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  1. Advise Needed From Veteran Moms: What Equipment, Etc REALLY helped you w/ your Baby?
  2. Message for Maria04
  3. Elenita's CVS Results!!!!!
  4. What are you craving?
  5. Kinda Feel Dumb -- How Many Wks???
  6. Off to my 3d u/s wish me lots of leg
  7. Anyone here have high triglyc/cholesterol and/or high bld pressure
  8. Pictures from my 3d u/s and it's a
  9. Elentia - Can you help us?
  10. anyone have this problem
  11. Weird reaction to GTT this time!
  12. Tall maternity jeans???
  13. Poll-what was the first day you got a +hpt?
  14. Will fever hurt baby?
  15. Embarrassing-urinary incontinence?
  16. Q about FRED (Chemical ment)
  17. switching OBs
  18. I may be going crazy
  19. Leaking vs. Discharge...how do you know which is which?
  20. Had a scare today...
  21. Any NYC school teachers out there?
  22. Goodbye, and much love to my dear friends (loss ment.) (same as Aug DD)
  23. If you had your choice of names...
  24. Off and on cramping - is it gas or what?
  25. Scared, had two spots of red blood on TP
  26. Why don't our tickers show up anymore?
  27. ? about fertility monitor
  28. My update and OB vent
  29. US update and gender report
  30. Who Took Hpt Before Beta Test??
  31. Emergency surgery
  32. Tanja update and u/s pic
  33. What can I take for heartburn
  34. Worried about brown blood clot
  35. Has anyone's baby been dx with hydronephrosis??
  36. Has anyone had a tubal and a uterus pregnancy
  37. Pain below the right breast
  38. Poll-Would you have an amnio
  39. Anyone want to sell their Clear Plan Fertility Monitor?
  40. Ready to go
  41. trying again
  42. 33wks pregnant and blood in urine...concerned about what doctor is telling me!
  43. Nuchal Scan update!!
  44. 4w5d from FET and pain in ovary
  45. ugh!!! hemmeroid question
  46. anyone worried they won't know they're in labor?
  47. I ate soft cheese --- should I freak!?
  48. Owie! My darn back and pelvic bones are killing me,
  49. Gender issue
  50. Social Security benefits for small preemies
  51. ***Warning-Milk Recall***
  52. Did you do your 1 hour GTT fasting or not?
  53. Migraines - what is safe to take?????
  54. Another Iron Supplement Question???
  55. Terrified of possibility of incompetent cervix
  56. Tall woman needs maternity pants for work
  57. Please help with BETA numbers
  58. Surprise, surprise, it's a...
  59. Anyone get blurry vision?
  60. Anyone have doubling times this fast?
  61. When do you begin to feel PG?
  62. Is this normal?
  63. Question about beta numbers after loss of twin?
  64. Maternity CLothes for sale on Ft Live Auction Board
  65. Dumb ? about vacuuming
  66. What to expect at 7 week u/s???
  67. Can I treat a yeast infection while pg?
  68. Concern about Movement
  69. worried,spotting..(same as mult & aug bb)
  70. Blood in urine continues...could use some advice about possible causes
  71. Allergic to progesterone - too many ideas on how to handle it
  72. What to do about Stroller? Have 4 yr dd w/#2 coming July! Help!
  73. Need help with Baby Beat Doppler
  74. Constipation Anyone?
  75. Possibly Exposed to the Flu
  76. keeping cervix length long?
  77. 1st ultrasound...no heartbeat
  78. last ? on anterior placentas(experts needed!)
  79. ? on linea nigra
  80. timing for diabetes test?
  81. Very upsetting question was asked to me
  82. Very anxious/scared, I need to share! Anyone willing to listen? (long) Please help!
  83. Metformin question for grads...
  84. strange question but would like some input if possible...
  85. Question for y'all
  86. Free stuff from Enfamil
  87. Progesterone
  88. any c-section veterans here?
  89. Lung Maturity test results
  90. How are you getting diaper coupons???
  91. Anyone have ligament pain??
  92. how soon did you RE do an u/s?
  93. Flying...is It Okay To Do While Pg???
  94. low betas and early u/s? (f/u to my other post)
  95. Pressure sensation question
  96. Revised Poll: Maren vs. Gillian
  97. Not sure whether in early labor or not????
  98. Introduction - pg mentioned
  99. Previously Unpleasant Birth Experience/Anyone switch OBs mid-pregnancy?
  100. Fragmin Injections
  101. diarrhea and cramping, do you call OB?
  102. Anyone with Lower Back Pain?
  103. side pain
  104. turners syndrome
  105. Spa Services when pg??
  106. Anyone measuring behind?
  107. Stupid Things People Say.....
  108. ***Elenita**** Help!!!!
  109. Gestational Sac Shape
  110. sad news...
  111. Update re: Circumcision Issue
  112. What should I be feeling like at 11 weeks?
  113. really high beta
  114. Have you bonded w/ your baby yet?
  115. Spotting?
  116. Could this be me feeling the baby move?!
  117. uterus measuring small????
  118. Had cervix measured, feel better plus a funny tidbit
  119. could there be two?
  120. Trip to L&D and im scared, need help.
  121. Anyone with belly-button rings?
  122. What is the most insane thing you've worried about?
  123. Mod-dr j, please read
  124. question about milestones..
