. how is everyone doing this week?
  29. MTHFR questions
  30. how we doing girls??
  31. Homozygous MTHFR - Any success stories?
  32. On vacation!
  33. Back From Vacation Great News! BFP!
  34. Genetics Appt Yesterday
  35. completely o/t...5 month post op pics
  36. any Balanced translocation?
  37. october is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month...remember your angels here
  38. Karyotype question + intro
  39. Genetic Issues?
  40. Hair Color
  41. von Willebrand's anybody?
  42. Our fearless leader is pg!!! (pg ment)
  43. Back again another m/c
  44. Miscarriage of baby with 64 chromosomes
  45. Hypothyroid/amenorrhea/fvl
  46. MTHFR and nitrous oxide
  47. I can't believe this could happen
  48. Choroid Plexus Cysts? (PG ment)
  49. t minus 1 wks till finals
  50. Balanced Translocation??
  51. A question about chromosone 18
  52. Factor V Leiden - Anyone there??
  53. how is everyone??
  54. New Here: Help with MTHFR
  55. PGD? Anyone done it?
  56. PLEASE answer I have so many questions
  57. 3.4 tsh thyroid level -still seems high to me
  58. Introducing self dx MTHFR double C677T
  59. Big lump from Heparin - scared
  60. Anyone heard from KateN?
  61. another mthfr double mutation question (mis mentioned)
  62. vacation 2/15-2/19
  63. Any PGDers?
  64. testing prior to IF treatment(m/c mentioned)
  65. PGD Sucess-Please help!!!
  66. I dont know what this test means...I need advice.
  68. Anyone experience headaches from baby aspirin (PG/ment)
  69. a newbie here - just saying hello! (child loss & m/c mentioned)
  70. MTHFR and LOVENOX???
  71. can my mothers fertility issues effect me?
  72. genetic karotype
  73. Compound Hetero MTHFR
  74. just a small update on me
  75. Help! Trisonomy 9, MTHFR and I'm 41
  76. at what point do you go for testing (m/c mnt'd)
  77. 1st IVF and Trisomy 15 and 22
  78. *Lauren, come in here please!* help needed (interpreting test results)
  79. DH & I are CF +. Is fert rate lesser than non CF carriers?
  80. Put on your thinking caps!
  81. Aperts Syndrome
  82. Lets Create Change!!!
  83. SHOTS: I'm scared to death
  84. Has anyone here had a CVS?
  85. Anyone have "no normal embies after PGD, then have normals on later cycles? Need hope
  86. LINK- Improved PGD testing: PGH
  87. Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease
  88. Folgard for MTHFR
  89. Low Beta from PGD
  90. will be gone 7/1-7/8 (pg ment)
  91. Anyone know anything about GALACTOSEMIA?
  92. weekly updates 7/17
  93. Please Help!!!!!!!!
  94. Can MTHFR affect your eggs?
  95. New with MTHFR
  96. compound hetero mthfr and successful preg.
  97. Positive AFP testing?!
  98. anyone hear of eggs dying off after fertilzation?
  99. mom had incompetent cervix
  100. PGD & Translocations
  101. Ruth41 & Lauren2005 & any other homo MTHFR
  102. Cmpd Hetero MTHFR & FRUSTRATED!!
  103. Had Integrated Prenatal Screen U/S today, HELP!
  104. **Baby Aspirin Article**
  105. Is Metanx = Folgard?
  106. hetero c mthfr and lovenox
  107. Just got the call...very upset...HELP!
  108. MTHFR C667T - Newbie
  109. YOu guys are GREAT!! Update here....
  110. PGD with FET?
  111. Karotype Blood Test? (Same as IVF board)
  112. PGD - age 31
  113. PGD Transfer Day
  114. question on folgard...
  115. Amnio after PGD?
  116. New DX - MTHFR with A1298C mutation
  117. PGD for aneuploidy?
  118. Balanced translocation - infant loss
  119. Is this right? (Vitamins for MTHFR)
  120. Why Folgard for life?
  121. Doc doesn't think extra folic acid is a big deal
  122. I have answers, need some info.
  123. need advise:PGD after downs pg or not?
  124. Doc said NO to Folgard RX
  125. weekly updates 11/13
  126. Bloody mucus (sorry TMI): Lovenox side effect?
  127. happy turkey day
  128. MTHFR Homozygous C Mutation ; Newbie
  129. Air/car travel with MTHFR...need advice
  130. Answers To Why Fet Didn't Work :(
  131. i don't get it!!! tsh from 11.3 to 2.0?
  132. Thrombophilia (mthfr/factor xiii/pai-1/hpa1)
  133. MTHFR on Lovenox and natural childbirth
  134. Confused? DQAlpha vs Karyotyping?
  135. How many women with balanced translocation?
  136. Balanced Trans- Looking for Dr. & more Info
  137. Factor V and pregnancy - anticoagulants
  138. Injections and baby movements... HELP!!!
  139. Is it possible with these issues to conceive and carry to term???
  140. Homocysteine
  141. FET and MTHFR
  142. updates everyone
  143. Now what?? please advise on MTHFR post pregnancy
  144. MTHFR and your fingernails - smooth or ridged?
  145. need to deliver before due date with MTHFR?
