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  1. Talk to me about genetic testing.
  2. Requesting help from other Heterozygous MTHFR c677t
  3. has anyone here done CGH testing?
  4. PAI-1 help!
  5. PGD/PGS at Cornell (CCRM)?
  6. Hi - new here - pursuing IVF w/ PGD
  7. 2nd Round of PGD- all abnormal embryos
  8. Thinking of doing CGH testing
  9. Was your DH (or sperm donor) tested for MTHFR?
  10. Is PGD right for me?
  11. For those who have gone through PGD what lab did you go through?
  12. Looking for good IVF/PGD clinic in Philadelphia, PA
  13. Question about genetic testing
  14. Help! Doc won't start Lovenox until pregnant
  15. MTHFR treatment at home
  16. PGD, any advice or experience? HELP :(
  17. Micro-array PGD - very interesting
  18. Really need help & advise re mthfr please!
  19. IVF advice, help greatly appreciated
  20. Folate, B6 & B12 blood levels in women with MTHFR mutations.
  21. Could one of us have BT?
  22. Hetero MTHFR 14 weeks pg - should I b on Lovenox?
  23. Genesis Genetics for PGD
  24. Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test MONTHLY Sweepstake: Sponsored by Unilab of Dade
  25. IVF and PGD
  26. PGD For Genetic Disorders
  27. pgd or cvs
  28. Colon Cancer Gene (HNPCC) and PGD w/IVF?
  29. PGD~What I was told to expect and questions about Boys Girls????
  30. What is MHTFR A type mutation?
  31. anyone else test as high risk for downs after PGD?
  32. Male Factor Infertility-is PGD our next step??
  33. Need parents for linkage? PGD/Fragile X testing
  34. Question about genetic testing and PGD (pregnancy and loss mentioned)
  35. Genetic testing and success rates??
  36. CGH - Wait between ER and CGH results
  37. CGH vs Microarray-PGD
  38. 2nd time around
  39. Best IVF/PGD clinic??
  40. Deciding PGD or No PGD?
  41. Balanced Translocation of 13 & 14---PGD?
  42. Question for those who did PGD w/ day 5 biopsy and FET
  43. PCOS - Fermara - 21 Hydroxylase Deficiency
  44. How long to take BA? please help
  45. Pregnany after PGD testing ... do I still do CVS/Amnio?
  46. MTHFR questions
  47. does anyone know chance of m/c with cgh normal embryos?
  48. IVF w/ PDG for Familial ALS?
  49. MTHFR issues
  50. Compound heterozygous MTHFR A & C mutations
  51. 3 failed IVF/PGD cycles
  52. Post your MTHFR success stories
  53. Inversion in chromosome 11
  54. balanced translocation
  55. balanced translocation with rearrangement 10 and 11
  56. New Diagnosis
  57. Recently Diagnosed..Homozygous C677T hyperhomocysteinemia
  58. 4mg Folate
  59. Next pregnancy after the first one being Trisomy 21..
  60. 1st IVF produced all embryos with chomosomal abnormalities - looking for answers
  61. Mosaic Turners Syndrome (( young girl ))
  62. MTHFR and Factor V Lieden
  63. Why Male Karyotype?
  64. DH Balanced Robertsonian Translocation 13/14 and Me, low amh, looking for hope
  65. Trisomy 18
  66. PGD/PGS labs and insurance
  67. Companies that can send embryologists to your lab
  68. anyone do two cycles back to back?
  69. PGD on frozen embryos?
  70. NY/NJ in house PGD?
  71. Please help me figure out what tests to do
  72. Failed PGD - need advice
  73. First IVF: PGD report (all embryo abnormal)
  74. Balanced Translocation Success (preg mentioned)
  75. many questions, any answers appreciated!
  76. False positives with PGD/PGS testing?
  77. I'm New... Balanced VS Unbalanced
  78. please help! loss mentioned
  79. Child with balanced translocation - will he be NORMAL? Research now says "maybe not"!
  80. New Here....Looking for other individuals' thoughts.
  81. Embryo banking wth PGS?
  82. Contamination and PGD
  83. Can MTHFR or PAI-1 Antigen cause chromosomal abnormalities? *preg mentioned*
  84. New BC for Genetic Issues
  85. firat failed ivf
  86. Tay-Sachs Nearly Eradicated In Israel Due To Genetic Testing
  87. PGS at Genesis Genetics
  88. Statistics
  89. MTHFR cause implantation failures
  90. NK Cells, DQ Alpha match and MTHFR!
  91. Metanx dosage question
  92. Neevo Plus or Neevo DHA or Metanx
  93. B6 levels over 100
  94. MTHFR anbd COMT++
  95. Supplements for heterozygous MTHFR C677T
  96. Tay Sachs blood test interpretation
  97. PGD Testing on Frozen Day 5 Embryos - Trisomy 15
  98. Donor Egg Coverage - Balanced Translocation