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  1. Are you in a dangerous relationship?
  2. why am i so jealous?????
  3. Fighting w/ hubby, why on earth are we TTC?
  4. Never thought I'd be doing this...(long)
  5. Husband is inconsiderate LONG
  6. I have a problem with jealousy, please help!
  7. Infertility and Separation
  8. I know this is bad
  9. new to bb, started blog and going thru tough time with H (not darling at this time)
  10. lack of support/ trusting dh
  11. Christmas Cards
  12. dh driving me crazy
  13. DH has made me sooo mad!!! (Needed to vent)
  14. Divorce or not, and why?
  15. How do you deal with disputes?
  16. Best Relationship Advice?
  17. Brag Post: What do you LOVE about dh?
  18. Your idea of a Romantic Evening?
  19. true meaning of marriage?????/kids mentioned
  20. Does this sound like an inapproprite choice.
  21. How did you meet your spouse?
  22. Happy Birthday BC-Friarfly
  23. Pet Peeves between you and your spouse
  24. Your favorite weekend activities?
  25. What do you say to a friend whose marriage is...
  26. When to stay or leave....(divorce?)
  27. How often do you and dh disagree?
  28. Would you say that your attraction to your spouse has changed over the years??
  29. How do you "spice up" your relationship?
  30. 10 Things that Make Men Happy- A Man's perspective
  31. Translating Man-Speak
  32. Game: Would you?
  33. Learn to Communicate with your partner
  34. The Key to Spicy Sex
  35. MSN today: How to tell he's into you
  36. The division of Household Chores
  37. Favorite Relationship book?
  38. When your SO is mad at you...
  39. The one thing you most often argue about
  40. Nicknames!
  41. Romantic Kissing Tips
  42. Creative ways to enhance your love life
  43. What do you & your SP do on Dates?
  44. *~*~*BC-Friarfly*~*~*
  45. Just how close are you to your spouse??
  46. Help me understand!
  47. When to go on dates?
  48. Would you marry your spouse again?
  49. Creating Romance Within the home
  50. A Room for Romance- long after V-day
  51. Quiz: How exciting are you in bed?
  52. Show us your pics
  53. What gets you off the same page??
  54. How has infertility affected your marriage?
  55. Tell us about your Wedding
  56. Poll: Your idea of a romantic evening
  57. Conflict Resolution without words (article)
  58. Relationship Conflict: Healthy or unhealthy?
  59. Not about my marriage but question about family relationships
  60. The best gift?
  61. Favorite place to be kissed?
  62. DH is complaining... and we are arguing... about dinner dates and kids bedtime!!!!!
  63. Great gift website...
  64. anyone have an unaffectionate dh?
  65. Marriage Woes...
  66. How often do you and your dh go on a date?
  67. My turn for Marriage woes
  68. 8 Things No One Tells You About Marriage
  69. How to forgive your spouse
  70. Game: Sizzle or Fizzle
  71. What is "True Love"?
  72. The "Midlife Crisis" ?
  73. My husband filed for divorce
  74. Anyone else going through a divorce?
  75. *~*~*BC-friarfly (jen)*~*~*
  76. Msn Article: The affair you don't know you're having
  77. S.T.O.P: 4 Steps to Handling Conflict in a Relationship
  78. Embarrassing and Crazy date stories
  79. Anniversary gifts
  80. Has anyone gone through Mediation?
  81. My husband has internet affairs
  82. Husband might be having an affair
  83. cmls529
  84. Game: Marriage & Relationship word association
  85. Sorry I have been MIA
  86. Do you ever just get tired of beng married?
  87. Anyone single and loving it (or not loving it)?
  88. Fight a brewin'
  89. waiting for child support order?
  90. Surviving the Custody battle?
  91. Cheap Christmas Ideas for the hubby?
  92. Thank you
  93. Done being a doormat
  94. Holidays and your marriage- Is it stressful?
  95. so confused
  96. Dates: Topics to talk about :)
  97. I think I love my kids more than my husband...
  98. kcee1105- How are you?
  99. Question about infidelity
  100. Marriage after baby..... (DD mentioned)
  101. Are you Happily Married?
  102. Romantic decor?
  103. The aftermath of Divorce?
  104. When is it time to throw in the towel???
  105. Mr. Right vs Mr. Right Now
  106. moving
  107. Appropriate age difference?
  108. Valentine's gift for someone you are dating?
  109. Valentine's day- what are you doing?
  110. long and hoping for advice
  111. What did you do for V-Day?
  112. Is Cheating Ever Ok?
  113. Are Secrets Ever Ok in a Relationship? If so, when?
  114. The Do's and Dont's in a Relationship - Your opinion
  115. What is your most common relationship problem?
  116. The Signs of a Troubled Relationship
  117. Do you still keep in contact with people from your wedding?
  118. Saying "I love you" for the first time?
  119. Creating a romantic evening for your man?
  120. Moving on from an ex-husband?
  121. before you were married?