  146. when to start Lovenox???
  147. MTHFR and so confused
  148. MTHFR and Folic Acid
  149. MTHFR and clomid?
  150. Pgd???
  151. MTHFR and Infertility relation?
  152. Migraine Poll
  153. MTHFR There is hope!!
  154. Test Results -Postive MTHFR Hetero C677T
  155. PGD success stories with Balance Translocation (BT)
  156. Anyone normal karyotype but sex chroms are abnormal?
  157. Hashimotos - Normal Levels?
  158. Welcome to our beloved son!! (baby ment)
  159. Question about karyotype
  160. Folic acid and cancer
  161. nf1 (neurofibromatosis)
  162. New here, confused and responses so appreciated
  163. Did you fast for your homocysteine test?
  164. Hemotologist
  165. Karyotype question (m/c mentioned)
  166. Abnormal Post Coital Test....Anyone else?????
  167. Homozygous PAI-1 / heterozygous Factor XIII
  168. PAI-1 and poor post-coital
  169. MTHFR...and Lovenox while TTC
  170. finding blood clots after a miscarriage
  171. Metformin and PAI-1 or MTHFR?
  172. MTHFR and Pituitary Microadenoma
  173. Lovenox
  174. Mthfr Help!
  175. Balanced Translocation and IFV w/PGD
  176. Balanced Robertsonian Translocation (14;15)
  177. MTHFR, Folic acid, with or without food? pg mentioned
  178. How much extra folic acid w/ MTHFR?
  179. Carrier for X-ALD with questions
  180. MTHFR and PAl-1 Questions
  181. New MTHFR diagnosis and the confusion that follow
  182. I guess I'll post here? *lost child mentioned
  183. Folgard During Pregnancy (preg. ment)
  184. pls help! PAI-1?
  185. Can MTHFR be tested in Canada?
  186. Prednisone dosage
  187. depressed, need MTHFR info/advice
  188. Newbie seeks MTHFR info help
  189. Hematologist Appt Friday - need advice
  190. Newbie - lots of questions and genetic issues (pg and mc mentioned)
  191. Should my son be tested for MTHFR?
  192. waiting for test results
  193. Help! My son is MTHFR homo and going under anesthesia
  194. Diagnosed Yesterday and Scared--Please Help!
  195. help! G20210A and MTHFR
  196. Just diagnosed with compound heterozygous MTHFR with questions...
  197. Frozen embryos already affected if not treated for MTHFR during IVF cycle?
  198. Chromosome # 9??
  199. MTHFR Tutorial
  200. MTHFR and Down syndrome
  201. Calcium and Lovenox?
  202. Neurofibromatosis & RPL...I have questions
  203. Compatibility between Husband and Wife
  204. has anyone heard of ehlers-danlos syndrome
  205. New to the group
  206. I need MTHFR help today!
  207. I am in shock (children mentioned)
  208. X-linked diagnosis?
  209. What if dh also has MTHFR?
  210. MTHFR C677T and elevated ANA Help!
  211. looking for PGD success stories
  212. Do I really need baby aspirin(pg ment)MTHFR
  213. IVF w/ PGD
  214. balanced translocation carrier
  215. HELP! Antithrombin Deficiency
  216. heparin/lovenox success stories?
  217. new to site, hetero C667T, anyone taking BA but not hep/lov?
  218. Newbie with MTHFR and a question
  219. RE says MTHFR C/A mutation needs lovenox more than homozgous C?
  220. Mthfr
  221. Lovenox and Delivery (MTHFR)
  222. Impt Question on MTHFR
  223. MTHFR - has anyone tried these? L-Methylfolate
  224. A question about homocysteine levels
  225. MTHR Help
  226. Does MTHFR mean the baby gets zero folic acid?
  227. Fragile x pre-mutation
  228. Can you help me interpret these results and doctor's advice?
  229. Has anyone heard of this as a reason for abnormal embryos?
  230. MTHFR Hetero A1298C Questions that involve life OUTSIDE pregnancy
  231. MTHFR C677 hetero - which meds?
  232. Reciprocal Translocation
  233. Mosaic Turner's Syndrome.
  234. C677T and A1298C Mutation just Detected in my 12 yr old...Please Help me understand
  235. How long?
  236. How many did you transfer if you have a translocation?
  237. Balance Translocation of 1 & 2
  238. Factor XIII V34L
  239. Mthfr: Levenox and folgard, how much to take!
  240. who has been an egg receipant
  241. Any one have auto immune disorder and been successfull with steriods ?
  242. need help with something from pathology report
  243. Mthfr and pai!! Please help!!!
  244. aspirin sensitivity?
  245. Qestion: MTHFR, heparin and delivery
  246. D&C at 12 weeks after prenatal testing
  247. Has anyone here done CHG testing?
  248. Have Compound Hetero MTHFR and Lupus anticoagulant
  249. 37yrs and TTC after D&C/prenatal testing
  250. Homo MTHFR C677T sucess with baby aspirin vs Lovenox??