  125. What sites do you all like for following baby's development? (with pictures)
  126. Anyone around 6wks and cramping on/off?
  127. Update from trip to L&D.
  128. What skin cleanser are you using?
  129. If you could choose...u/s at RE or OB
  130. Exactly how many wks pg am I?
  131. Should I see h/b at 7.5w?...scared
  132. RE referral in Long Island...
  133. Pressure in the ... you know where!
  134. To those of you testing this week
  135. 2ww & Cough Medicine Question
  136. Level 2 Today, and a question...
  137. Normal Progesterone levels in early p/g
  138. is lunch meat ok to eat?
  139. 3D/4D Ultrasounds...who's had one?
  140. post partum depression
  141. lookin for girl names ending in ........son!!
  142. Morning Sickness?
  143. What are (were) your symptoms in first trimester?
  144. ~~Jillie & Sinead~~
  145. i have removed the circumcision thread
  146. update on Elenita 2/23
  147. Anyone have their membranes stripped?
  148. a question about uterine measurement
  149. name woes
  150. Link to my mixed feelings update on the September DD board
  151. Ugh Heartburn!!!!!!!!!
  152. Happened to anyone else? Or heard of this happening?
  153. What to take for upset stomach?
  154. Pre-Natal Massage--Safe?
  155. just another complaint....
  156. Spent today in l&d with pain and it looks like he will be BIG
  157. Severe allergies/nasal congestion- HELP!!
  158. how long til pg after a mis?
  159. overweight also
  160. Heard the babies heart
  161. Anyone else think the u/s felt weird?
  162. Looking for a DayCare in Charlotte, NC - any suggestions?
  163. C-Section? Stitches or Staples?
  164. When can you find out the sex?
  165. Anyone else been sick and vomited blood?
  166. spotting?
  167. Weight gain issues...help
  168. Moms who have been pregnant multiple times...
  169. Having 2nd thoughts on boy name
  170. Update on kirbyluv!
  171. Question about cheeses
  172. How long did it take??
  173. Update on "Rocker's Sister" (pg complications ment.)
  174. serenity babysdream crib and color of crib.....
  175. I sneezed, felt fluid checked and it was blood...
  176. Nice MATERNITY clothes CHEAP tonight on the Live Auction board. All sizes from S-XL
  177. Tues. update from the hospital.
  178. For Tammie H. and other moms expecting triplets
  179. Progesterone - estrogen & weight gain?
  180. hello
  181. OOpsie!!!! Cubanita this message is for you!
  182. Somebody? Anybody go through this?
  183. depressed
  184. re:depressed
  185. Hello, I am new
  186. A suggestion for journaling your pregnancy
  187. Anyone Else Have Problems With Gall Bladder?
  188. OK big dumb question RE: vaginal births
  189. Help!!!! Should I switch OB at 20 wks b/c he is outdated?
  190. Is teeth whitening ok during pregnancy?
  191. anyone up for taking over?
  192. walking/ contracting
  193. neg. EPT after positive hcg (loss ment)
  194. Would you like all 5/5/05--Cinco de Mayo--as your birthday?
  195. "Big Ol' Belly"
  196. TY in re: to circ. thread
  197. Ultrasound
  198. Night sweats
  199. How soon did you get a + HPT......poll
  200. hcg and ultrasound for dating
  201. 11 wks pg and not one u/s yet...not feeling it here yet
  202. When did you stop meds?
  203. Looking for m/s products in Canada
  204. Cubanita update...
  205. I'm Leaking! Is this normal?
  206. should i not have taken this?
  207. labor question?
  208. Tearing after an episiotomy....has anyone heard of this?
  209. Just for fun......Gender Prediction Quiz
  210. The name Karrigan - boy or girl
  211. glucose tolerance test
  212. I am not really sure if I am pg or not
  213. Did you watch "In the Womb"?
  214. Induction with favorable bishop's score?
  215. Sleeping Question??
  216. Night Sweat?
  217. Which brand of hpt is the best for early detection?
  218. My peri's input on sex during pg (+ a TMI)
  219. Bleeding/us, what do you think?
  220. Breast Pumps
  221. back pain
  222. Lots of discharge during pg? Normal? What causes this?
  223. Please read.. I need some help... gest diabetes ment..
  224. No heartbeat at 7w2d anyone had this?
  225. Any questions?
  226. Contact Wearers?
  227. ttc while brestfeeding
  228. Sarah Britt is here!!!
  229. Afrin?
  230. Tanning Cream
  231. advice on baby monitor and high chair??
  232. Mammogram Right After Pregnancy, While BF?
  233. Cubanita update (warning, neonatal death ment)
  234. Headaches?
  235. Cubanita
  236. Do you know?
  237. Anyone else have constant dry cough/cold that won't stop??
  238. Braxton Hicks? Plus my L&D trip
  239. So excited, shocked want to shared!
  240. EDD question
  241. calling on experts-whats does this sound like?
  242. U/S Today - Have Some Concerns
  243. ********Shanana******
  244. advice: humidifier, monitor and bassinette
  245. Stuffy nose -- can't breathe at night
  246. Alternatives to crib, clothing, bottles, etc...
  247. BARGING to say Happy Birthday to Tammie Holcomb!
  248. A quick question
  249. Finally my L & D Story
  250. Breast Pump Question