  122. How to ask for a separation
  123. The best way to break up with someone?
  124. I need prayers...
  125. Where did you meet your spouse?
  126. Rebuilding Yourself After Divorce
  127. Recipe for a Happy Marriage
  128. Date Conversations
  129. 10 ways to meet single men (for those single gals) :)
  130. How to cure commitment issues?
  131. Do we get only one true love?
  132. Do you
  133. What do you...
  134. How to woo your man? :)
  135. Let's make a list...
  136. Yahoo News: Affair proof your marriage
  137. Do you and your SO see a counselor/therapist together?
  138. Ugh!!!!!
  139. Would you suspect cheating?
  140. So I don't do anything so I was told
  141. Is talking to a man outside marriage cheating?
  142. Am I a doormat? Or just normal?
  143. Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder (PAPD)/Behavior
  144. Release me
  145. Do you think that forgiving is something that you choose to do?
  146. Situation - Dont know what to do
  147. How can we wake everybody up??
  148. What did you do on your first date with your DH/SO?
  149. Advice needed for a close friend
  150. Just needed to vent......
  151. All those little Things! they do that drive you nuts!!
  152. What are you getting your DH/SO for Christmas?
  153. Merry Christmas to me..
  154. Merry Christmas to Everybody !!
  155. Happy New Year to all!
  156. Are you making a New Years Resolution??
  157. Do you and your dh play games with eachother?
  158. Past Relationships
  159. What one thing you would like to change in your Relationship?
  160. What was it about your DH/SO that First attracted you to him?
  161. Challange of sorts for all!
  162. When was the last time your DH/SO complimented you?
  163. caught my dh cheating-what to do :((
  164. Dh and I have NOT talked since Sunday night!
  165. Day 5 of not talking. heck I have not even seen him..
  166. Come take a Marriage Quiz !
  167. Another Quiz! How well do you know men and Women?
  168. One more quiz: Relationship Psychology
  169. We are talking again ....
  170. What are some things that NEED to be worked on in your relationship?
  171. How is the economy affecting your relationship?
  172. 1 month separated What comes next????
  173. What would be a "cheap" romantic getaway?
  174. This man is spoiling me!
  175. Okay, I TRIPLE dog dare you to start a thread....
  176. When was the last time...?
  177. How many of us use this board and what are the reasons....
  178. pet peeves
  179. What strength do you and your partner have
  180. What would he say is HIS pet peeve about you?
  181. I'm back from my lunch date.
  182. Do you and dh have friends of the opposite sex?
  183. Joining in (loss mnt'd)
  184. Sorry I went mia. Back from a rollercoaster ride with my family.
  185. Anyone been through a nasty divorce?
  186. This is going to be long but I need some help(loss mnt'd)
  187. Erica, getting worried about you!
  188. Taking a FT break (x-post)
  189. Who is the main cook in your relationship?
  190. DH and I are getting the WHOLE wknd. together ALONE!!!
  191. Wouldn't you just know it!!!!
  192. How is everybody doing?
  193. Sharing a pic of my first great niece and my sister
  194. Happy Monday morning, ladies!
  195. Dr. Phil's "How to fight fair"
  196. link to update (ttc,loss mnt'd)
  197. Been playing on Facebook too much!
  198. What are your wknd. plans? Anything exciting?
  199. Did you live with your dh before being married?
  200. Anna Nicole Smith's Boyfriend and Drs. FINALLY charged .
  201. Animal lovers I need your suggestions! Updated with pics I promised!
  202. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Caligal !!!!!
  203. Did everybody have a good week?
  204. Site Reminder! Site will be down March 30th.
  205. How are all my buds doing? Five silly questions inside.
  206. Sorry for being mia!
  207. Weekly check in!
  208. Asking advice about a very close cousin of mine and her drinking problem
  209. I am out of here for the wknd. Be back Monday!
  210. I took my wedding band off
  211. So what is everybody doing for the Fathers in their lives?
  212. How is summer treating everybody?
  213. Lets play catch up! How has your summer been?
  214. Is anybody even lurking around here?
  215. Hello everybody!!
  216. MomNC
  217. Can we talk libidos here?
  218. Accusations....
  219. What is a sex addict?
  220. I am so sorry I have not been around this board and doing my job.
  221. Are the Holidays a stressful time in your relationship?
  222. Quizzes are back! How well do you know your partner?
  223. Is anybody still lurking out there??
  224. in a sexless "marriage" & need to change
  225. anyone ever read "commited"?
  226. This is a must read! Tear jerker ......to some.
  227. Welcome to the Marriage and Relationships Board
  228. Keeping Love Alive
  229. Homemade gift ideas for girlfriend
  230. What's the ONE thing that totally irks you?
  231. Poll - What is the best part of your relationship with DH/SO
  232. Big transitions in our relationship coming
  233. Let's brag on the ones we love
  234. I have a vent that I think would go here.
  235. Send gifts and spread smile!
  236. What did you guys get on this chirstmas?????
  237. When He Will Going to Propose?
  238. Negative vs Positive Outlook and how he's bringing me down